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ENCHANTED BOLTS (Effects & Uses)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am bringing an article which actually taught me a lot to be honest. Basically, on one of my previous videos, Jens Kolby suggested that I do a guide on each of the Enchanted Bolts and their special attacks in the game, along with what they are useful for.

So, today I am going to go through each of the 10 Enchanted Bolts and explain their special attack, and basically what cool things you could do with each of them. I hope you enjoy…

So, as I said in the intro, there is a total of 10 types of Enchanted Bolts – one for each of the gems in the game. To make Enchanted Bolts, players need to use normal bolts with their corresponding bolt tips, which are made from cutting gems. Then, they have to use the Enchantment spell for that bolt onto the bolt and it makes them Enchanted with the special attack. Before I start talking about each bolt, I want to make a note of something. The Hard Kandarin Diary increases the chance of a special attack occurring by 10% for all bolts. But, keep in mind that since it is a Hard Diary, the stats are pretty high – like, you need 75 Smithing and at least 70 Fishing in order to do the diary. So, this is not exactly a viable option for most players.

10. Opal Bolts (e)

Anyways, kicking it right off, the lowest level bolt that you can make an enchanted bolt is Opal Bolts (e), and they have a special attack which makes a lightning strike appear above the enemy, and is called Lucky Lightning. Basically, all this does is it causes 25% extra damage on the enemy whenever it activates, and it has about a 5% chance of activating. In my opinion, these bolts are probably pretty useless to use since they are bronze bolts, and would not hit very hard without the special in the first place. So, the 25% damage boost is not going to really do a lot.

9. Jade Bolts (e)

The next bolts are the Jade Bolts (e), which are Blurite bolts actually, and it has a similar effect to the Dragon Spear special attack. Basically, it spawns a rock above the enemy and knocks them over and makes them unable to move or eat or drink Prayer Potions for a little while. I can see this being pretty useful in PvP situations. But, I am not really sure that these bolts would buy in the Grand Exchange. I have never really thought of anyone making Blurite bolts in the first place. So, I doubt there are many of these in the game. For PvM, I think these bolts would be really useless because they only have a 6% chance of using the special, and they are Blurite. So, they are pretty weak.

8. Pearl Bolts (e)

Pearl Bolts (e) have a water attack kind of effect. Basically, they have a chance at being super effective on monsters which are based around fire – like Fire Giants, Dragons, Tzhaar monsters, things like that. Now, this is a bolt that I actually think would be useful for low level players if they want to safe spot Dragons or Tzhaar monsters for money. So, with the bolt’s special, they will be able to hit hard and not only get more XP, but they will get faster kills than normal. But, keep in mind that these are only Iron Bolts. So, they are still a little bit weak.

7. Topaz Bolts (e)

The next bolts are Steel Bolts with Topaz bolt tips. In my opinion, this has to be one of the worst bolt enchantment specials. All it does is it has a 4% chance of lowering your targets Magic level by 1…yeah, 1. Plus, it only works in PvP situations. So, these are really, really pointless.

6. Sapphire Bolts (e)

The next one is the Sapphire Enchanted Bolts, and they are Mithril Bolts with the Sapphire Enchanted Tips on them. Basically, the special for this one is sort off like a smite attack. It drains the opponents Prayer by 1 20th of the users current prayer level, and gives some back. It is kind of hard to get your head around. But, basically, it drains your opponents Prayer, and gives half of whatever it drains from their Prayer Points to yours. So, I think these bolts would actually come in pretty handy in some situations – like maybe in team PKing, people could use them to smite someone. A bit more testing might need to go into that before trying it out though.

5. Emerald Bolts (e)

Next are Emerald Bolts (e) and these are one of the most useful ones, mainly due to its uses with Corp, and stunning the Corp. If you do not know what that means, you can watch my Corp video – the link will be at the end of the article. Part of the video explains what that is all about. But, I am not going to go into detail in this article. Basically, the special attack has a 55% chance of happening and it causes the opponent to be poisoned with 5 damage per poison hit, which is a bit of a weird number to get poisoned with. But, the effect on the Corporeal Beast is a little bit different, and has more of a stunning effect. I am not exactly sure why that is, but, it is really, really helpful for killing Corp.

4. Ruby Bolts (e)

Next up, we have another really useful one, and that is the Ruby Bolts (e). Basically, they have a 5 – 10% chance of hitting 20% of the targets current Hitpoints, capping at 100 damage. At the same time, it zaps 10% of the attackers Hitpoints as well. So, these bolts are probably one of the most used ones in the game, along with the Diamond Bolts, and they are used against Bosses – mainly because they have a lot of Hitpoints, and these Bolts are capable of hitting a big chunk of their XP in one hit. So, these bolts are commonly used at the Armadyl Boss, Corporeal Beast, and pretty much all Bosses when you are using Ranged.

3. Diamond Bolts (e)

The next one is the Diamond Bolts (e), and they are really, really useful. The main why they are so good is because their base bolt is Adamant as it is, and the special attack increases the Max Hit. So, on top of the powerful Adamant Bolts, the Max Hit increase makes them overly powerful in PvP situations. On top of the Max Hit increase, they lower the enemies Range Defence. So, it makes it even better for Bosses, which have high Defence – like Bandos or the Corporeal Beast. These bolts are usually used in conjunction with Ruby Bolts when Bossing. So, in a way that Ruby Bolts are used at the start of the kill when the boss has a lot of health so it zaps 20% of the health they have. Then, once they get lower health and the 20% becomes insignificant, people usually switch to the Diamond Bolts and use the max hit bonus special.

2. Dragon Bolts (e)

The next bolt is Dragon Bolts (e), and this is definitely the most useful PKing bolt to use. It has a 6% chance of dealing Dragonfire on the enemy, which deals almost 50% extra damage, which is insane! I used to PK on my pure before I stupidly 2 Defence. But, I remember hitting up to 50 with these bolts. These Dragon Bolts (e) are not commonly used when bossing, mainly because they are almost 1500 each or around 1000 each. But, they are definitely worth using in PvP.

1. Onyx Bolts (e)

This is the last bolt, and that is the Onyx Bolts (e), and these are by far the most expensive and costs about 9000 coins each. These bolts have a 10% chance of using the special. Basically, what is does is it deals 20% more damage, and on top of that, it heals the users Hitpoints by ¼ of whatever they hit. A lot of people do not realise this, but, this is a very, very, very good way to save inventory space when you are doing the Fight Caves. That way, you can bring a lot more resources for Prayer, and simply use Onyx Bolts (e) to heal. Then, switch back to the Diamond or Broad Bolts when you are on full health.

Anyway guys, thank you for reading my article today. I hope you learned something pretty helpful today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

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