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AFK Combat Methods in OSRS

There's a huge range of AFK methods in OSRS

At low levels, and for pures, sand crabs are great, allowing you to AFK for 10 minutes before they won't attack you anymore.

Bandits in the desert are even more AFK, where if you wear a Saradomin or Zamorak item, you can AFK for 20 minutes before you stop attacking and log out.

The nightmare zone is very AFK as well, and the same 20 minute time period applies, since you'll always have aggression from the monsters.

As a defense pure, with level 1 attack and strength, you can AFK at the monks in the monastery for 20 minutes at a time as well.

You never kill the monk, since they heal themselves for more than you can damage, so you can stay here pretty much endlessly.

Chinning is great for range AFK as well, and it's possible to AFK for a few minutes at a time if you wear high prayer bonus gear, although it is very important to keep an eye on your prayer points, because upon death, your chins do run away permanently.

The same concept could work with bursting with magic, and it is a little safer to AFK this, since if you die, you can collect all of your runes and gear from your gravestone.

With magic, you can splash for 20 minutes at a time, before your character stops casting automatically.

If you move your mouse or camera though, you'll start again.

Splashing on Kraken is far more cost effective and better XP, where your spells give full experience as if they're actually hitting on Kraken.

With magic, there's a lot of non-combat AFK methods too.

The String Jewelry spell lets you AFK for 50 seconds per full inventory.

Charging Orbs lets you AFK for even longer, with each full inventory taking a minute and 35 seconds to fully charge.



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