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How to catch Black Salamanders (OSRS Hunter Guide) - 120k xp/hr

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and in this guide I'll explain everything you need to know about training your hunter level at Black Salamanders. Hunting Black Salamanders is the fastest way to train your hunter from level 73 to level 80, where Red Chinchompas become faster at level 80.


• 67 Hunter


High Hitpoints Level

High Defence Level

Items Required

6+ Ropes

5+ Small Fishing Nets

High Level Food (optional)

Getting There (location)

Located in the eastern part of the wilderness (level 22)

Burning Amulet to Chaos Temple (level 13) and run North-East

Games Necklace to Corporeal Beast and run East

Wilderness Obelisk (level 19) and run East

Training Method

This training method is in the wilderness so only take Ropes, Nets & Food.

1) Navigate to the Black Salamander hunting area using the transportation methods shown above.

2) Set up 5-6 traps in the location shown below. This is the best area since all of the traps are close-by to each-other.

3) Reset your traps as you harvest them. This is faster XP/HR and saves you running back and forth.

Training Tips & Tricks

• If a PKer comes, they will usually ignore you because they know you aren't risking a lot. If you do get attacked, you can use a dragonstone/other teleport out that lets you teleport up to 30 wilderness. Alternatively, you can let yourself die from the PKer since you won't lose much.

• It's a good idea to buy 50+ Ropes & Nets so that if you get PKed you don't need to re-visit the Grand Exchange

The number of traps you can set up depends on your hunter level

• 67 Hunter: 110K Hunter XP/HR

• 80 Hunter: 140K Hunter XP/HR

• 99 Hunter: 150K Hunter XP/HR

You can set up 1 extra trap in the wilderness. For example, at level 80 you can set up 5 traps in the regular world, but in the wilderness it's 6.

The number of traps you can set up affects your XP/HR

• 67 Hunter: 5 Traps

• 80 Hunter: 6 Traps



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