Guide to Maxing Your House (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to my guide to maxing out your house in Old School Runescape.

This article goes over a range of information. Firstly, the things you should aim to unlock, how to train to 84, or 86 depending on how you would like to boost. Then, I will talk about the materials and room placement.

I have also put together a calculator which tracks the costs of the methods I am showing, and it also shows the total cost of maxing your house and putting all of the rooms together.

Important House Components

Starting off with the important house components that you should be aiming to unlock.

Previously, you could max your house with level 83 or 85 Construction.

However, with the recent portal Nexus addition, you now need 92 Construction rather than 91, which gave you the Ornate Jewellery Box.

The overall goal here is to get a level to boost to 92, allowing you to create the Crystalline Portal Nexus.

This portal specifically allows you to store 18 different teleports,

rather than having a whole heap of different teleport rooms.

Also, inside the portal Nexus room, you can mount a Digsite Pendant, as well as a Xeric’s talisman for unlimited teleports of each.

The Ornate Jewellery Box at 91 stores almost every teleport jewellery with unlimited charges.

With level 90 Construction, you can make the Occult Altar, which allows you to change unlimited times to whatever Spellbook you want.

Also, at 90, you unlock the Ornate Rejuvenation Pool, which combines all of the uses of the pools plus it adds a Hitpoints healing effect.

Within the Superior Garden,

you can also add a Spirit Tree, Wilderness Obelisk and a Fairy Ring.

Placing a Spirit tree requires 83 Farming, which is an added requirement to the Construction level.

Some players might choose to go higher than 84 or 86, which means that you can plant a Spirit tree and fairy Ring in one single place.

I personally do not really recommend going above level 84 unless you have a heap of money, because you can still place a Spirit tree in a separate Superior Garden in your house, and that only needs 70 Construction.

Some other notable house features include the Costume Room, which can be completed at a fairly low level. That allows you to store a lot of holiday clothing and other outfits that would normally take up a lot of bank space.

Inside your workshop, it is great to have an armour repair stand, and this allows you to repair your barrows gear for a lot cheaper than taking it to Bob in Lumbridge.

You will also need two bedrooms in your house at all times, so that you servant has somewhere to stay.

Lastly, the kitchen room can be handy for making player owned house tea, which gives up to a +3 Construction level boost.

You can also optionally add a Menagerie once you have a considerable number of pets.

Things like the Gilded Altar, Lecterns and the Max Hit Dummies can all be accessed on World 330, which is the official Player Owned House World, without you needing to make one.

Although, ironmen will need to make these if they want to access them.

Quest Requirements

So, those are all the house components we are aiming for. Along with the Construction level requirement, there are some quests you will need to do.

To make an Occult Altar, you need to have completed Lunar Diplomacy, Desert Treasure and also you need 100% Arceuus House Favour.

To put a Fairy Ring, you need to fully complete Fairy tale Part 2.

You need to complete the Eyes of Glouphrie quest to get the Crystal Saw, which is an invisible +3 Construction boost which you will be using to stack with the other boosts.

To be able to get the +5 Construction boost from Spicy Stews, which I will talk more about soon, you will need to have completed the Free Evil Dave segment of Recipe for Disaster.

To be able to mount the Digsite Pendant, you will need to Digsite quest.

If you want to completely fill the portal Nexus, there are a lot of quests that unlock teleport spells which are required to add it to the Nexus.

Training Construction

In terms of training your Construction, there are three viable pathways that I would like to suggest. But, before starting one of the three pathways, you need to get to 52 Construction.

You will be making wooden chairs, bookcases, oak chairs, then oak larders, and it should only take about 2 hours from level 1 – 52.

Level 52 to 84/86

From 52 there are the three pathways that I like to suggest. Oak larders or Dungeon doors, Mounted Mythical Capes or Mahogany tables.

At this point in time, the Oak method is the cheapest.

But, here is how I like to look at Construction...

If you have done Dragon Slayer 2 and you have a Mythical Cape, you can make the mounted mythical capes for faster XP than making Oak larders,

which is what you will be doing for the Oak method from level 52 – 74.

Then, you unlock the oak dungeon doors, which are faster XP than mythical cape mounts.

Alternatively, if you are a very wealthy player, you can go do the mahogany method, which takes about half the amount of time as the other methods, but it costs more than double.

Materials Needed

Alright, so, moving on to the materials you will need to make all of the important house components.

The overall price of making all of the important rooms as components as well as filling them will teleports, costs approximately 28 million. Along with the standard materials you can buy, like planks and gold leaves, some of the components require extra items – like certain signets, which I will show exactly how to get them.

To create the Occult Altar, you need the Ancient, Lunar and Arceuus signets.

To get the Ancient one, you need to speak to Eblis after Desert Treasure,

and he is located southeast of Bandit Camp in the desert.

The Lunar signet can be bought

from the shop inside the walking house on Lunar Isle,

and that costs 2 coins to buy and can only be bought after you finish the quest.

Lastly, the Arceuus signet is obtained by talking to Tyss,

who stands next to the Dark Altar after you have 100% Arceuus House Favour.

Now, these are all of the materials that are buyable on the Grand Exchange, I have separated them from boosted items and non-boosted items. Basically, the boosted items, you will need to build fast, which I will talk about shortly. The runes of your portal Nexus can be added to the portal after making it. But, you should at least buy all of the materials that you need during the boosting part at once, because the goal here is to make everything that you need in one single boost.