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TIP #58

Useful Wilderness Teleport Tablets

The last thing I’d like to show you guys in this video, is the use of these two ancient tablets. You do require Desert Treasure to be able to use these teleport tablets, but once you’ve done them, these two come in really handy. A quick side tip before I continue, every single time that you’re going to the wilderness for PvM or to do a clue scroll, always make sure you check your player attack options and set them either to hidden or to right-click only. Firstly the Carrallangar teleport takes you really really close to green dragons. If you run directly north from where it takes you, you can kill dragons just above level 20 wilderness, meaning you can use dragonstone jewelry to teleport out of there at anytime. The ghorrock teleport has become a lot more useful now because with the burning amulet, the lava maze teleport has become a pk hotspot. If you want to avoid pkers when you’re going to the King Black Dragon or the Chaos Fanatic, use a Ghorrock teleport and you’ll completely avoid the pk hotspot.

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