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TIP #76

Use Fast Weapons At Pest Control

So last year there was a pretty big update to Pest Control and what they changed was how it determines if you’ve done your part in the minigame. Back then you had to get a certain amount of damage done, but now you have to keep this activity bar above 0% and if it hits 0, then you can’t get points for that whole game. Your activity bar goes up based on a few things in the minigame, but the main thing is, you gain about 2% every time you deal damage to a pest and you gain a lot of percents if you attack the portal. In saying that, the best weapon to take with you to Pest Control, is something that attacks really fast. Your damage doesn’t actually affect the activity bar. All that matters is how often you hit. So with a faster weapon, your bar with go up a lot quicker.

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