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The function keys, or the F-keys, are pretty much vital in RuneScape for bossing and pking. And to set those up, you go to the settings icon and then go to the top right joystick, click on the functions options. And this lets you change the hotkeys to any F-key that you want. And using them really, really helps with bossing. It means you can do a lot more in a shorter amount of time.


With certain foods, it’s possible to eat up to 3 things in the same game tick. One of the most commonly used combos is a shark, then a brew, and then a karambwan. The brew can be replaced with any potion. So it means you can eat a shark and then something like a prayer potion, and then a karambwan, all in the same game tick. For free-to-play players you can actually eat a pizza and something like a swordfish in a very quick time. But it’s not on the same game tick, there’s just a slower eating time for pizzas.


Another tip is to use the minigame teleport which actually have their own timer for when you can use them. And that timer is every 30 minutes. It doesn’t actually link to the home teleport timer. So you can use both a home teleport, and a minigame teleport, in the same 30 minutes. The most useful minigame teleports are the nightmare zone one, which takes you obviously to the minigame. And also it takes you to Yanille, which is kind of hard for lower level players to get too. But you do need to at least have unlocked the nightmare zone to use that teleport. The castle wars teleport is really good for ironmen for going to the absolute other side of RuneScape without needing a dueling ring. Also the Pest Control teleport is a great way to get to places like Kourend, or to the charter ships, because you can literally just take the boat right off Pest Control and you are literally right next to the Kourend guy, and the charter ship.


Jugs of wine are actually probably one of the cheapest food sources in the game. They cost 3 coins each and they actually heal 11 hitpoints per wine. Of course they can be a little bit of annoying since you get a jug once you drink it. But the cost of them, make it worth the extra hassle of having to drop them. One thing you need to keep in mind though, is that wines actually lower your attack level. So, they can’t really used if you’re melee training. But they are really good for range training, magic training, the Wintertodt minigame, agility, and just generally places where you need to heal. Like during a quest or something like that.


A small tip that I’m adding into this video is the fact that you can use the spacebar and numbers on your keyboard to get through certain chat options. You can press one, two, three, four, all the buttons, for each option going down the chatbox. And the spacebar instead of the click to continue button.


The Ava’s accumulator or the Ava’s attractor, you might notice that it randomly gets steel items, or random other shit popping up in your inventory when you’re wearing it. You can actually toggle this option on and off by right clicking and clicking the commune option. I guess it could be okay  for ironman since it gives steel bars and kind of other useful items. But most of the time it’s really annoying and I turn it off.


If you have a bank pin, this one might be really helpful for you. If you talk to a banker and ask about your PIN options, there is actually an option for you to turn off having to put in your bank pin every time you hop worlds. Or log out for a minute or two. The maximum time you can put on it is five minutes though, so you can’t go afk for ages and then come back and not have to put a PIN in. But it really helps if you’re world hopping.


With the quick prayers, you can actually use it as a way to prayer flick with more than one prayer at a time. So let’s say you only have 40 prayer or something, and that means you can’t use piety so you can’t have all the combos in one prayer. So instead you have an attack prayer, a strength prayer, and a defense prayer. You activate them on your quick prayers and you can use them all at the same time, while you’re prayer flicking. Also you can flick your protection prayers and your defensive prayers at the same time. Which can come in kind of handy for things maybe like dagannoth kings where there might be more than one thing attacking you, or random other places.

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The clan wars white portal is a great alternative if you don’t have a restoration pool in your house. Going in, and then out of the portal, restores your hitpoints, prayer points, stats, and also removes your skull. So if you accidentally get skulled or something, you can go there and it removes it. But one downside, is that it doesn’t give you any special attack back.

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