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TIP #4

Use Minigame Teleports

Another tip is to use the minigame teleport which actually have their own timer for when you can use them. And that timer is every 30 minutes. It doesn’t actually link to the home teleport timer. So you can use both a home teleport, and a minigame teleport, in the same 30 minutes. The most useful minigame teleports are the nightmare zone one, which takes you obviously to the minigame. And also it takes you to Yanille, which is kind of hard for lower level players to get too. But you do need to at least have unlocked the nightmare zone to use that teleport. The castle wars teleport is really good for ironmen for going to the absolute other side of RuneScape without needing a dueling ring. Also the Pest Control teleport is a great way to get to places like Kourend, or to the charter ships, because you can literally just take the boat right off Pest Control and you are literally right next to the Kourend guy, and the charter ship.

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