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TIP #52

Making Tiaras For Runecrafting XP

So I’m logged in on my pure right now and you can see that I haven’t started Rune Mysteries, meaning I can’t runecraft since that’s the reward from the quest. I hidden element of runecrafting, is making tiaras. And I have level 1 runecrafting on my pure and cosmic runes require 27 runecrafting to make. But if I make my way to the cosmic altar, I can go ahead and turn these intro cosmic tiaras and I get runecrafting experience faster than what I would get at the air altar and I haven’t started Rune Mysteries. This works at any altar with any tiara. All of the tiaras give you the same amount of runecrafting xp. So if you wanted to train with this at a lower level, so you should always find the cheapest talisman possible.

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