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Essential Untradeables in OSRS

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I’m going to be explaining each of the Untradeables that you should definitely get on your account in order to improve your account as a whole. So, in my terms, and Untradeable is an item that you need to complete a Quest, a Minigame, or an activity, in order to get the item. The item cannot be bought from other players or at the Grand Exchange.

The Dragon Defender

Getting straight into it, the first item you should always get is the Dragon Defender, and you need level 60 Defence to wear it. In order to get a Dragon Defender, the sum of your Attack and Strength level need to be 130 in order to enter the Warrior's Guild. Once you are there, you will need to gain tokens in the downstairs areas, and then you have to go kill the Cyclopes’ in the upstairs room, until you work your way to the Rune Defender. With the Rune Defender, you can enter the basement down at the bottom and get the Dragon Defender. Now, the Dragon Defender is arguably the best off-hand item for Melee combat in the game, with its very, very high offensive Attack bonuses, and a +6 Strength bonus. The Dragon Fire shield gives higher Defence bonuses, and a +7 Strength bonus, but the offensive bonuses of the Dragon Defender make it really good for accuracy, and not necessarily Max Hit. But, in my opinion, the accuracy weighs out the extra damage that you would be doing with the Dragon Fire Shield.

The Fire Cape

The Fire Cape is obtained after completing the Fight Caves, and is currently the best in slot for Melee combat, giving a +4 Strength bonus, and currently no other capes give Strength bonuses. It also gives a +2 Prayer bonus, so it is really good all round for training and doing Slayer. But, keep in mind that the Inferno Cape is coming soon and that cape will take over the Fire cape.

Ava’s Accumulator

Ava’s Accumulator is obtained by completing the Animal Magnetism Quest, and apart from being the best in slot for Range right now, except for the Range skill cape, it also has the ability to pick up the ammunition that you fire from your Ranged weapons. So, this saves a lot of money while you’re training, or even Bossing, and it also has a +4 Ranged Attack bonus, which really helps with Ranged accuracy.

The Fighter Torso

The Fighter Torso required level 40 Defence to wear, and it is obtained from the Barbarian Assault Minigame with 375 points in each role, plus 1 kill of the Queen. Currently, it is tied as best in slot for Strength bonus with the Bandos Chestplate. But, take note that its Defensive bonuses are a little bit lower than the Chestplate. But, the main selling point here is that it’s free, compared to the 15 000 000 Bandos Chestplate. So, it’s a very good option for players that can’t afford that much. It gives a +4 Strength bonus, and getting the torso will take you approximately 3 hours – 4 hours of Barbarian Assault, depending on your team. But, it’s definitely worth your time.

The Void Knight Armour

Next on my list is Full Void, mainly the Ranged Void, since it’s so overpowered. But the Melee Void is also really good. The Magic Void can be useful for things like Zulrah, but, it’s really not used very much. Each set of Void has its different effects, and I’m going to explain those really quickly. First, the Melee Void gives a 10% bonus to Melee damage, and accuracy. Range Void gives 20% damage and 10% accuracy. Lastly, Mage Void gives 30% more accuracy. Take note that Void can take a very long time to get, especially if you are in the low level Pest Control Boat, it will take you about half a day or 12 hours to get one full set in that boat. But, it’s about half the time when you are in the level 100 boat.

The Graceful Gear

The full Graceful set costs a total of 260 marks of Grace, and depending on how lucky you are, you’ll get the full set by about level 55 to level 60 Agility. That’s as long as you do rooftop Agility training, all the way from level 10. Having a few pieces and not the full set of Graceful Gear is not necessarily useful, because having negative weight doesn’t actually do anything. If you don’t really understand why, I’ve made a tutorial about Run Energy, which fully explains this concept, and I’ll put the link to that at the end of the article. With the full Graceful outfit, however, your Run Energy replenishes 30% faster, which makes it a really useful set for running, doing Runecrafting, or Quests, or just getting around Runescape in general.

Rune Pouch

You can get a Rune Pouch from the Emblem trader in Edgeville for 1 200 000 Bounty Hunter Points, which is equal to 24 Emblems. Since you can buy Emblems at the Grand Exchange, it costs you about 2 160 000 at this time to get a Rune Pouch. Now, the Rune Pouch is such a useful untradeable to have, since it lets you store 3 different types of Runes, and up to 16 000 of each Rune in one inventory slot. It’s great for Bossing for that reason, or even Slayer, since the Runes that you take Slaying will only take up 1 slot instead of 2. It’s also really useful for Bursting, since you can bring 2 extra Prayer potions with you.

The God Capes

The God Capes are a reward from the Mage Training Arena Minigame in the Deep Wilderness, and you get to choose which one you want out of the three – Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak, right after you killed the four forms of Kolodian. You need level 60 Magic to wear the Cape in the first place, and it gives +10 Magic Attack and +10 Magic Defence, which makes it the best Magic cape in the game by far.

The Arclight

The Arclight is made from using 3 Ancient Shards, which are dropped from monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend, by using 3 Ancient Shards on the Darklight. It requires level 75 Attack to wear, and it is a very, very powerful weapon to use on Demons, since it gives a 70% accuracy and Strength increase (only when you are fighting Demons). When you calculate the equivalent stats, it is actually better than the Tentacle Whip as long as you are killing Demons. So, essentially this is a must for Demon Slayer tasks, and for killing Skotizo.

The Ardougne Cloak 4

The Ardougne Cape 4 is a reward for completing the Elite Ardougne Diaries, and currently gives the best in slot Prayer bonus in the game, and it is really useful for Slayer, where you need to use Prayer, or even Bossing, where you are using Prayer. Take note that the requirements for this are really high.

Another awesome set of untradeable items to get are the Skill XP Boosting Outfits, and I’ve made an entire video about those. The link to this will be at the end of this article. Basically, you can get a lot of bonus XP from wearing specific sets like the Prospector outfit, which you can get form the Motherlode Mine, or the Lumberjack outfit.

The Slayer Helmet

You can get the Slayer Helmet when you spend 400 Slayer Points at any Slayer Master to learn how to make it, and then with 55 Crafting, you can combine the Slayer Head wear into a Black Mask. What that does is that it creates the Slayer Helmet. The Helmet gives 16.67% Damage and accuracy boost to the Melee attack style, only when you are killing a Slayer monster on you Slayer task. You can go ahead and Imbue that Helmet at the Nightmare Zone for 1 250 000 Nightmare Zone Points. Then it gives a 15% accuracy and damage boost to Ranged and Mage as well. Defensively, it gives the same stats as a Rune full Helm, and it only needs 10 Defence to wear. So, it’s actually a very good piece of armour to wear for low level players.

The Salve Amulet

The Salve Amulet is a reward from the Haunted Mine Quest, and the regular Salve Amulet increases your Attack and Strength by 15% whenever you are attacking an undead monster like a zombie, or a skeleton. The Amulet can be enchanted when you use Tarn’s Diary on the regular Amulet from the Tarn’s Lair Mini Quest. That increases it to a huge 20% attack and strength increase, which is actually better for the Slayer Helm on specific tasks. You can them imbue the Helmet to make it both enchanted and imbued for 800 000 Nightmare Zone points. That moves all those bonuses to Range and Mage as well. You can also just imbue so you don’t enchant it at the same time, and that just gives you 15% in all of the attack styles, except for defence, which isn’t even an attack style.

Magic Secateurs

You can get a really useful Farming item called the Magic Secateurs after you do Fairytale Part 1, and what these do is they give 10% extra crop yields when you are farming Herbs, Allotments and Hops. But, these only really come in handy when you are farming herbs, since the more herbs you get, the more money you make. So, these come in so handy for making money with herbs in the long run, since 10% is a lot of herbs, considering you can do a lot of farm runs. If you do them every single day, it is really going to add up.

The Crystal Saw

The second last item is the Crystal Saw, and this one gives an invisible +3 Construction boost, and it is really useful for getting good things in your house, since Construction costs so much money. It can stack with the boost of a Spicy Stew, or the Player Owned House Tea, and at maximum, you can get a +8 Construction boost if you get lucky with Spicy Stews. You get the Crystal Saw after you complete the Eyes of Glouphrie Quest.

The Barrows Gloves

The last item I want to talk about are the Barrows Gloves, which are actually a reward from the Recipe for Disaster Quest, and this quest probably has the highest requirements in the game, since you need 175 Quest Points in order to complete it. They cost 130 000 from the Chest after Recipe for Disaster, and they give +12 in all the Melee Attack styles, and Ranged, and they give +6 in magic. They also give a +12 Strength bonus, which is the highest by far out of any Glove slot item.

Anyways guys, that’s all the Untradeables I think you should get.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, be sure to leave a like. If you want to see Old School Runescape articles, check out the other ones, subscribe if you are new. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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