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Essential Quests for New OSRS Players

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I’m bringing you the Essential Quests that new Old School Runescape players would greatly benefit from doing. Basically, these quests are going to give you a huge head start in levelling up certain skills, and getting to certain levels in the game. So, these quests have 0 or almost 0 requirements, and have huge experience rewards at the end, which are great for brand new members. I am going to have a Free to Play portion as well. Anyways guys, I hope you enjoy.

Free to Play Quests

The Knight’s Sword

So, starting with the Free to Play Quests, the first one I have for you guys is the Knight’s Sword Quest, and this only requires level 10 Mining, which you can easily get from Doric’s Quest. It is a super easy quest, and takes about 30 minutes to do. This gets you from 1 all the way to level 29 Smithing really, really quickly by skipping the low levels which have all the super slow XP rates.

Vampire Slayer

The next quest I have is Vampire Slayer, which is another Free to Play Quest, and has absolutely no requirements apart from killing a level 34 Vampire. So, maybe level 20 Combat or so is actually required to be able to kill it. But, there are no actual requirements for the quest. The quest takes about 10 – 15 minutes, and gives you almost 5000 Attack XP, which is great for new Free to Play players. This gets you from 1 all the way to level 20 Attack straight away, which would help with those 5000 XP per hour XP rates at low Combat levels.

Imp Catcher

The next one is Imp Catcher. I just thought about adding this in. It is not overly useful, but it gets you all the way to level 8 Magic in about 20 seconds. So, it is kind of worth doing, even just for the extra Quest Points if you are going to end up doing Dragon Slayer or Recipe for Disaster, which have Quest Point requirements in the future. It also gives an Amulet of Accuracy, which is pretty neat for new Ironmen accounts.

Pay to Play Quests

Waterfall Quest

Moving onto the Members Quests… Now, these quests have way more XP rewards with them. So, the first is the Waterfall Quest, which has absolutely no requirements. This quest is the first thing you should ever do if you are a member on a new low Combat account because it will give you level 30 Attack and 30 Strength instantly. By no requirements, I literally mean almost no requirements. So, this means that there are only a couple of items like Runes and Teleports that you will need, so this is really, really, really good for new Ironmen accounts as well. Despite it being super useful, it can be a bit annoying on a level 3 account, since you have to dodge some high level Moss Giants at the end of the quest. But, it is totally worth doing, even if you die it is completely worth retrying, and sticking it out.

Tree Gnome Village

The next quest is Tree Gnome Village, where you need to kill a level 112 Khazard Warlord. But, you will only need about 10 – 15 Magic, even 1 Magic would be able to do it but very slowly, just so you can safe spot the guy. Since he is weak to Magic, it will take a very low Magic level. So, at the end of the quest, you will get 11 450 Attack XP, which will get you from 1 – 28 Attack straight away. It also allows you to use Spirit Trees, and this is a great way, for Ironmen especially, and other players, to be able to travel to Ardougne for free at low levels. It also allows you to travel to the Grand Exchange straight away from certain Spirit Tree areas. Now, this quest is also a requirement for Monkey Madness, so this is definitely worth getting done at your low level.

Fight Arena

The next quest is Fight Arena, and it requires you to kill 3 sort of high level combat enemies. But, there is a safe spot area in there behind the corpses in the Fight Arena. The quest itself will give you 12 000 Attack XP also. So, that will be level 1 – 29 Attack, and it also gives 2175 Thieving XP, which will get you from 1 – 14 Thieving. So, that is also really useful.

The Grand Tree

The last quest I have for you guys has some pretty high requirement – well, not really that high – but, it is so worth getting done. This quest needs 25 Agility, which is super useful in the first place for saving Run Energy and travelling around Runescape. But, the quest is the Grand Tree, and you have to kill a Black Demon Boss, but you can super easily safe spot this like all the others, and you will get rewarded with 18 400 Attack XP, 7900 Agility XP, and 2150 Magic XP. So, that is going to get you from 25 (which is the requirement) – 31 Agility, 1 – 33 Attack, and 1 – 14 Magic. So, this is a massive boost for low level accounts, plus, if you do the Grand Tree and the tree Gnome Village, you have done all the Quest requirements for Monkey Madness. So, you are one step closer to getting the Dragon Scimitar.

Now, I know the title of this article is Essential Quests, so I have to include these two quests really quickly. Druidic Ritual is essential to start Herblore and Rune Mysteries is essential to start Runecrafting. These are not really quests that are greatly rewarded at the end, but you have to do these in order to do the skills.

Varrock Museum

The last thing I want to talk about is the Varrock Museum. It gets you level 9 Hunter, and level 9 Slayer in absolutely no time after you do the little quiz in the downstairs area, the Natural History Quiz I think. Basically, all you have to do is go through all of the display cases downstairs and answer a couple of questions. You can probably Google the answers, I am not really sure. But, it took me about 5 – 10 minutes to get the whole thing done. So, this is super useful for level 3 accounts. You can get 9 Slayer if you are a skiller instantly. You can get Hunter up really fast, which is a tedious skill at low levels straight to 9.

So, that sums it up for all the useful quests for new players, and new Members in Old School Runescape. I hope you guys learned something. Anyways guys, thank you so much for reading this article. If you learned something, or you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and also subscribe for more Old School Runescape content. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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