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Best Achievement Diary Rewards in OSRS

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am going to be talking about the Best Achievement Diary Rewards in Old School Runescape. So, for those that do not know, the Achievement Diaries are a set of Tasks in 11 different Provinces and areas, which players can complete in order to get some kind of reward. So, to explain each of the best rewards, I am going to go through each and every one of Task areas and I will explain the best reward from each one.

1. The Varrock Achievement Diaries

Starting off with the Varrock Diaries… Now, each level of the Varrock Diaries allows you to get more and more Battlestaves from Zaff from the shop in Varrock. At maximum, so with the Elite Diaries, you can actually profit 230 000 per day by buying 120 Battlestaves for 7000 each. Then, you just sell them to the Grand Exchange. Now, if you multiply 230 000 by 14, so 14 days, that is equal to 3 220 000, which will easily cover the cost of a Bond over that 14 day period. So, essentially, the Elite Varrock Tasks and even the Hard Tasks are enough to cover the price for a Bond for free with no effort at all. With the Varrock Medium Tasks, you can change your Varrock teleport location to the Grand Exchange, which is so handy for so many reasons.

2. The Ardougne Achievement Diaries

Now, the Ardougne Tasks have a couple of good uses. The first is the Ardougne Capes, and mainly the Ardougne Cape 4 from the Elite Diaries, which is actually the best in slot for Prayer bonus. There are also some pretty useful Thieving benefits. From Easy, there is a 10% less chance of getting caught thieving stalls in Ardougne. From Medium, there is a 10% less chance of getting caught thieving anything in Ardougne, which is really, really useful for thieving Ardougne Knights, which makes them really AFK and great XP. The Hard Diaries actually has the same 10% effect, except that it is in effect across the whole Runescape map.

3. The Fremennik Achievement Diaries

Now for the Fremennik Diaries… The easy Diaries give you 1 free teleport to Rellekka once a day, which can be pretty useful in some cases if you want to go to Rock Crabs or need to visit Rellekka for a Quest or something. But, the best rewards come from the Hard Fremennik Diaries. Firstly, with Hard, you gain access to 2 new Lunar Spells. First is the Tan Leather Spell, which you can actually make about 800 000 coins per hour along with 120 000 Magic XP per hour. The second spell is Recharge Dragonstone, which can also be pretty profitable in some cases. The second good reward from the Hard Diaries is that the Aviansies in the Godwars Dungeon drop noted Adamant Bars instead of un-noted Adamant Bars. This makes them super good money since they drop them really often in stack of 4. The Elite Diaries make the Dagannoth Kings drop noted Dagannoth Bones, and this makes them really, really, really profitable since their bones are about 10 000 each.

4. The Falador Achievement Diaries

Now for the Falador Diaries… The Medium Falador Diaries gives you access to a shortcut in the Motherlode Mine, which really, really speeds up your banking. The Hard Diaries gives you access to the Bank Chest at the Crafting Guild, and in conjunction with 99 Crafting, this is one of the closest teleports to a bank in Old School Runescape. Additionally, the Giant Mole drops noted Moleskin and Mole Claws, and then the Falador Shield 3 from the Hard Diaries acts as a Mole Locator. This makes killing the mole 100 times less frustrating and way more enjoyable.

5. The Lumbridge Achievement Diaries

Next is the Lumbridge Diaries, and the only really good rewards here come from the Elite Diaries. Firstly, it gives you a 6th spot for Blocking Slayer Tasks. Along with that, it gives you a 20% discount on items in the Culinaromancer’s Chest. So, the Barrows Gloves instead are 104 000 as opposed to 130 000. With the Elite Diaries, you can also cast 30 High Alchs per day without using any Runes. But, you do not get XP. This can be really handy for Slayer, especially since you do not have to carry Nature Runes and Fire Runes with you, you just need the Explorer’s Ring. Also, you do not even need to pay money for the Nature Runes. So, you actually profit quite a bit. Lastly, with the Elite Diary, you can use Fairy Rings without a Dramen or Lunar Staff, which is really awesome.

6. The Western Province Achievement Diaries

Now for the Western Provinces Diaries… The Easy and the Medium Diaries do not really give any good rewards. But, the Hard Diaries are so useful. Firstly, they allow you to get Elite Void with 200 extra Pest Control Points per piece, and these pieces give 3 more Prayer bonus each on the top and bottoms. Secondly, you can use the Crystal Halberd, which is arguably one of the best special attack weapons for Bossing in the game. The Elite Diaries allow you to get a Chompy Chick as a pet while you are Hunting Chompy Birds. Also, another good thing for Hard-core Ironmen, the Elite Diaries give you an extra life at Zulrah.

7. The Karamja Achievement Diaries

The Karamja Hard Diaries are kind of a hidden money making method in themselves, and they give players access to the Karamja Shop money making method. Basically, when you have the Karamja Gloves 3 equipped, you can sell items to the General Store (the one near Tai Bwo Wannai Village) for 1.75 times their low Alch price. Essentially, 1.75 times the low Alch price of a lot of Rune items is actually higher than the Grand Exchange price. So, this makes it an insane money making method, and I have heard that Lynx Titan, who is ranked 1 in Runescape at the moment, used to do this on a few Alt accounts back in the day, and was making over 10 000 000 per hour doing it. The Elite Diaries can actually give you an extra life – once per day – in the Fight Caves, which can be pretty useful for higher level players doing a JAD Slayer Task, or something like that. But, keep in mind that you do need to at least do it once before you can use this benefit. Also, the Elite Diary gives you the ability to teleport to Duradel, the Slayer Master, for free.

8. The Desert Achievement Diaries

The Desert Achievement Diaries do not really have any super useful rewards, except for the Elite Diaries, which gives you a permanent rope at the Kalphite Lair entrance. Even then, it is not really that helpful.

9. The Morytania Diaries

The Morytania Diaries are actually a really, really good Diary to complete, mainly for the Slayer XP bonuses, which are given for doing tasks in the Slayer Tower near Canifis. With the Easy Tasks complete, you get 2.5% more XP per monster that you kill. With the Medium Tasks, you get 5% more, and with the Hard Tasks, you get 7.5% more. Then, with the Elite Tasks, you get 10% more XP, which is really good since Slayer is a very slow skill. The Hard Diaries also give you 50% more Runes from Barrows Rewards Chests, and you also get the Bonecrusher, which automatically crushes the Bones that you get from killing monsters, and gives you half the Prayer XP you would normally get. The Elite Diaries upgrades this from half XP to full XP. So, basically, it automatically buries every single bone for you. Also, with the Elite, you gain access to an extra Herb farming patch.

10. The Kandarin Achievement Diaries

The Kandarin Diaries can be a very useful Diary to complete. Firstly, all the Diaries above and including Medium give extra Herb yields for the Catherby Herb patch, with 5% more in Medium, 10 %more in hard, and 15% with Elite. The Medium Diary also gives you 10% extra XP when you cut Maple Logs at Seer’s Village, which makes them a pretty good option for training Woodcutting. The Hard Diaries gives you 10% more Barbarian Assault Points in each wave that you complete. So, essentially, you can get your rewards 10% faster. You also have the option to change your Camelot teleport to outside Seer’s Bank. With this unlocked, it unlocks the fastest Agility XP from level 60 Agility all the way to level 90 Agility. This is because after you complete the Camelot Rooftop Agility Course, you can teleport back to the bank, and then really quickly start your next run. Also, with the Hard Diaries, it gives you a 10% higher chance of a special attack occurring. But, this is multiplicative. So, that means that if it originally had 5% chance of happening, it goes to a 5.5% chance, not 15%.

11. The Wilderness Achievement Diaries

Now, the Wilderness Diaries have a couple of minor uses. The Medium Diaries allow you to hold 4 Ecumenical Keys at the same time instead of the original 3. The Hard Diaries upgrades this to 5. The Hard Diaries also gives you 2 extra shortcuts in the Wilderness – one at Lava Dragon Isle, and one at the Lava Maze. Also, you can choose where you want to teleport with the teleporting obelisks in the Wilderness, and this one can really save you some time getting to places in the Wilderness. The Wines of Zamorak that can be telegrabbed at the Chaos Temple are also noted with the Hard Diaries. So, this makes them really, really good money since you can just constantly get them. But, this can be very dangerous. If someone kills you with a large stack of them on you, there goes your money. Lastly, the Elite Wilderness Diaries makes all the Dragons in the Wilderness drop noted Dragon Bones. Once again, this is great for money, but it is pretty risky again at the same time.

Anyways guys, that is it for the Best Achievement Diary Rewards in Old School Runescape. If you learned something or enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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