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3 Daily Events to make up to 10M/month (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I am showing a variety of things you can do on a daily basis to make millions over a month. The money you get you can put towards better, training your skills or sustaining you membership for free through Bonds.

One important thing to keep in mind is that with any of the methods I am showing is their effective profit per hour.

That is how much you get from one hour put into any of these daily methods.

Basically, if you have a money making method that you can consistently get a better profit per hour, then the event is not worth doing.

I will of course explain that more as I go, and you should have a really good idea of that by the end of this article.

1. Buying Battlestaves form Zaff

The first methods can be done with very low requirements, and scales up with the Varrock Diaries. That is buying Battlestaves from Zaff.

You can buy them very quickly since you get the m noted out of the Barrel, and interestingly, with no Diary complete, you can still buy 5 Battlestaves for 7000 each from Zaff.

That costs 35 000, and then you can sell them straight to the Grand Exchange for 41 000, which is a very easy 6000 every day.

The game integrity update, which happened on the 28 June 2018 made it that you can only do this Battlestaff method if you have almost finished the What Lies Below Quest. This was done so that bots could not access this method.

The quest does give a 2000 Defence XP reward.

But, in order to unlock the Battlestaff method, you only need to kill the Boss. So, if you are a pure, you do not need that 2000 Defence XP.

In contrast, completing the Elite Varrock Diary gives you 120 noted Battlestaves per day. That is an easy 150 000 profit every single day, and it literally take under 1 minute since they are noted.

The effective profit per hour, if it takes 1 minute to do each daily run, can reach literally 10 000 000 per hour at this point in time. So, if you have the Elite Diaries unlocked, and for some reason do not do this money maker, you should. Even with no diaries, getting 5 Battlestaves per day gets you over 400 000 in effective profit, which is very good for a low level. Even with the Medium Diary, it is 2 500 000 an hour, which is pretty much higher and more guaranteed than Zulrah. So, basically, if you have done the Medium Diary on a higher level account, then it is worth getting the Battlestaves. To save time in the process, put your Battlestaves straight into the bank. Do not go and sell them straight away because you are way better off selling them in one large quantity just to save a little bit of time every day.

The Elite Diaries completed gives you 24 times more coins per day. That adds up to over 54 000 000 a year, which is a lot. On the other hand, someone that has not done any diaries gets 200 000 a month. This is still not bad for a new player, but you should aim to at least complete Medium.

A quick important point is that the reset time for any daily event in Old School Runescape or Runescape 3 is 12:00am UTC/GMT. That is 6pm central standard time, and 7pm eastern standard time. I am showing a lot more times below. So, if you want to work yours out, have a look at that.

2. Flax to Bowstring

Next is a daily event that comes from the reward of the Kandarin Diary. With each tier of the diary, you can take more noted Flax to the Flax Keeper, which roams the Flax Fields, in exchange for the same amount of Bowstring.

Flax currently costs 3 coins each. You can buy a huge stack of them from the Grand Exchange, and then every day you can convert them the Bowstring which are 156 coins each right now. With the Elite Diary, you can convert 250 Flax into Bowstring, which is a 36 000 profit per day. That can be added on the getting the Battlestaves.

Since getting to the Flax Fields is a little further, I am going to show the effective hourly profit of 1 minute runs and 2 minute runs. So, it is pretty likely that your effective profit fits somewhere between these values shown. At a really efficient run each day, it is effectively up to 2 000 000 per hour with the Elite tasks.

But, something else to consider it that if you are doing or planning on doing Herb runs or Tree runs for Farming XP, with those runs, you can easily implement these two methods. When doing a Fruit Tree run or a Herb run in Catherby, you can easily stop by the Flax Keeper, which effectively lowers the time taken to about 30 seconds.

So, the profit per week, month and year for the Kandarin Diary reward, you do not really make a lot from the Easy Diary, making it not exactly worth your time. But, on the other hand, 1 100 000 per month or 13 000 000 a year from the Elite Diary is something worth looking into. At the end of this article, I will show all of the methods combined. But, 1 100 000 a month for 30 seconds a day in your farm runs can do big things.

With Zaff, you can easily go past him whenever you are accessing the Varrock Tree patch. Tree runs can be done daily, and even twice daily. So, it is really easy to implement that once a day.

Just so you can see the values, this is how much you would effectively make if it took you 30 seconds per run. Of course, that is a very quick run, but is easily possible while you are doing your farm runs. With the Elite Varrock Diary, it can effectively be up to 20 000 000 per hour. The Elite Kandarin Diary turns into 4 300 000 an hour, which is far better than Vorkath or Zulrah.

3. Nightmare Zone Points Herb Boxes

The final method of this article is opening Herb Boxes in the Nightmare Zone.

As for getting your Nightmare Zone Points, some of you out there may enjoy AFK training here, which means that this method can be done every single day since you have a huge load of Nightmare Zone Points. Alternatively, so players go for the Nightmare Zone solely for points, and to get their Imbues.

If you want to get faster points while you are doing that, you want to turn on more Bosses, and it also costs you far less money if you do not turn on a customisable dream.

Each day you can buy 15 herb Boxes, which costs 9500 Nightmare Zone Points each, making it 142 000 points a day. But, in return, you will get approximately 156 000 in profit.

In terms of the effective profit per hour, there are two ways to calculate this. If you are an AFK trainer with a pretty much unlimited supply of points, you can open your Herb Boxes with an effective time of about 2 minutes since you will already be training and have points in the Nightmare Zone.

For players that only use the Nightmare Zone for points and Imbues, then the effective time to get 142 000 points and exchange into Herb Boxes is around 8 – 12 minutes, depending on your Combat level.

So, the overall effective hourly profit for AFK trainers is 4 600 000, which is far better than almost every good money maker.

As for people that need to go get the points themselves, the effective profit ranges between 600 000, which is not all that good, to 1 000 000 an hour.

At an even lower Combat level, below level 70, you will have a hard time getting lots of points at the Nightmare Zone, making this method not worth it at all since Green Dragons will get you way more money per hour. If you continuously AFK too long and log out, and you do not get over 500 000 points per Nightmare Zone Game, then all of your spending on entering a dream will really eat away at your profits. So, be sure to be smart about it and make sure your get the maximum amount of points without having to restart your dream.

Overall, in a week, month, and year, you can make 1 000 000 a week, 5 000 000 a month, and up to 57 000 000 a year. This actually beats doing Battlestaves form Zaff in terms of the total profit that you get. But, the amount of time you have to invest is a little more.


Now, combining all three of these methods together, with both the Kandarin and the Varrock Elite Dairy and getting 15 herb Boxes each day, you can effectively make 10 500 000 a month. As for the other methods, I have a table on the screen below, which shows the monthly output from each of the methods I spoke about. If you want to see how much you can make per month, you can have a look at this and add up the ones that apply to you.

Notable Daily – Ironmen

A daily method that I think is very worth mentioning for Ironmen is the Morytania Diary perk. For the Diaries above and including Medium, you can take any type of Bone to Robin in exchange for that type of Bonemeal, and Buckets of Slime. So, that is basically free Prayer XP every day.

Tears of Guthix Minigame

In terms of other events you should be doing on your account, the Tears of Guthix Minigame is a great way to train a skill you just do not like doing, and that gives you XP based on how many Tears you get. This Minigame can be done every week, and a weird little fact is that you need to gain at least 100 000 total XP or 1 Quest Point in that week in order to take part in the Minigame. I am pretty sure that is another way to stop the bots.

I hope you learned something interesting today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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