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99 Crafting & Magic Method (Fast & Free)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I have a fast Magic and Crafting training method that currently makes money.

I know that when I make an article about a method it usually ruins the method for a few days. But, this method I believe will stay viable for a long time, and let me explain why. Back in Runescape 2, Flax was well over 100 coins each because the main source of it was to be picked from the Flax Fields.

Nowadays, in Old School Runescape, the Kurasks, which are a common Slayer task, drop 100 noted Flax uncommonly.

Zulrah, which is a boss camped by so many players, has a 1 in 25 chance of dropping 1000 noted Flax.

This brought the price of Flax down to under 5 coins each in Old School Runescape.

After completing the Lunar Diplomacy Quest, you can cast the Spin Flax Spell with 75 magic, and interestingly, you do not actually need a Crafting requirement to use the spell.

One cast of the spell will turn 5 Flax into Bowstring, and at this point in time, you actually profit 60 coins per cast of the spell. Casting it, you can reach XP rates of over 80 000 Crafting and Magic XP per hour, which is a total of 160 000 XP per hour.

The new Withdraw All and Deposit All options at the Bank make this so easy! When you set up your inventory, you should always withdraw 25 Flax – no more, and no less – because the spell will still work if it only affects 1 piece of Flax, and it will still use the full amount of Runes. An easy way to set that up is set your Withdraw X to 25.

Then, you can easily withdraw and deposit all of the items very quickly. Just make sure you do not double click when you are withdrawing. You should be using an Air Staff while you are casting the spell, and you can just keep a big stack of Nature and Astral Runes in your inventory.

I highly doubt that the price of these Runes will change much after making this article. So, it means that this method is pretty likely to last a long time. The only issue I can see happening is the price of Bowstring dropping a lot. That would making stringing high level Bows very profitable. So, overall, I think it is a stable method. In one hour, you can spin approximately 5000 Flax into Bowstring, and in that hour, you can reach 80 000 Crafting XP an hour, which actually is not as fast as Crating Unpowered Orbs. However, you get Magic XP and profit from the method. To help you keep track with the current profit or loss from Spin Flax, I quickly put together an OSBuddy price tracker and a Grand Exchange price tracker next to it. That can be viewed on The OSBuddy price is the most accurate. But, if less and less people start using OSBuddy, sadly, those numbers will become less accurate.

Thanks for reading this quick Old School Runescape tip article. I hope you learned something interesting today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!




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