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7 Ways to Get MORE Slayer XP/HR (OSRS)

When you are training Slayer, it is very easy to be inefficient.

Today, I will show you 7 ways to boost your Slayer XP rate from the standard to an average of over 70k XP per hour, with good combat stats.

1. Block and Skip List

The first way is to build an efficient block and skip list.

The rule of thumb is to skip tasks that you cannot cannon at all, or you can only kill in a single combat area, regardless of how much money they are going to make you.

Your block list should take your slayer masters task weightings into account, where the higher weighted they are, they more the chance of you getting that slayer task.

You can find the Slayer Task Weightings on the Wiki pages for each of the Slayer Masters, and that means that your block list will change depending on which master you use.

For the fastest Slayer XP, it is not recommended to use Konar.

So, the only two Slayer Masters you should be using are Nieve or Duradel.

Nieve’s most common slayer task is actually a JAD task, which is very different to Duradel’s most common task, which is Abyssal Demons.

So, a good block list for Nieve or Steve would include monsters like Fire Giants, Black Demons and Bloodvelds, monsters that are commonly given from Nieve, and the ones that you skip are the ones with the lower weightings.

The block list for Duradel are a bit different. Even though Abyssal Demons can be bursted, the XP rates are not overly good. So, it is a good idea to block them since they are the most common task.

Hellhounds, Greater Demons, Kraken, Black Demons and Gargoyles are all tasks that can be done for profit at different bosses. But, if you are going for XP, they will only slow you down. After the blocks, there is a long list of skips that I recommend for Duradel if you are chasing XP. Some people would consider blocking water fiends or iron Dragons. However, because of their super low task weighting, you are far better off skipping them in the long run.

2. Slayer Bracelets

Number 2 of the 7 ways to get more Slayer XP is that you should be using the Enchanted Silver Bracelets related to Slayer on every single Slayer task.

There are two Slayer related Bracelets, the Expeditious Bracelet and the Bracelet of Slaughter, and they both have opposite effects.

The Slaughter Bracelet extends your Slayer tasks by not counting some of the kills as your task, but still giving XP. The Expeditious Bracelet shortens your task, where a kill can count as two kills of your Slayer assignment.

Both of these have a 1 in 5 chance of working. Therefore, increasing the length or decreasing the length of your Slayer task by 20%. Y

ou should be using the extension – so the Bracelets of Slaughter – for tasks that give the highest XP rates. So, tasks that are cannon-able in multi-combat and tasks that can be bursted or barraged.

The shortening effect are great for tasks that are not worth skipping or blocking, but do not really give the best XP rates. For example, tasks that you cannot cannon, but are in a single combat area, or for tasks that are generally slower than the ones shown before.

3. Extensions and Unlocks

This leads me to the next tip of this article, and that is which tasks you should extend and which ones you should unlock from your Slayer Master.

Extending tasks, again, should be applied to the ones that give great XP rates, similar to the Bracelet of Slaughter. The only 3 available tasks worth extending are Dust Devils, Nechryaels and Ankous, where the extension adds around 100 more monster to your Slayer task.

There are also some tasks that gain more XP per hour.

Firstly, Hot Stuff allows you to get TzHaar tasks, JAD tasks and the Inferno tasks if you have completed them once. Throughout the Fight caves, you get XP for each kill, like regular slayer. However, once you kill JAD, you get 25k Slayer XP as a bonus.

With Zuk in the Inferno, if you beat him on task, you get 100k Slayer XP, which is an insane amount if you can be efficient in the Inferno.

You should also unlock Stop the Wyvern, which stops you getting the Fossil Island Wyvern tasks, which can take a lot longer than the standard Skeletal Wyverns.

4. Unlock Superior Slayer First

The next way to increase your Slayer XP rate is to aim to unlock Superior Slayer as early as possible.

For only 150 points, you can unlock the chance to spawn a higher level and more powerful version of the monster you are fighting.

Upon killing the monster, you get access to a very lucrative drop table, with the highest drop being an Imbued Heart.

But, also, you get a massive XP reward.

With the highest level superior monster, so, a night beast, killing it gives 6400 Slayer XP. The chance of any superior monster spawning is 1 in 200. So, you are likely to see one every 2 tasks or so.

Superior Slayer comes hand in hand with bursting, too, since Dust Devils, Nechryaels and Smoke Devils all have Superior versions. On top of Superior Slayer, if you are a high level player with a lot of good weaponry and armour, you can unlock the Like a Boss reward, which allows you to get Boss Slayer tasks.

Many players choose not to unlock this reward because Boss tasks can take a long time to gear for and complete.

Although, upon getting a Boss task, you have the choice of how many you want to kill, and the lowest you can set is 3 kills. If you set it to 3, you can easily go and complete the majority of the boss tasks within 5 – 10 minutes, and no matter how many kills you set in the boss task, you will always get 5000 Slayer XP after you finish it. Also, you can only be assigned Bosses that you have the requirements to access.

5. Account Recommendations

The 5th tip of this article is to slay when your account is ready. I mentioned that using Nieve or Duradel is the best for fast XP, and those Slayer masters alone have high combat level requirements.

If you are really serious about getting the fastest XP rates, you will definitely need at least Desert treasure completed, 70 Magic for Ice burst, a Dwarf Multi-cannon and money for cannonballs, and 100 Combat really helps since you can use Duradel.

Duradel assigns longer Slayer tasks. So, if you look at it XP wise, you will not be going to get new tasks and banking as often as if you were doing Nieve or Steve, or Chaedlar in Zanaris.

For example, when you are getting assigned a Smoke Devil Slayer task,

which is actually the highest XP per hour task in the game, Nieve and Steve can only assign up to 185 at a time, where Duradel can assign up to 200.

Also, Duradel assigns the good tasks a lot more commonly, and this is because his task list is slightly smaller.

Also, the task weightings are a lot higher for the burst-able tasks with Duradel. So, overall, the probability of getting Dust Devils, Nechryaels or Smoke Devils is quite a bit higher. Duradel is especially handy if you have Karamja Gloves 4 from the Elite Karamja Diary, and that lets you teleport literally next to Duradel.

6. Prayer and Slayer XP

Number 6, using stats boosting Prayers dramatically increases your XP rates.

For example, if you use Piety on every single hit that you do, your damage and accuracy will be boosted by around 20%, which goes hand in hand with how much Slayer XP you get per hour.

You should definitely learn to Prayer flick while you are slaying, which uses no prayer but still keeps your prayers active. Basically, there are 2 ways you can prayer flick, flicking with every attack, which many players call lazy flicking, and one tick flicking, which is a bit trickier. You should definitely start off by learning to lazy flick, where you flick on and off your prayer on the tick that you attack. So, turn it on right as you are starting your attack animation.

The same can be done with protection Prayers, and subsequently, you can lazy flick both of them. You can also set up Quick Prayers for lazy flicking if you want to flick more than one prayer at once.

One tick flicking is where you start with your prayer on, and every game tick – so, every 0.6 seconds – you will double click the prayer. This can be learnt a lot more easily with a 100bpm metronome, or by using RuneLite’s in-built metronome plugin. This is far more advanced and needs a lot more practice. But, once you master it, you can use no prayer points while having a lot of different prayers active.

7. Slayer Mechanics

The 7th and final tip on how to increase your Slayer XP rate is to understand some important Slayer mechanics.

There are 4 that I would like to explain. Firstly, double hit cannon spots. When a monster is positioned next to your cannon and at a certain angle, it shoots it twice. So, on any cannon-able Slayer Task, you should be trying to actively move the monsters to these tiles to get the best damage per second from your cannon. RuneLite and OSBuddy both have plugins which show these cannon spots, and I highly recommend using them.

A small tip with the cannon for lower level players – when safe spotting a monster in a single combat area, like Nieve’s cave, if you have a cannon going, it treats it as multi-combat, attacking all of the monsters in the room as long as you are in a safe spot.

The second very important mechanic is stacking monsters for bursting and barraging. Walking back and forth on a corner tile with a lot of monsters aggressive to you, the monsters will gradually stack on top of each other, making your multi-target spells very effective.

You can also bring an Alt account to aggro and stack the monsters while your main Slaying account continuously casts, getting very high XP rates.

The next mechanic is you can boost to kill higher level Slayer monsters. But, you cannot boost to receive a task.

With a wild pie, you can boost 5 Slayer levels in one single bite, and this can be useful for boosting to get tasks from Duradel, who has a level 50 Slayer requirement to get a task.

Boosting can also be useful for monsters like Cerberus, where if you are on a Hellhound Slayer Task, you can boost from level 86 – 91 and you are able to damage Cerberus. Although, you will have to stay boosted throughout the entire fight. The final mechanic is how Slayer XP is distributed. Basically, there are 2 pieces of criteria that you need to meet when gaining Slayer XP. Firstly, whoever does the most damage gets half of the XP for the kill, and whoever does the last hit gets the other half.

Usually, you will just get the entire XP amount. But, it is a useful tip for low level players that want fast XP rates. if you find a friend that you can duo slay with, and they will let you do the last hit of damage, you will train a lot faster, and you will both complete the task faster, since the task count will go down for both players.

So that it 7 ways to improve your slayer XP rate. I would like to throw in one quick bonus tip.

On burst-able tasks like Ankous, Dust Devils or Nechryaels, you can use Chinchompas instead, and you will still end up breaking around even GP wise if you use grey Chinchompas. These monsters have very low ranged defence. So, if you are already level 99 Magic, or want to train your ranged level, this is cool idea.

If you have not seen my 1 – 99 Slayer Guide, I highly recommend checking that out if you are new to Slayer, since it breaks down how to train for points, profit, or for AFK training.

I hope you learned something cool in this article or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game, or the Theoatrix discord. As always, thanks for reading this article, and I’ll see you next time!



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