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Essential Quests for All OSRS Accounts

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I’m going to be talking about the essential Quests that pretty much every account in Old School Runescape should do, apart from the obvious exception of Pure’s and other accounts, which are niche accounts. In this article, I’m not going to include Quests that just give good XP rewards, since there is a separate video and article about the Quests with the best XP rewards. This one is more about the things like teleports or access to certain items, or areas, which might come in really, really handy for your account.

The Rum Deal Quest

The first one on my list is the Rum Deal Quest, and this quest gives you the Holy Wrench, which gives you a 2% extra boost from Prayer potions. You can actually combine a Holy Wench with a Ring of the Gods at the Nightmare Zone, and then that puts the Holy Wrench effect into the Ring of the Gods, so you don’t have to carry the Holy Wrench anywhere.

The Desert Treasure Quest

Desert Treasure gives access to the Ancient Spellbook, and these spells are great for things such as PKing and Slayer Tasks, which really increases the XP rate per hour, Blood Barrage, which is a really good thing for Slayer, and Blood Barrage is actually pretty much needed to complete the Inferno.

The Dwarf Cannon Quest

The Dwarf Cannon Quest allows you to use a Dwarf Multi-cannon, which is pretty much vital in Runescape for Slaying, but not everyone uses it. It also gives you access to Smithing Cannon Balls, which is a pretty decent money maker. It’s not good money, but it’s very AFK.

The Ghosts Ahoy Quest

The Ghosts Ahoy Quest gives you the Ectophial, which teleports you to the Ectofuntus, which is very close to a herb patch. That comes in really handy when you start doing Herb runs.

The Fairytale Part 1 and Part 2 Quests

Fairytale Part 1 and Part 2 are both really useful quests because Fairytale Part 1 gives you the Magic Secateurs, which increases your herb yield by 10% from crops. With Fairytale Part 2 (you don’t have to finish the entire Quest, but you have to start it) you get access to Fairy Rings, which are really, really important for teleporting to certain places, and for Clue Scrolls.

The Druidic Ritual Quest

The Druidic Ritual Quest is required to be able to start the Herblore skill in Old School Runescape. There isn’t much more to say about that, apart from the fact that it’s pretty much needed.

The Plague City Quest

The Plague City Quest gives you access to the Ardougne Teleport. That includes the teleport tablets and the runes to teleport there. So, either way, this is a very much needed quest to be able to travel around Runescape properly. Ardougne is a very, very important place to be able to go to.

The Troll Stronghold Quest

The Troll Stronghold Quest gives you access to God Wars, which is very important in the long run if you are wanting to fight Bosses, or need to do Slayer tasks. Without this Quest, you can’t actually get access to God Wars, so the Troll Stronghold is very much needed.

The Lunar Diplomacy Quest

The Lunar Diplomacy Quest gives a lot of really useful spells on the Lunar Spellbook. Mainly the teleports are really useful, but, on top of that, there is the Fertile Soil spell, which acts as Super Compost when you cast it onto a patch. It gives Vengeance for PKing, it gives Magic Imbue, which is a great way to train Magic without using any time at all. You’d just train other skills while you Magic Imbue. There is the Cure Plant spell, which removes disease from plants. Then there’s also the NPC Contact spell, which is a really important one. It allows you to talk to a lot of people across the map. You can talk to people like Duradel, which usually takes quite a while to get to if you don’t have the Karamja Diaries done, you can just call him on NPC Contact, and speak to him to get new tasks through that.

The Dream Mentor Quest

The Dream Mentor Quest is another addition to the Lunar Diplomacy Quest, and that gives you full access to the Lunar Spellbook. There are a couple of spells that you can’t do if you do Lunar Diplomacy only. You have to do Lunar Diplomacy and The Dream Mentor Quest as well, and this gives you things like Plankmake, which is really good Magic XP an hour, and also gives you 800 000 – 1 000 000 GP per hour. It also gives you access to Spellbook Swap, which allows you to change your Spellbook for one Spell.

The King’s Ransom Quest

The King’s Ransom Quest gives you access to the Knight Waves Training Grounds Minigame, and completing it will give you access to the Chivalry and Piety Prayers, and they are really important for things like Bossing, Training, Slayer, and many things, because they give such massive boosts.

The Rune Mysteries Quest

The Rune Mysteries Quest is actually required to do Runecrafting. Without this Quest, you can’t actually craft runes, nor can you mine Rune Essence in order to create runes in the first place, so this is a vital Quest.

The Monkey Madness Part 1 and Part 2 Quests

The Monkey Madness Part 1 and Part 2 Quests are both sort of the central quests – more Monkey Madness 1 – and they both give access to different Chinning and Bursting Spots such as the Ape Atoll Caves, then there’s the Monkey Madness 2 caves. Obviously you don’t need Chinning, but the main reason I’m putting this quest in here is because Monkey Madness 1 allows you to use the Dragon Scimitar, which is probably the best dragon weapon for training in the game, and you only need 60 Attack to wear it. Whereas things like the whip, and the Abyssal Dagger need 70 Attack, so it’s a good middle ground for training.

My Arms Big Adventure Quest

The My Arms Big Adventure Quest actually gives you access to a disease-free herb patch, which is on Troll Stronghold. This is really important for people who do a lot of farm runs because having a disease-free herb patch really increases the profit that you get from farming.

The Recipe for Disaster Quest

Now, this one has a lot of sub-quests in one, and this is the Recipe for Disaster Quest. This is really, really important for main accounts because you get access to the Barrows Gloves. The Barrows Gloves are the best in slot for Melee and Ranged, and it gives a really high Melee Strength bonus, which is important. If you’re a higher level and you don’t have them you’re considered a bit of an average player.

The Animal Magnetism Quest

The Animal Magnetism Quest gives you access to the Ava’s Accumulator, which is pretty much needed to train Range in Runescape, unless you use bone bolts. But, still, Animal Magnetism and the Ava’s Accumulator really speeds up your range training. You don’t have to pick up arrows, or worry about losing money with arrows, and you get a bit of a Range bonus from the Ava’s Accumulator, which is really nice as well.

The Shilo Village Quest

the Shilo Village Quest is actually needed to get access to Shilo Village, and in Shilo Village, there are things like the Gem Rocks, which are pretty decent Mining XP per hour. You also get access to Duradel, who is the highest tier Slayer Master, and gives really cool tasks. You can get away with doing all your tasks at Nieve or Steve, but Duradel is really vital because he gives you more points per task, and they’re great if you’re on one of the milestone tasks.

The Gnome Quests (The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village)

Firstly, The Grand Tree Quest gives you access to the Gnome Gliders, which aren’t necessarily needed, but on top of the Grand Tree reward, you get to access the Spirit Tree that is in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

The Tree Gnome Village Quest gives you access to Spirit Trees as a whole, so you need to do The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village to be able to use every single Spirit Tree in the game, apart from the ones that you plant yourself.

The Slug Menace Quest

The Slug Menace Quest allows you to wear Proselyte, which is very important since it gives the highest Prayer bonus in the body and leg slots, and also the helmet slot, but most of the time you’re wearing Proselyte you usually wear either the Neitiznot Helmet, or the Slayer Helmet. But, this quest is very much needed if you want to get a higher Slayer level, because there are a lot of tasks that you should always use Protect from Melee or Range on, and you really save a lot of money wearing Proselyte.

The Fremennik Isles Quest

The final vital quest that I have for you guys is the Fremennik Isles Quest, and this gives you access to the Helm of Neitiznot. Helm of Neitiznot actually gives the highest Strength bonus, tied with the Serpentine Helm, which used to give +5 but now gives +3, the same as the Neitiznot. It also gives a decent Prayer bonus, making it quite a bit better than the Serpentine helm at this stage. The Neitiznot is pretty much vital for things like PKing and Bossing nowadays. You should definitely get this quest done to complete your account.

Anyways, that’s all of the essential quests I could think of. If you think I missed any, please put them in the comments below. I’ll be sure to read them and let you know what I think about them. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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