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AFK Skilling Methods for OSRS Mobile

AFK Skills with Tap to Drop

We’ll be starting off with the AFK skills that work very well on mobile using tap to drop. I won’t go into a lot of depth with these methods, because most of these are no-brainers. But, with things like power mining, power fishing, and power woodcutting, where you’re dropping all the items that you get, it’s very easy to stay on tap to drop, and train with a very minimal amount of tapping.

With these methods, you could do money-makers. Banking is relatively quick as well on mobile, and bank deposit boxes are probably the fastest way to bank. Something I do a lot on mobile is barbarian fish.

One full inventory of fish caught translates to about 1000 fishing XP. So, with one tap, most of the time I’ll get 1000XP. Tap to drop makes this very easy as well. But, something to keep in mind, is that you can’t 3 tick, or 2 tick on mobile. It is possible to do, but since mis-tapping is so common, it doesn’t work very well. Mining at the Motherlode mine is a great low-level skilling method that’s decently AFK, and doesn’t require much focus at all. Also, things like woodcutting and dropping teaks will work. But, again, 2 ticking or 1.5 ticking, which is possible with teaks, is a lot more difficult on mobile.



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