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Complete Herb Farming Guide for OSRS - Herb Run Guide

What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and welcome to my complete Herb Farming Guide for OSRS.

Herbs take 80 minutes to grow, and herb runs can be done in conjunction with allotments like Snape Grass for extra experience.

There's a total of 9 herb patches across Runescape and 5 of those patches have requirements to use.

3 patches are locked behind a quest, low leveled players can easily do Priest in Peril or mid levels can do the Arm quests for the extra patches. One patch is in the Tier 2 section of the Farming Guild and the final unlock is with the Elite Morytania Diary.

Disease free patches greatly increase the overall profit of herb runs. If you can, the Kourend and Kandarin Diary increases the yield, increasing your profit and xp. The Explorer's Ring and the Ardy Cloak 2 are almost essential for herb runs, with teleports very close to patches.

The ectophial from Ghosts Ahoy is another useful unlock.

You should always be using Ultra Compost on herb runs. This guarantees that you get at least 6 herbs per patch. You can buy Ultra Compost off the Grand Exchange, or if you're an Ironman, you make Super Compost and add Volcanic Ash.

The best herb to plant varies depending on your level and unlocks.

Ranarrs provide the most profit since the herbs cost a lot. Although, Ranarr's are only the most profitable when using disease free patches or the Diary Boosts.

When you unlock Ranarrs at 32, they are your most profitable option.

At level 38, Toadflaxes are more profitable than Ranarrs.

At level 50, Avantoes become more profitable. Avantoes are the most profitable herb currently when using regular patches.

But if you use disease free patches and diary boosts, then Ranarrs surpass Avantoes at level 80.

At level 85, players can plant Torstols for the best xp and decent profit, but not as much profit as the other herbs mentioned.

Keep in mind, for herb runs, you can use a Garden Pie to boost to herbs you haven't unlocked yet. So you could start farming Ranarrs at level 29.

Complete Herb Run

This is what your inventory should look like. You'll need a seed dibber and a spade, as well as a rake if its your first run. You'll need the herb seeds that you want to plant. And you'll need teleports to all of the patches, which I'll show in a moment. You'll need Ultra Compost which you can buy off the Grand Exchange

You can then store the Ultra Compost at a Tool Leprechaun which makes it a lot easier to manage your patches. Bring a Bottomless Compost Bucket if you can for the compost saving effect. You should be wearing your magic secateurs from the Fairy Tale quest, as well as the full farming outfit if you have it.

Full Herb Run

This is all of the herb patches and the best teleports to get to each of them

Herb Patch Routine

At each patch, this should be your routine:

If its your first time at the patch, you'll need to rake it to clear the weeds.

If your patch is fully grown, you firstly click on the herb patch to start yielding herbs. If you spam click the herb patch for 3 seconds, it doubles the rate at which you pick herbs.

When your inventory is full, or once the patch is cleared, you can use the herbs on the Tool Leprechaun to automatically note them.

While you’re at the Tool Leprechaun, you can withdraw 1 Ultra Compost from storage. Then, with a clear patch, you can then plant the seed by using it on the patch. You should then use Ultra Compost on it, and teleport to the next location.

Full Herb Run

Starting off, I teleport to Catherby using the Catherby teleport tablet, and I run north east to the herb patch. At the herb patch I follow the routine: I yield the herbs, then note them, grab an Ultra Compost, plant a new seed, and Ultra Compost the patch.

Then I teleport to the Ardougne herb patch with the Ardougne cloak.

I do the same routine and then teleport to the cabbage patch with the Explorer's Ring. I run north out of the cabbage area to the herb patch.

Once I'm done here I teleport to Xeric's Glade with the Xeric's Talisman and then run south west

After I've finished at this patch I use the ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus and then run west to the Morytania herb patch.

I follow the same routine, then I use a Skills Necklace to teleport to the Farming Guild. Inside, I go to the western wing to the herb patch.

Once done I use stony basalt to Troll Stronghold and harvest the patch up there.

Next I use icy basalt to teleport to Weiss..

And lastly I use a Harmony Island teleport tablet and run south to the final patch. The Leprechaun is inside this fenced area here.

So that’s the complete herb run… if you want to learn more about herb farming, I have a complete herb farming guide here.



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