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TIP #20

Right-click Options

The last tip, is that there are a lot of new right-click options in Oldschool RuneScape. Firstly, you can right-click the NPC Contact spell and then underneath there, it tells you the most recent person you have contacted and you can click that without having to go into the interface and find the person. It saves a lot of time. The next right-click option I’m going to talk about is the player owned house portal, can right-click it, and you can click home, building mode, friends, and that makes it a lot easier for when you’re training construction or just doing up your house. If you set your spawn point to outside your house, you teleport to your house, and then all you have to do is right-click, and go to building mode. And that actually saves time instead of teleporting in your house, and then turning on building mode. You actually save quite a few seconds by doing that. And the last one, is that you can right-click fairy rings to go to your previous location and that comes in handy for doing things like the Abyssal Sire. You can constantly keep going back to the abyssal realm, without having to look through it in the list or having to put in the code every single time you use the fairy ring.

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