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TIP #80

RuneScape Maths Rounds Down

This next one’s a little bit complicated but I’ll do my best to explain it to you guys. Almost all of the mathematics underlying Runescape, always rounds down. Like for example, I’m not level 89 combat, I’m still level 88 combat even though if that was rounded, I’d be 89. Well here’s something fairly cool about potions. I’m going to use the strength potions as an example. So the strength potion gives me a 10% strength level boost + 3. So that 10% is obviously gonna come from my strength level. And you’ll see if I have the strength potion it’s going to go to level 84, because 10% of 74 is 7.4 and rounded down, that’s 7. Bazinga. But what we can get out of this is even if your level 79 or 89 or something 9 in a combat skill, it’s still going to round down, with the potion. If one of your combat skills is sitting on something 8 or something 9, then it’s really worth going out of your way to get that extra level, to get that extra level boost from the potion.

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