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TIP #47

Easy Prayer Flicking

A few weeks ago, Woox completed the inferno without any supplies. And as you all probably know, he is a master of 1-tick prayer flicking. So I’m going to show you guys an easy way to learn how to 1-tick prayer flick. Now 1 game tick is 0.6 seconds which translates to 100 game ticks per minute. So in order for your prayer to be active during that game tick, all you need to do is have it on for just a split second during that game tick. A good way to learn is to get a 100 beat per minute metronome, and time your clicks in between each beat of the metronome. 1-tick prayer flicking saves tons of money in the long run, especially while you’re doing slayer and it allows you to pull of crazy stunts like Woox did without any prayer potions in the Inferno.

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