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TIP #67

Slayer Ring Quick Miniquest

If you have a slayer ring and you’ve completed the haunted mine quest, you can use the ring to teleport to Tarn’s lair. And in the final room of it, you can fight Tarn, in order to get a book that enchants your salve amulets. I’m not going to show you guys exactly how to get it, but it revolves around the miniquest the “Lair of Tarn Razorlor.” I’ll let you guys look up how to do the quest and work that out for yourself. But the reason why it’s in this tips and tricks video is because if you have a slayer ring, this miniquest can be done literally in about 5 minutes instead of half an hour. Also for completing the miniquest, you get 5000 slayer xp, so that’s a massive boost as well. Once you unlock the enchanted salve amulet, it gives 20% attack and strength boosts against undead monsters. The slayer helmet gives 16.667%, making the salve amulet better, if it’s enchanted. This doesn’t stack with the slayer helmet, and you should be using the salve amulet (e) over the slayer helmet against undead slayer tasks.

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