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TIP #24

Ammo Auto-equip Toggle

The next tip of this video, is you can actually talk to these tutors here, the magic and the ranged one. “Can you toggle my ammo to equip when I pick it up.” So what that means, if I attack someone and I pick up the ammo, it goes straight into my ammo slot. So that is so useful for pures that don’t have ava’s accumulator while they’re pking. Or even for anyone while they’re training. The magic tutor isn’t as handy for lower level players. But if you pick up runes while you have a rune pouch in your inventory, the runes will go straight to that rune pouch if that same type of rune, is in the rune pouch. I’d imagine that to be very very handy for things like nechryael tasks which drop a lot of death runes and blood runes, which you use to use blood burst and blood barrage.

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