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Fast Ways to 99 Fletching (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am showing a huge range of Fletching training methods.

With the addition of Dragon Bolts and Amethyst in Old School Runescape, there are so many different Fletching options out there. Some of the methods I am going to show are AFK, some of them are profitable, but, all of them are very fast ways to train your Fletching.

I have created a price tracker for each of the methods shown in this article, and this tracker connects to the OSBuddy Grand Exchange prices, which are far more accurate than the regular Grand Exchange prices. I have also made sure that the code checks whether any of the prices are inactive on OSBuddy, and in those cases, it shows a low volume indicator.

I am going to try and avoid talking about GP / XP in this article because the prices are likely to change after uploading this. But, the OSBuddy price tracker will give you a good idea of which methods are viable. From here, I am going to give a brief overview of all of the methods and their XP rates, and then I will talk about how to decide which method is best for you at the end.


Bronze Arrows

The first methods are Fletching arrows, and Bronze Arrows are actually fastest way to train your Fletching from level 1. Every other piece of bronze ammo requires above level 1 Fletching, and even at level 1, your maximum XP rate can reach up to 60 000 XP per hour.

In this article, you will hear me talking a lot about the fastest possible XP rate, and I have calculated those XP rates based on the maximum number of game ticks you would get in an hour of Fletching. So, these numbers are the absolute highest XP rate you can get. So, you would expect to get a little bit less than these.

Amethyst Arrows

In some cases, fletching arrows can be ridiculously cheap.

Amethyst Arrows are very cheap right now, and give over 550 000 XP per hour. These are definitely something that can be made with a very minimal amount of effort.


The next methods on the list are Fletching Bolts by attaching feather to unfinished Bolts. Bolts are very similar to darts in that you just constantly use the items on each other to get XP. The XP that you get from Bolts though, is quite a bit less than what you would get from darts. So, the XP rates are not as high as making darts. But, the GP / XP in most cases is a lot better.

Something to keep in mind is that a lot of the lower level Bolts have low to no trade volume. Not many people will make things like Steel unfinished bolts or Silver unfinished bolts. So, there is a pretty low chance of getting a big supply of them off the Grand Exchange.

Broad Bolts

One that is on this list that is very fast and is very profitable is creating Broad Bolts. Fletching Broad Bolts requires 55 Fletching, and you have to spend 300 Slayer points to learn how to make them.

Well, unfinished Broad Bolt packs can be bought from Slayer masters for 5500, and they give 100 unfinished Broad Bolts. This means that they are about 55 coins each. Finished broad Bolts are 64 coins each, which makes these a very fast and profitable way to 99 Fletching.

Dragon Bolts

Fletching Dragon Bolts, which are unlocked at level 84 Fletching, is next. If you fletch 2 every single game tick for a full hour, you can reach XP rates of up to 1 440 000 XP an hour. That is about half of what you can do with Dragon Darts. But, Dragon Bolts are way cheaper.

Dragon Bolts can actually be profitable some of the time, and that is because when Dragon Bolts are brought into the game, they are brought in as unfinished Bolts, which are drops form Adamant and Rune Dragons and Vorkath. In saying that, everyone that gets a drop from Vorkath or these Dragons may not have the Fletching level to put the feather on the Dragon Bolts, which leaves a little bit of a gap, allowing players to make some money from putting feathers on the Dragon Bolts. Again, that is likely to change. But, it is interesting how it works.

Adamant Bolts

On my way to level 99 Fletching, I found that Adamant Bolts were very cheap and only cost about 0.5 GP / XP when I did them. I am sure the prices may change a bit after uploading this. But, I guarantee that checking that calculator every now and then will give you some bolts that do not lose that much money.

Tipped Bolts

The next methods are attaching Bolt Tips to metal Bolts. This is a far more AFK option than Bolts, and it can actually be very, very profitable at times.

The XP rates, compared to other methods, are a lot lower, with the maximum XP rate reaching only just up to 300 000 XP per hour. However, this is still really fast, especially if you are profiting. Every 2 game ticks, 10 bolts are made, which means it is possible to make a maximum of 30 000 Tipped Bolts per hour.

Amethyst Broad Bolts

At level 76 Fletching, if you have unlocked the Broad Bolt Slayer reward that I spoke about earlier, you can add Amethyst Bolt Tips to Broad Bolts. At this point in time, it breaks even making Amethyst Broad Bolts, and the XP rates are very similar to making Broad Bolts on their own.

Dragon Bolts

Along with all of these regular metal bolts, you can add all of the bolt tips to Dragon Bolts as well. These have the same XP per hour, and require the same Fletching level to add onto the bolts. But, they of course have completely different prices. So, this opens up a whole new range of options for money makers and fletching methods, and completely changes the GP / XP from the ones I just showed. This means that Dragon Tipped Bolts does require quite a big cash stack so you can buy a lot of the items. But, again, you can profit quite a lot from picking the right ones.


The traditional fastest way to 99 Fletching is fletching darts, and since darts are so fast in terms of XP rates, their GP / XP does suffer quite a lot.

Fletching Dragon darts at level 95, you can get up to 3 000 000 XP per hour at maximum game tick. At level 10, when you can make Bronze Darts, you can get up to 200 000 XP per hour, which is ridiculously quick at that level. With all of these other fletching methods that I have shown in this article, I really do not recommend doing Darts, just because of how much they cost. Getting to 99 at this point in time with Mithril Darts, which are the cheapest ones, would cost you over 60 000 000. Getting from level 95 – 99 using Dragon Darts would cost you about 30 000 000, which is very expensive for that much XP. But, you literally get from level 95 – 99 Fletching in 2 hours.


The final methods I wanted to go over are making Javelins, and Amethyst Javelins can be made at level 84 Fletching and give massive XP rates of over 600 000 XP per hour. Dragon Javelins can then be made at level 92 Fletching, and these are a decently cheap way to train your Fletching at this point in time, and give up to 650 000 XP per hour. Now, those XP rates are based on making 15 Javelins every 2 game ticks.

Javelins work a bit differently though. You can actually 1 tick javelins if you are precise enough, and the first 2 sets of javelins that you make after clicking make all will be 1 game tick apart. So, this means you will probably get more than 600 000 – 650 000 XP per hour. At the same time, if the price is right, you will not be losing much money at all. If you want to try 1 tick making javelins, I recommend using a metronome. Basically, you have to click on each beat.

Buy Limits

So, that is all of the methods. I quickly want to talk about buy limits, and then I wanted to show you how to pick the best training method. When you buy stuff off the Grand Exchange, there is a restriction to the amount that you can buy every 4 hours. Out of all the items I have spoken about, Headless Arrows have to lowest buy limit of only 7000 every 4 hours. So, in saying that, you should leave your Headless Arrow offers overnight. If you leave one in there for a full day – so, 24 hours – you will come out with 42 000 headless arrows.

Feathers have a buy limit of 13 000. But, you can also buy Stripy Feathers, which cost around the same as feathers, and they have a buy limit of 8000. So, in total, it is easily possible to buy 21 000 feathers every 4 hours.

Now, arrow tips and javelin heads both have the same buy limit of 10 000 every 4 hours.

Bolt tips and dart tips have a buy limit of 11 000 every 4 hours,

and unfinished bolts have a buy limit of 13 000. So, it is good to keep all of those numbers in mind so you know how many you can buy at a time. Always make sure you plan ahead.

How to work out the best training method

So, now I would like to go over how to find the best training method. On my tracker on it lists the maximum XP rate and the level that you unlock it on the side. As I mentioned earlier, there is also the low volume trigger that triggers when one of the items in the equation is equal to 0. So, it triggers when there is not much trade volume on the Grand Exchange. Any negative GP / XP means that you will be losing money while you are training your Fletching. Any positive GP / XP means you will make money from that method. Getting from level 1 – 99 Fletching is around about 13 000 000 XP. So, if you want to work out how much it will cost approximately to get to level 99 using a specific method, you can multiply 13 000 000 by the GP / XP shown. For the cases that the GP / XP is positive, you can multiply them by the max XP per hour, and that will give you the GP per hour of that method. Just looking through of these right now, there are a couple of them that make over 1 000 000 per hour right now.

Guide Summary

For a skill like Fletching, since it is so easy and a fast skill, I really do not recommend blowing a hell of a lot of money on it. If you would prefer to make some money getting to 99, you can look at the Tipped Bolts and the Dragon Tipped Bolts, and it is more than likely that one of them will give a positive GP / XP. My overall goal of this article was to show you guys the huge range of Fletching methods available in Runescape, and I especially wanted to show you guys the tool I have been working on that will save you a lot of calculating, and gives very accurate prices. I hope you learned something interesting today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!




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