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TIP #53

Ava's Equipment Differences

Now I’d like to explain to you guys, how the Ava’s attractor, accumulator, and assembler actually work. Ava’s attractor and accumulator give the same effect, but have different attack bonuses. So the accumulator gives a higher ranged attack. Now both of these devices have a 72% chance to recover your ammo. Then there's an 8% chance that it won’t recover it and it will drop to the ground. And the remaining 20% chance is the arrow breaking. And these are the same for bronze arrows all the way to rune, or even amethyst. The ava’s assembler which you can wear after Dragon Slayer II, has no chance of the arrow dropping to the ground, and instead it has an 80% recovery and a 20% break rate. So the assembler is actually better for training range with to save a tiny bit more money.

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