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Best OSRS Combat Calculators (Combat Calc)

What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and today I'm going to show you the best OSRS Combat Calculators. There's 2 types of calculators I'll cover: Combat Level Calculators and DPS Calculators.

Combat Level Calculators

These calculators show what your combat level would be with certain stats.

Oldschool.Tools Combat Level Calculator

This is the most reliable combat calculator with an additional hitpoints estimation tool.

OSRS Wiki Combat Level Calculator

The OSRS Wiki provides a reliable combat calculator with a fast hiscores lookup.

RuneHQ Combat Level Calculator

The RuneHQ calculators has been around the longest, since 2003.

This calculator will sometimes have troubles grabbing your stats from the hiscores.

DPS Calculators

These calculators show your damage per second with certain gear against certain monsters. Calculator

This calculator has an excellent layout. It also includes more monsters than other calculators. Calculator

This calculator also has a very user friendly layout. There's also no ads.



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