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TIP #64

Zero Magic Defence Monsters

An extremely useful piece of information can be found from the combat formulas thread on the official Runescape forum. If we scroll all the way down until magic defense roll, we come across some really important info. So it says here: “This only applies to players; NPC magic defense is 100% based on the magic level and bonus.” So right now I’m on the wiki page of one of the barrows brothers, Dharok, and if we scrolled down to his stats that are shown, you can see that his defense level is 100, his magic level is 1, and his defensive stats in magic are -11. Any monster in oldschool runescape that has a magic level of 1 and a magic defense bonus of under 1 means, you don’t need any magic gear or any magic bonus in order to be accurate against the monster. Well two monsters that are commonly bursted for slayer xp, actually also have 1 magic and 0 magic defense. So this means instead of using full magic gear, you should be using full proselyte whenever you’re bursting these monsters. There’s going to be no changes to your max hit or to your accuracy. Of course if you have ancestral, that extra damage % boost is better. But things like ahrims, mystic, and infinity don’t have this.

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