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TIP #14

Suiciding In Bosses

The next tip that I have for you guys is that you should be suiciding in bosses where you think you will need more food than what you already have. Keep in mind that this won’t work at things like god wars because you need to get kill count to go in and things like that. But since the timer for items on the ground when you die is 60 minutes, you’re able to go into a boss with a full inventory of food and then purposely die and your whole invent will drop on the ground. And with that, you can go kill the boss with a fresh invent and all your gear. And then once you’re killing it, you can pick up that food off the ground and stay a lot longer than you normally would. This method is specifically really good at the King Black Dragon and also at the Corporeal Beast. One, because the King Black Dragon, you have to run through the wilderness to get there each inventory. So if you go there with no items except for food and you drop that a few times in the room. And then you go once with all your items into the room. It means you can stay there like four times as long, but you only need to risk your items once as you go in there. Only once with a normal setup. With the Corporeal Beast it’s really good because you can literally teleport straight there with a game’s necklace, and keep doing that. And since when you leave the Corporeal Beast cave that it resets its health, this really helps and really negates the possibility of running out of food and having to teleport out and having to restart the kill.

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