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TIP #22

Strawberries Are Useful Food

Now one of the best food items that you can have in your inventory, are strawberries. Well baskets of strawberries. And the reason for that is a basket in taking up one inventory slot, can heal you for 30 health because one strawberry heals six. Now that actually comes in very handy with things like slayer, or even bossing. Obviously not on bosses that can hit a lot. Because baskets of strawberries are only about 700 coins for a 30 health heal. So that is way cheaper than sharks, anglerfish, sara brews and restores. The beauty of it, you can right-click and remove-one while you’re in combat as well and you can just eat them as you go. And if you have a full inventory of strawberries, think of how many times you can just keep removing one.

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