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Best Minigame Rewards in OSRS

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am going to be explaining every single one of the best rewards that you can get from Minigames in Old School Runescape. I am not going to include every single Minigame in this article because some of them give really bad rewards. But, apart from those ones, I am going to try to include every single one that I can think of that gives some kind of worthy reward.

1. Castle Wars

Getting right into it, first on my list is Castle Wars. A lot of people would think the rewards are cosmetics. But, seriously, the Decorative Range and Decorative Mage armour only requires 1 Defence to wear and it gives a better all-round Defence bonus than Iron, making it the best in slot for Pures. The Decorative Mage set, the Hat, the Body and the Legs cost a total of 90 tickets, which will take quite a while to get, and the Range top and bottom only cost 70. There is also the Ranged Quiver. But, that it really bad compared to the Obsidian Cape anyway. So, yeah, Castle Wars has great rewards for Pures, but not necessarily main accounts, even though the Cosmetics do look kind of nice.

2. Barbarian Assault

Barbarian Assault can give you the Fighter Torso, which is tied as the best in slot for Strength bonus, giving a +4 Strength bonus, which is the same as the Bandos Chestplate, which is like, a lot more – in terms of money. The Defence bonuses of the Torso are not as good as Bandos. But, it only requires level 40 Defence to wear as opposed to 65, and it is free. It costs 375 Honor Points in each role of Barbarian Assault plus a kill of the Queen. You can actually pay people so that you can sit in Barbarian Assault and then you just get the points for sitting in there, and they do all of the work. It does cost about 20 000 000 to get one thought, so, it is really not worth it. I would just rather do it myself.

3. Fishing Trawler

The Fishing Trawler Minigame has a 1 in 8 chance, once you have finished the Minigame, to receive a piece of the Angler outfit. When you do get a piece as a reward, you always get a piece that you do not already own. So, that is an awesome addition. Wearing the full set of the Angler outfit gives a 2.5% boost in Fishing XP. But, each piece alone gives a really small percentage, and the full set boost gives an extra 0.5% if you wear the whole set. So, it is really recommended to get the whole thing.

4. Fight caves / Inferno

The next one, which a lot of people probably would not consider as Minigame, but I think it is sort of a Minigame, and this is the Fight Caves and the Inferno. The Fire Cape and the Infernal Cape are the best in the Cape slot for melee, giving a +4 Strength bonus. Then, the Fire Cape and the Infernal Cape gives a +8. They both also give a +2 Prayer bonus and some pretty good Defensive and Offensive stats. The Fight Caves themselves are actually quite easy once you know what you are doing. But, the Inferno, on the other hand, as most of you already know, is insanely difficult. So, once someone fully works out the ins and outs of the Inferno, it might become a little bit easier. But, for now, the Fire Cape is the more viable option here.

5. The Nightmare Zone

The Nightmare Zone is actually really rewarding as well. With the points that you get in the Minigame, you can imbue your Rings and a couple of other items like Crystal items. Imbuing Rings doubles the stats of the Ring, and also, if you imbue Crystal items, it keeps them at their best stats the whole time while they are degrading. You can also imbue the Slayer Helmet, which gives the bonuses into Range and Mage, as the normal Slayer Helmet only gives bonuses in Melee. You can also get Herb Boxes from the Nightmare Zone, and that can be a really good daily money maker, and that really helps sustain a bond. I made a whole guide about how to sustain a bond, I will put the link at the end of this article. If you have not seen this already, it is worth checking it out if you are struggling to get money to save up for bonds and play in game as well.

6. Mage Training Arena

The next one is the Mage Training Arena – not the Mage Arena, the Training Arena. That is the one next to the Duel Arena AKA the Desert Casino. The Mage Training Arena gives the Master Wand, the Mage’s Book and the Infinity Robes after you get a lot of points in there in each of the different types of points that you can get. But, as a normal player, the rewards you can buy from the Grand Exchange. But, the money per hour you can get there is about 500 000 per hour if you were to just grind it out and get those. But, the main reason I am putting this one in here is for Ironmen. The Master Wand and the Mage’s Book are probably one of the most viable options for Magic Attack bonus for Ironmen accounts because the best after the Mage’s Book is the Arcane Book, and good luck getting that. I know it is possible. But, RIP being an Ironman. Then, with the Master Wand, you can put the Kodai Insignia on the Master Wand to get the Kodai Wand. Also, the Master Wand itself auto-casts Ancient Magic and also gives a huge Magic Attack bonus.

7. Mage Arena (in the Wilderness)

Mage Arena in the Wilderness gives the Mage Capes – so, the Saradomin, the Zamorak and the Guthix Cape. They are the best in slot for Magic, giving a +10 Magic Attack bonus, which is huge for Magic. Also, you can get access to the God Spells at the Mage Arena, but they seriously are not that good unless you are a Mage Pure, because the Spells can actually hit really high if you use the Charged Spell, which is on the normal Spellbook. That increases the Max Hit of the God Spells to 30, which is massive. But, yeah, as a normal account, you probably would not want to get these spells. They are not really worth it. They do cost quite a bit to use. So, yeah, that segment of the reward is mainly for Pures.

8. Pest Control

Pest Control is not as good as it was because full Void was nerfed. But, the Minigame can also be used for great Prayer XP on an Ironman account. You need level 25 Prayer in order to start getting rewards from the Pest Control Minigame. You actually trade in the points you get for Prayer XP. But, the other alternative is that you can buy the full Void sets. The Mage set gives you 30% more Magic accuracy, the Melee set gives 10% more accuracy and damage to Melee, and then the Range set (which was nerfed) now only gives a 10% Range accuracy and 10% Range damage boost, which is still pretty big. You can also get the Elite version with the Hard Western Province’s Diary, and that increases the Ranged damage boost to 12.5%, which does not really change a lot. These sets are really good for a lot of the Bosses in the game, and it is a very cheap alternative since it is free, to things like Armadyl or Bandos, since they do give really high bonuses in comparison to those.

9. Barrows Minigame

The Barrows Minigame is really good money making as of now. It is about 1 000 000 per hour, depending on how lucky you get. I am going to make a guide on Barrow’s soon. On top of the great money per hour for a regular account, it is a great Minigame for Ironmen because it gives you essential gear that an Ironman should have like a full Verac’s set, a full Guthan’s set, all of those. Also, you get a lot of Rune reward drops. So, not Rune items, but Runes like Chaos Runes, Death Runes, etc. These can be converted for money for main accounts, or you can use them to train Magic on an Ironman account.

10. The Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace does not give any good rewards. But, the XP per hour that you get from Smithing there is incredible. With Gold Smith Gauntlets and Gold Ore, you can make over 300 000 XP per hour in Smithing, which is insanely fast.

11. Tears of Guthix

The Tears of Guthix Minigame actually gives you XP in your lowest stat once a week, and the amount of XP that you get depends on the amount of Tears that you get in the Minigame. If you have played it before, you will know what I am talking about. If your stats are above level 30, and your lowest one is above 30, you receive 60 XP per Tear that you get, which is actually really good if your stats are low. But, if they are high, it may not be that good since you may have access to some pretty high XP rates. But, most people go here and get their Hunter level up or Runecrafting up, which are both really bad at low levels in terms of XP. Also, you can do the Hard Lumbridge Diary, and that gives you 10% more XP in the Minigame, giving you 66 XP per Tear.

12. Tithe Farm

The Tithe Farm gives the Farmer’s Outfit reward, which is a 2.5% Farming XP boost, and on top of that, you can get 100 000 Farming XP per hour, as long as you know the general tactics of the Minigame. So, you get 100 000 Farming XP per hour, which is insanely quick and it is free as well. There are a few other rewards from the Tithe Farm. But, the best one here has to be the Farmer’s Outfit.

13. Camelot Training Room

The Camelot Training Room – believe it or not – is a Minigame as well. You can only do this once after you have completed King’s Ransom. Completing it gives you 20 000 Attack, Strength, Defence and Hitpoints XP. So, 80 000 XP just like that, and it also gives you access to the Chivalry Prayer, which gives really boost boosts for Attack, Strength and Defence. But, also, you get Piety, which gives even bigger boosts, and is probably a really, really required Prayer for main accounts.

14. Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is actually also considered a Minigame, even though it is basically PvP. But, from Bounty Hunter, when you kill people, you get Emblems, and you can trade them in green guy in Edgeville for Bounty Hunter points. With those points, you can buy some items that you could not usually buy on the Grand Exchange. Obviously, you can now buy Emblems on the Grand Exchange and then just trade it in. But, if you want to get them from scratch, you have to kill people in a bounty hunter world such as World 18. The items you can get are things like the Rune Pouch, which hold 3 types of Runes in only 1 inventory slot, which is awesome for Bossing. Also, the Clue Box, which you can take into the Wilderness with a Clue Scroll. When you die, you keep the Clue on Death, so you don’t get stitched up by some PKers out there. There are a few other good rewards from there, for Ironmen especially. But, PKing on an Ironman – no thanks.

15. Pyramid Plunder

The Pyramid Plunder is the last one on my list, and this one gives almost 300 000 Thieving XP per hour, which is insanely quick for Thieving. You can also get the Pharoh’s Sceptre as a reward from opening the Golden Chest in the middle of the rooms, and that currently sits around 7 000 000. But, basically, you can get a huge amount of profit from that and you are also getting tons of XP. So, all in all, this is a great Minigame to do for training Thieving.

Anyways guys that is all of the Minigame rewards that I wanted to talk about. If you have any other opinions of other rewards, leave them in the comments, and I will have a read of them and I will let you know what I think about them. I may have missed a couple. But, I am pretty sure that I included most of the important ones here. I hope you learned something today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

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