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TIP #69

1 Tick Fletching Dragon Javelins

My next tip is for fletching dragon javelins. Now most of the time that I’ve trained fletching with dragon javelins I’ve either broken even or I’ve lost a tiny little bit of money. In saying that, regular dragon javelins you can get about 700k xp per hour but I accidently worked out the other day that you can 1-tick dragon javelins like you can train with darts. But instead of just spam clicking, what you have to do is hold down the spacebar and click on the javelin shaft and dragon javelin head every game tick. And that will make a set of javelins every single game tick. This boosted the xp per hour I was getting from 700k, all the way above 1.1m xp per hour. So for those who want a cheap 99, that’s really quick, try out dragon javelins at 92 fletching.

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