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TIP #28

Change Ironman Status

Now if you’re thinking of starting an ironman and don’t really know what which type of ironman to choose. There’s a few things that you can do to kind of try them out. If you want to try out being an Ultimate Iron Man, but later down the track don’t feel so motivated to be ultimate, you can actually change your iron man status from ultimate to regular ironman. As long as you don’t set your status to permanent. Also if you just want to start a normal ironman, not an ultimate ironman. It’s always a good idea to choose the hardcore ironman option, because it’s no different to normal ironman. Which is always worth the shot to see how long you can actually last as a hardcore ironman before dying. It’s worth noting that it does take 7 days to go from ultimate to ironman or ironman to regular account. But if you get pretty far as an ultimate ironman and you don’t really want to keep going as an ultimate, it really is worth the 7 day wait.

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