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What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix, and welcome to my updated level 1 to 99 thieving guide. GUIDE CONTENTS WHY TRAIN THIEVING  USEFUL UNLOCKS  YOUR PATH TO 99  FASTEST PATHWAY TO 99  ALTERNATIVE METHODS  PROFITABLE METHODS  In this guide, I'll teach you everything you need to know to train your thieving in old school. I'll start with some basics, then I'll show the fastest pathway to 99, along with some alternative methods. Let's get into it. If you'd prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide. Why Train Thieving So why should you train your thieving? Leveling your thieving is essential for progressing your account. A range of quests have a thieving level requirement. Some important ones include The Legends Quest, Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness 2, and Dragonslayer 2. You need level 64 thieving to get the Quest Cape, and level 91 for the Achievement Diary Cape. At high thieving levels, you unlock some of the best-skilling money makers in the game, like pickpocketing elves for up to 3 mil per hour. Overall, thieving is a fast and profitable 99, taking around 60 hours if you follow the fastest pathway that I'm showing. Useful Unlocks On your journey to 99 thieving, there's a range of useful unlocks that you should be taking advantage of. The Ardy Diaries increase your success rate when pickpocketing, which overall increases your XP rate. The Medium Diary gives a 10% boost within Ardy, and the Hard Diary extends this boost to everywhere in RuneScape. With level 54 Hunter, you can wear Gloves of Silence, and these increase your pickpocketing success rate by 5%. This effect does not stack with the Ardy Diary though, so you should only use the gloves if you don't have the diary completed. Dodgy Necklaces are another essential when it comes to pickpocketing. When worn, the necklace gives a 25% chance to avoid getting stunned when you fail to pickpocket, and this greatly increases your XP rates. While pickpocketing, it's strongly recommended to use the Shadow Veil spell found on the Arceuus Spellbook. While active, it gives a 15% chance to avoid getting stunned, stacking with the Dodgy Necklace. To get the most out of thieving, players should obtain the Rogues Outfit from the Rogues Den minigame. Wearing the outfit gives you a chance of getting double loot when pickpocketing, and the full set guarantees double loot. 
 Your Path to 99 So on your path to 99 thieving, you should follow the fastest pathway, while doing some of the alternative methods to switch up your training. Fastest Pathway to 99 The fastest pathway requires a lot of focus, so that's why I suggest doing Ardy Knights and other profitable methods alongside the fastest pathway. Questing is an efficient way to get your early thieving levels. There are 26 quests in OSRS that give thieving XP as a reward. Low-leveled players can get from level 1 to 20 easily by completing Biohazard, Hazeel Cult and Fight Arena. These quests have little to no requirements. Without questing, from level 1, you'll start off by pickpocketing men or women. This can be done in many cities around RuneScape. Some easily accessible ones can be found wandering around Lumbridge. You'll need to successfully pickpocket 49 times to reach level 5, which should take around 10 minutes. With pickpocketing, you should take advantage of the Menu Entry Swapper plugin on RuneLite. With it active, if you hold shift and then right click an NPC, you can set the left click option to pickpocket. At level 5, the best experience comes from bakery stalls at the Arty Market, and this is located in the far eastern region of Arty. You should stand underneath the baker to avoid getting caught, and to get from level 5 to 25, it's going to take around 30 minutes. From level 25, fruit stalls in the Hosidius House give the best XP per hour, until 45. These stalls require 15% Hosidius House favour to steal from. It's recommended to steal in the house to the far east of the Hosidius House. Here, there are two stalls to steal from, and if you train by stealing from one stall, you can reach up to 35k XP per hour. If you run between the two stalls, dropping fruits as you go, you can get over 40k XP per hour if you're focused. Overall, it's going to take 1 and a half to 2 hours to get to level 45. If you reach level 43, and you haven't completed the Feud quest yet, you should complete it. Doing the Feud gives enough experience to go from 43 to 45, and the quest is required for the next training method, which is unlocked at level 45. Levels 45 to 91 will be done blackjacking in Pollnivneach. A fast way there is to use a redirected house teleport tablet, or alternatively, you can go through the shanty pass and take the carpet. To blackjack, you need a blackjack of some sort, and the type does not matter. You get one after completing the Feud quest, so you can just use that. You should bring noted food with you, along with coins to un-note them at the exchange merchant. Alternatively, you can just bring coins to purchase wines from the bar nearby, instead of bringing your own food. But if you do bring your food, I would suggest bringing food that leaves an item behind in your inventory, like pies or stews. It's useful to have a full inventory while blackjacking so that you don't accidentally pickpocket the thug while they're not stunned. The game stops you because you can't receive the coin pouch with a full inventory. While training, you should trap a bandit in a house so it doesn't move. If you right-click a bandit, you can lure them over to you, and then you can close the door behind them to trap them in. If you fail to knock out the thug, it starts attacking you. But if you switch to another weapon and try to knock out the thug again, it takes you out of combat, so I suggest bringing another weapon with you to do that. You can also lure a thug to a room with a ladder, and go up and down the ladder if it starts attacking you. The process of blackjacking is to firstly knock out the bandit, then you pickpocket them twice while they're knocked out, and then you repeat that process, pickpocketing twice each time. So, from level 45 to 55, you can begin blackjacking bearded bandits in Pollnivneach. These bandits are found in the northern region of the town, and I recommend luring them into one of these houses. Here, you'll get around 100k XP per hour, and going from 45 to 55 will take about 1 hour. At 55 thieving, you unlock the non-bearded bandits, also located in the northern region of Pollnivneach. You can use the same houses that I just showed to trap them, and these give around 140k XP per hour, and will take around 2 hours for 65. At level 65, you unlock Menaphite thugs, located in the southwest region of Pollnivneach. I recommend luring and trapping the thugs in one of these houses. The blackjacking process is the same again with these, and your XP rates will range from 200k to 250k per hour on your journey to level 91, and 91 is going to take 25 hours from 65. From level 91, the fastest XP possible is obtained from playing the Pyramid Plunder minigame. For Pyramid Plunder, you need to have started the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest to access Sophonim, or you can use a Pharaoh Scepter teleport to bypass that. To get started with Pyramid Plunder, you firstly need to speak to Tarik between the two pyramids. 
 To start a game, you then need to find the Guardian Mummy in one of the entrances to the Northern Pyramid, or alternatively, a Pharaoh Scepter teleports you straight there. You then begin a Pyramid Plunder game by talking to the Mummy, and once you're inside, there's 8 rooms, each with a Thieving level requirement. At level 91, the strategy is to loot everything in the final room, and as much as possible in the second last room. 
 This means you'll be skipping the first 6 rooms, except for looting the Golden Chests in each. This gets you 270k XP per hour, and going from 91 to 99 is going to take 26 hours. So that was the fastest pathway, which in total takes around 60 hours to get to 99. 
 Alternative Methods Blackjacking is highly click intensive, so there's some alternative methods that I suggest doing to switch up your training. At level 49, and with 75% Piscarilius House favour, you can start stealing artifacts in the Piscarilius House. Stealing artifacts is faster than blackjacking up until level 65, but only if you're efficient. Beginners with this method are likely to get slower XP rates, but if you're looking to change up your training, it's worth a try. The method involves firstly speaking to Captain Kaled to get a task, then you steal the artifact from the houses to the west. You then need to evade the patrolling guards and return back to Captain Kaled. You can get up to 150k XP per hour at 49, scaling up to 185k at level 65. At level 55 thieving, you unlock Ardy knights, which require less attention when compared to the other training methods. With Ardy knights, you can take advantage of dodgy necklaces and the shadow veil spell, and it's strongly recommended to have the Ardy diaries completed. To find an Ardy knight to thieve, you can join a friends chat like Thieving Host or Splash Worlds. These clans have someone splashing the knight at the bank, so you can thieve conveniently. When you join their friends chat, you just look at the list of players to see what world they're mainly on, and that will be the world with a splasher. Overall, I strongly suggest doing at least some of your thieving training at Ardy knights. They're far more relaxed than the other methods, and don't require your full attention. Another alternative method worth mentioning is doing pyramid plunder from level 71. Pyramid plunder is slower than blackjacking, but it's still fast overall. The strategy is the same as before, where you loot all in the highest possible room, and then as much as you can in the second highest room. Profitable Methods Now let's look at the profitable thieving methods, and these have decent XP rates as well, so they can be done to switch up your training. At level 38, you can start pickpocketing master farmers. They give a range of seeds as loot, with some high value herb seeds being the biggest profit At level 38, you fail to pickpocket the farmer a lot of the time, so I don't suggest going at level 38. The master farmer really becomes profitable at level 94 thieving, where with the hard arty diary completed, you'll never fail to pickpocket. With level 82 thieving, and completion of the sins of the father quest, you can start pickpocketing vyars. These have a 1 in 5000 chance of giving a blood shard when thieved. This drop is doubled with the full rogues outfit, so the outfit is almost essential for this method. At 85 thieving, and with completion of song of the elves, you can pickpocket elves. There's a 1 in 1024 chance of getting an enhanced crystal teleport seed, and once again, that's doubled with the rogues outfit. The XP rates at elves are slower than vyars, because you fail a lot more. Guide Recap Anyways, that's my complete level 1-99 thieving guide.

Complete 1-99 Thieving Guide for OSRS



What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and welcome to my updated level 1-99 Slayer Guide. In this guide, I'll show you everything you need to know to train your Slayer level in Old School. GUIDE CONTENTS Why Train Slayer  How Slayer Works  Slayer Masters  Slayer Points  Useful Unlocks  Armour & Weapons  Training Styles  Low Level Training  Fastest Experience  Profitable Slayer  AFK Slayer  Most Slayer Points  Slayer Tips & Tricks  Ironman Tips  If you'd prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide. Why Train Slayer So why should you train your Slayer? Slayer unlocks monsters that you can't normally kill, with some being the most profitable monsters in the game. Some of the Slayer bosses bring in millions, the most profitable being the Alchemical Hydra which nets close to 4 mil/hour. Overall, on your journey to 99 Slayer, you can make a lot of money depending on your playstyle. Ironmen also get a lot of benefits out of Slayer. The skill unlocks unique drops like the Abyssal Whip, the Trident, the Occult Necklace and more. For Ironmen to be raids-ready, they need to train their Slayer for these upgrades. Another reason to train Slayer is you level your combat stats as you go. Leveling to 99 Slayer gets you close to 99 in all of the combat stats. It's efficient combat experience, because your XP per hour is boosted by the effects of the Black Mask or the Slayer Helmet, which give a damage and accuracy boost on Slayer tasks. 
 10 quests in Old School have a Slayer level requirement. Some important ones include Desert Treasure 1, Animal Magnetism, The Fremennik Exiles and Monkey Madness 2. You need level 69 Slayer to get the Quest Cape, and you need level 95 Slayer for the Achievement Diary Cape. How Slayer Works Now let's get into the basics of the Slayer skill. By speaking to one of the 9 Slayer Masters in Old School, you're assigned a Slayer task. The task consists of a specific monster, and the quantity of that monster that you need to kill. Each Slayer Master assigns monsters from their own task list, and higher level Slayer Masters give harder and longer tasks. For every monster that you kill on your Slayer task, you're rewarded with Slayer experience equal to the total hit points of the monster. Some Slayer monsters require items to be able to kill them. Dust Devils for example require a face mask, otherwise your stats get drained. These Slayer items can be bought from any Slayer Master. When you complete your Slayer task, you gain a number of Slayer points depending on the Slayer Master. Slayer points give access to a wide range of Slayer-related rewards, and I'll talk more about Slayer points soon. Overall, Slayer is a skill that is significantly faster if you have high combat stats. It's extremely slow at a low combat level, so I would suggest starting Slayer at a minimum of 70 combat. However, I will be covering some low-level strategies in this guide. Slayer Masters Now I'm going to go over the Slayer Masters. There are 9 Slayer Masters in Old School. In Burthorpe there's Turael, who assigns short easy Slayer tasks. There are no requirements to use Turael, although he gives no Slayer points after completing a task. Spria is the most recently added Slayer Master, and she is Turael's daughter, located in Draenor Village. To be assigned a task from her, you need to have completed the Poresign of Interest quest. She assigns the same tasks as Turael, and also gives no points. Krystillia in Edgeville is the Wilderness Slayer Master. She has no requirements to use, apart from completing one regular Slayer task. She gives the most points out of any Master, although you have to complete her tasks in the Wilderness. 
 On her tasks, monsters drop Laran's Keys, which are worth over 170k on the Grand Exchange. In Canifis there's a Slayer Master named Mazchna. He requires level 20 combat to use, and assigns monsters mostly within Morytania. The tasks are great for low level accounts, although he gives very few Slayer points. Vannaka is the level 40 combat Slayer Master, and he resides in Edgeville Dungeon. He assigns some pretty difficult tasks for a level 40 account, including some Dragons tasks. At 70 combat, you can use Chaeldar in Zanaris. This means you need to complete the Lost City quest to access her. She assigns fairly efficient Slayer tasks, and gives a decent amount of points. A downside is that she assigns Iron Dragon tasks very commonly. At 75 combat, you can use Konar, who's in Mount Karuulm on Zeah. Konar assigns location-specific tasks, where you can only kill monsters in certain areas. On her tasks, you have a chance of getting a Brimstone Key, which you can use to open a chest near Konar for valuable loot. Nieve in the Treenome Stronghold is the level 85 Slayer Master. She is replaced with Steve after you complete Monkey Madness 2. Nieve assigns fast XP tasks, and is the closest Slayer Master to a teleport. The final Master is Duradel, located in Shiloh Village. To use his tasks, you need 100 combat and 50 Slayer. He assigns long, efficient tasks, and is the best Slayer Master to use for the fastest XP. 
 There's a neat update that Jagex introduced, where with 99 Slayer, you can access any Slayer Master regardless of the requirements. That means that Pures with low combat can access Duradel, Nieve and Konar at 99 Slayer. Slayer Points Now let's talk about Slayer Points. As I mentioned earlier, Slayer Points are rewarded for completing tasks. The Wilderness Slayer Master gives the most points, which is 25 per task, and Turael and Spria give 0 points. If you complete the Elite Kourend Diary, Konar rewards 2 more Slayer per task, and the Elite Western Provinces Diary boosts Nieve Slayer Points to match Duradel's. You don't get any Slayer Points for your first 4 tasks, but every 10 tasks you get a boosted amount of Slayer Points. You get 5 times the points every 10th task, 15 times every 50th, and it continues to 50 times for every 1000th. With these Slayer Points, you can spend them at any Slayer Master by right-clicking and selecting Rewards. There's 4 categories of rewards. There's Unlocks, where you can unlock new tasks, unlock Slayer items, or unlock utilities, like the Slayer Helmet. There's Extends, where you can increase the number of monsters assigned for certain tasks. 
 There's Buys, where you can trade Slayer Points for items, like Slayer Rings, Broad Bolts, and different Storage Bags. Lastly, there's Slayer Task Rewards, where you can block or skip a Slayer Task. The best unlock order for your Slayer Points comes down to your training style. In the Training Styles section, I'll talk more about point unlock order, but generally, this is the unlock order that most players go for. You firstly unlock Superior Slayer Monsters, and these give more XP. Then, you should spend points blocking tasks. Then, you unlock the Slayer Helmet. Useful Unlocks Next, I'd like to cover the useful unlocks that you should aim to have. There's a number of quests in Old School that unlock Slayer Tasks. For example, Horror from the Deep unlocks Dagonoth Tasks, Desert Treasure 1 unlocks Dust Devils, and starting Dragon Slayer 1 unlocks Dragons Tasks. There's a few other useful quests. Dwarf Cannon lets you use the multi-cannon, which greatly speeds up your tasks. Desert Treasure 1 unlocks the Ancient Spellbook, which is important for bursting, and partially completing Fairy Tale Part 2 lets you use Fairy Rings, which are almost essential. Levelling your crafting is also important for Slayer. With 54 Crafting and 400 Slayer Points, you can learn to craft Slayer Helmets, which combines multiple Slayer equipment into one helmet. With 75 Crafting and 300 Slayer Points, you can learn to craft Slayer Rings, which are vital for getting to Slayer locations the fastest. On top of these unlocks, you should also get Expeditious Bracelets and Bracelets of Slaughter. Expeditious Bracelets shorten your Slayer Task, whereas Bracelets of Slaughter extend your task. These are a must if you want the best XP rates. Iron Men should make these bracelets themselves, and you need 38 Crafting and 49 Magic to make them. It's also very useful to have an upgraded player-owned house. A house with teleports, a jewellery box, a fairy ring, restoration pool and an occult altar would be very beneficial. Armour & Weapons Next I'm going to talk about which armour and weapons you should use. With Slayer, it's recommended to mainly melee your tasks, while you use a cannon, and burst on the burstable tasks. Melee is the most popular main style, due to its low cost, although ranged is another fairly popular option. Magic is not recommended as your main combat style, and it should only be used when bursting. Now let's talk about melee combat. The best in slot for melee is the Fang, which is only 30mil right now. The Rapier, Inquisitor's Mace and Blade of Seldor are all second best in slot, and a cheaper option to use is a regular whip, which costs 1.7mil right now. As with melee armour, it's important to have the Dragon Defender unlocked. A Black Mask or a Slayer Helmet is also essential for Slayer training. The best in slot melee gear is Torva, although you can get away with a Fighter Torso and Obsidian Plate Legs as a far cheaper option. On some Slayer tasks, you'll want to wear magic defensive gear. Masori is the best in slot, but Dragonhide does the trick. Don't use Armadyl, because it gives a negative melee attack bonus. When slaying, for a lot of tasks, you'll want to use Protection Prayers. After the Slug Menace quest, you can use Proselyte, which gives the highest prayer bonus. Monk Robes are second best, and they give the same bonus as Initiate and God Vestment Robes. With ranged, if you cannon as many tasks as possible from level 1 to 99 Slayer, you'll get over 90 ranged. This assumes you're using melee as your main combat style. But if you do choose to use ranged as your main style, a Bofa, a Blowpipe or a Magic Shortbow are the best. As with ranged armour, these are the best options to use. Masori is best in slot, although Black Dehide is a cost-effective option. You should always use an imbued Black Mask or an imbued Slayer Helmet if you're ranging. The imbue gives damage and accuracy boosts to ranged, and it can be imbued at the Nightmare Zone, Soul Wars or the PvP Arena. For magic, you'll need a set up for bursting. For a weapon, you should bring at least an Ancient Staff to autocast Ancient Magics. The Kodai Wand is the best in slot, currently costing 83 mil. For mage armour, Ancestral is the best in slot, and God Vestment Robes are a good option because of their prayer bonus. You should have an imbued Black Mask or imbued Slayer Helmet as well, plus always bring an Occult Necklace. Training Styles Now let's get into the training styles. There's 5 training styles that I'm going to cover. Low Level Training, The Fastest Experience, Profitable Slayer, AFK Slayer and Getting the Most Slayer Points. Low Level Training Upon speaking to a Slayer Master and retrieving your first Slayer Task, you'll receive an Enchanted Gem. This lets you check your current task, and how many you have left. At level 1 Slayer, I suggest completing the Varok Museum Quiz to get straight to level 9. Then you can complete the Porcine of Interest quest to get to level 13, plus you get 30 Slayer Points as a reward. At a low combat level, I recommend using the Canifis Slayer Master, since all of his tasks are close by to him. Vanakka can be used at 40 combat, but he assigns Dragons and harder tasks, so I don't recommend him at level 40. If you're starting Slayer at a high combat level, then you can start with Slayer Masters like Chaeldar or Nieve for decent XP rates. Fastest Experience For the Fastest Slayer Experience in Old School, you'll be extending burstable tasks with Slayer Points and the Bracelet of Slaughter. Then you'll be using the Expeditious Bracelet and a cannon on tasks that aren't burstable. Then you'll skip and block the absolute slowest tasks, regardless of how profitable they are. Duradel is the best master to use for the fastest experience. And next is Nieve or Steve. You should not use Konar if you're going for the fastest XP. These are the tasks that you should skip. All of these tasks are not cannonable and slow. In terms of tasks you should block, it depends on the task weightings, which means how often they get assigned. On the screen, I have the suggested blocks for Duradel and Nieve, taking into account their task weightings. With your Slayer Points, this is the unlock order that you should use. You should always start with Bigger and Badder for the extra Slayer XP, then block tasks, extend Dust Devils and Necroyals, then unlock the Slayer Helmet and Slayer Rings. As I mentioned, you should always be using the Bracelet of Slaughter on burstable tasks, and you should always use the Expeditious Bracelet on any other task that you do. Profitable Slayer Now for the most profitable Slayer training. For this, you won't be bursting or using a cannon, and you'll be blocking and skipping tasks that don't make money, even if they're really fast XP. The best Slayer Masters to use for money are Konar and Crystillia, although you can make good money from Duradel and Nieve as well. As I mentioned earlier, you get Brimstone Keys on Konar's Slayer tasks, and each key averages 86k in loot. Krystilia is the Wilderness Master, and her tasks drop Larence Keys. There are a number of tasks you should unlock to make more profit, some of them require quests, and others can be unlocked with Slayer Points. These are the tasks you should skip if you're going for the most profit. Despite Dagonoths and Kalphites being decent experience, they don't drop anything valuable. As with blocks, once again, it depends on the Slayer Master. And on the screen, I have the blocks for Konar, Duradel and Nieve. If you want, you can take a screenshot to save it. 
 With your Slayer Points, you should start with Bigger and Badder, then Block Tasks, then you unlock Aviances and Lizardmen, and then unlock the Slayer Helmet and Slayer Rings. AFK Slayer Now for AFK Slayer. To AFK, you'll be fighting aggressive monsters, monsters that you can stack in multi, and you'll be using a cannon. Aggressive monsters in old school stay aggressive for 10-20 minutes, depending on the monster. This lets you sit AFK until they stop attacking you. In multi-combat areas, you can attack multiple enemies at once, and then AFK and you'll kill them one by one. Using a cannon, you can AFK for 5 minutes at a time, or up to 10 minutes with the combat achievements. To AFK the longest, you can use either Guthans or a prayer bonus setup. Wearing Full Proselyte with Protect from Melee active lasts 10 minutes, for 70 prayer points. On tasks that you can AFK for a long time, you should be using Bracelets of Slaughter to extend them. On tasks that aren't very AFK, you should use Expeditious Bracelets. As with skipping tasks for AFK experience, you'll want to skip Dragons tasks, as well as other non-AFK tasks, regardless of their XP rate and how profitable they are. You'll block non-AFK tasks that have the highest task weighting. These are the blocklists for Duradel and Nieve for AFK Slayer training. With your Slayer points, you should start with unlocking Gargoyle Smasher, then Shroom Sprayer. These reduce the amount of clicking required to kill Gargoyles and Zygomites. Then block tasks, unlock the Slayer Helmet, Slayer Rings, then Bigger and Badder. Most Slayer Points Now, to get the most Slayer points in Old School, there's 2 different methods. You can use either the Wilderness Slayer Master, or you can boost with Konar. Wilderness Slayer is up to 250 points per hour. For the fastest points, you can take a Cannon with you into the Wilderness, but I advise taking as little as 300 Cannonballs. You can also burst some Slayer tasks in the Wilderness Slayer Caves, although it's very dangerous to do. For Wilderness Slayer, some players choose not to skip or block any tasks, but on the screen are some suggestions of tasks you might consider skipping. It's up to you which tasks you want to block out of these. With your Slayer points, you should firstly unlock the I Wildy More Slayer reward, which is free, then Bigger and Badder, then the Slayer Helmet. Next is Konar boosting, and this involves doing 9 tasks at Turael in Berthorpe, then completing the 10th task milestone at Konar. With the right teleports, boosting is pretty effortless, and you can get up to 200 Slayer points per hour. In the description, I've linked a Konar boosting guide with all of the information that you'll need. Slayer Tips & Tricks Now, I'm going to show some Slayer tips and tricks that will greatly improve your training. If you get a Slayer task from a Slayer Master and it's too difficult, you can go to Turael and get an easier task at the expense of resetting your task streak. You start getting points from the 5th task in your task streak, so it's recommended to use Turael for the first 4 tasks. There are certain monsters you should be careful running past, particularly in the Morytania Slayer Tower. If you don't wear the right items, your stats get drained very quickly. There's a number of alternative monsters that you can kill that provide better XP rates or profit on certain Slayer tasks. On the screen are some of them. Reanimating ensouled Heads is a notable one, where you can train Prayer while you complete your Slayer task. It's very beneficial to learn how to Prayer Flick. You can Prayer Flick Protection Prayers or you can Prayer Flick Offensive Prayers as well. When you're using a cannon in a single way combat area, it acts as if it's multi-combat if you're in a safe spot. This is very useful in Nieve's Cave. If you get assigned a Jad Slayer task, you can skip it for free by entering and exiting the Fight Caves. You can complete some Slayer tasks in the Nightmare Zone. You can complete Black Demons, Hellhounds or Trolls. If you've completed Lunar Diplomacy and have 67 Magic, you can use NPC Contact to contact Slayer Masters. This means you can get a new task very quickly from anywhere. Ironman Tips Now for some Iron Man Slayer tips. As an Iron Man, you can follow the same training styles that I've shown earlier in the video. A key difference though is the use of a cannon. Cannoning is not efficient as an Iron Man, since cannonballs take a very long time to make. Making cannonballs is only worth it if you're solely looking for something to AFK and you have the mold from the Giant's Foundry. As an Iron Man, the Herb Sack is particularly useful with Slayer. You'll come across thousands of herbs on your journey to 99 Slayer, and it's best not to miss any. Conclusion Anyways, that's my updated level 1-99 Slayer guide for Old School. Thanks for reading.

Complete 1-99 Slayer Guide (OSRS)



What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix , and welcome to my updated level 1–99 Hunter Guide for OSRS . Guide Contents Methods Overview Fastest Pathway Alternative Methods Birdhouse Runs Hunter Rumours Ironman Hunter If you'd prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide. Methods Overview This is an overview of the hunting methods in this guide: The fastest pathway from 1 to 99 Hunter,  takes around 75 hours. This includes a range of training methods like hunting birds, salamanders, kebbits, and chinchompas. After the fastest pathway I’ll cover alternative training methods which have their own benefits, but are not the fastest Hunter XP. There are the new Tecu Salamanders, Red Chinchompas, Herbiboar, Aerial fishing, and Drift Net fishing. After the Alternative methods, I’m going to show the AFK methods, and as I mentioned, Pyre foxes are a new AFK Hunter method unlocked at level 51. Maniacal monkeys are great for AFK experience, but they do require Monkey Madness 2. Afterwards, I’ll cover Birdhouse runs, which are an efficient Hunter method if done quickly, then I’ll cover the new Hunter Rumours in Varlamore and then Ironman Hunter training. Over the years, Hunter has become less click-intensive with Runelite, and the addition of herbiboar, maniacal monkeys, and more. With this guide, I suggest following the fastest pathway. Fastest Pathway Now let's move into the fastest pathway, and I’m going to show these methods in order, going from level 1 to 99. These are all of the items you'll need for this pathway. You'll need different types of traps, some teleports, and some potions. Varrock Museum - 1-9 So to get started, make your way to Varrock, northeast to the museum. Head 1 level downstairs and speak to Orlando Smith to start the natural history quiz . Then, the idea is that you need to answer the questions correctly on all of the display cases on this floor. (Runelite highlights the correct answers by default) So you go around, clockwise or anti-clockwise, answering the questions for each display case. And once you've completed them all, you return to Orlando Smith and he rewards you with 1000 Hunter and Slayer experience, getting you straight to level 9 Hunter. Copper Longtails - 9-12 Next, you'll need a butterfly net, at least 3 Hunter potions, 2 bird snares,  at least  2 butterfly jars, 4 stamina potions, and a teleport to Piscatoris. The easiest way there is with a Piscatoris teleport scroll which you can buy off the Grand Exchange. Alternatively, there are some other ways to get there which I’m showing on the map. Make your way to this part of piscatoris, near the western fence of the falconry, and set up a bird's snare in the darker patch on the map. Next, you wait a little while, until a bird is lured over. And you check the trap, then reset it, and wait again. You'll repeat this until level 12, which is going to take 5 to 10 minutes. Copper + Ruby (boosted) - 12-20 At level 12 Hunter, you can boost with a Hunter potion to catch Ruby Harvest butterflies. These almost triple your XP rate if you catch them while you hunt birds. The best location to do this is in the area shown, and here, there are a number of birds near butterfly spawns. I suggest using Runelite to tag the butterflies with the NPC indicators plugin. You hold shift and right click a butterfly and select tag all. Then once you’re ready, set up a bird snare, then take a sip of a Hunter potion, and a sip of a stamina potion, then click the closest butterfly to catch it. Once caught, you can hold shift and click on the butterfly jar to release the butterfly, and that only works if you have shift drop enabled. Then, you continue clicking butterflies, and repeat. You'll want to keep an eye on your bird snare as well, and reset it as soon as it's ready. This is the fastest way to train Hunter from level 12 to 20 and will take under 30 minutes to get there. Moss Lizards - 20-27/39 At level 20, moss lizards give the fastest XP. These are caught within the Moons of Peril, so you need to complete the Perilous Moons  quest to hunt them. If you don’t have the stats for the quest, you should continue with Crimson Swift birds and Ruby Harvest butterflies until level 27. The Perilous Moons quest rewards you with a 5 thousand Hunter experience, which will get you from level 20 to 26 Hunter. So you really only have to do moss lizards from 26 to 27 Hunter to reach the next goal. However, moss lizards are actually on par with the next training methods until level 39. So you could continue with these until 39, but I'm including both pathways in this guide in case you don’t have the stats for Perilous moons. For moss lizards, you need just 1 rope, and stamina potions are handy, but if you’re an Ironman, there's a place to replenish run in the area. Make your way to perilous moons, so the fastest way there would be to teleport with a Calcified Moth. Alternatively, the Quetzal transport can take you to the entrance of Cam Torum, if you've built the landing site. Once you’re in Cam Torum, run all the way north to enter the Moons of Peril. When inside, take the northwestern pathway to enter the earthbound cavern, then follow your way around until you reach the moss lizards' hunter area. Once you’re here, you firstly set up the traps by clicking on each of the rocks. Then, you rustle the nearby bush to send off moss lizards into your traps.  For the next time you set up the traps, you should follow the 1, 3 then 2, 4 pattern. Catching these is the fastest experience from when you unlock them, although the combat requirement of the quest may be too tough for some accounts. So otherwise, you should just stick to the previous method, birds and butterflies until level 27. Eagles Peak Quest 27-29 At 27 Hunter you can complete the Eagles Peak  quest for 2.5k Hunter XP. This quest unlocks box trap hunting and is required for future methods on this pathway. It's a fairly short quest, and with the Hunter XP reward, you can go from level 27 to 29 which unlocks the next training method. I've linked slayermusiq's eagles peak quest guide  for you to enjoy. Swamp Lizards 29-39 At 29, you unlock swamp lizards in Morytania. For these, you need to have completed the Priest in Peril quest. That’s a quest that almost every account should complete, so if you haven't done it yet, its worth doing just for the swamp lizards' hunter method. So, to catch swamp lizards, you'll need at least 3 ropes and small fishing nets. And also bring a bit of food if you’re a low level. A fast way to swamp lizards is by teleporting to Canafis and running south east. Alternatively the ALQ fairy ring is close by and you run south west. At level 29 Hunter, you can use 2 traps at a time, and the best location to do 2 traps is this area here. This is the order you should follow: You first set up both traps, then wait until a trap is triggered by a lizard. If you successfully catch the lizard, you just click the trap to get your Hunter XP and the lizard. If you fail to catch it, you'll need to pick up your rope and net from the ground, then click to reset the trap. At level 37 Hunter, you can boost to use 3 traps at a time with Hunter potions. So you should do this from 37 to 39 Hunter. Embertailed Jerboa 39-43 Once you reach level 39, you can catch Embertailed Jerboa. To access them, you need to complete the Children of the Sun quest to enter Varlamore. It's a short and easy quest with low requirements. To catch Jerboa, you need to use box traps, which require the Eagle's Peak  quest. You can buy box traps off the Grand Exchange, or if you’re an Ironman, the Hunter shop in Yanille is easily accessible and sells them. So, to get started, bring at least 5 box traps, then make your way east of the Hunter guild. The fastest way there is with the AJP fairy ring, or you can also use a Varlamore teleport and then run south.  You should bring a few extra box traps in case you go AFK.  At level 39 you can only set up 2 traps at a time, but as soon as you reach level 40 you can set up 3. Without tick manipulation, you should turn off menu entry swapper to ensure that the "check" option on the box trap is the left click option. If you want more AFK experience, you can swap "check" with "reset", which checks your traps and sets up another one automatically, but at a slower rate. You can also use tick manipulation to set up box traps more quickly. At a low Hunter level though, you won't benefit as much from tick manipulation since your catch rate is slower. So, if you want to learn about 3ticking Hunter, I talk all about it in the black chinchompa's section. Falconry spotted kebbits 43-57 Once you reach level 43, you can partake in the falconry. For this, you'll just need at least 500 coins to be able to hire a falcon to use. The easiest way to the falconry is to use a piscatoris teleport scroll off the Grand Exchange and run south east. Alternatively you can use the AKQ fairy ring and run east. Once you're here, you firstly talk to Mattias near the entrance and ask if you can have a go with his bird. The idea of the falconry is you set your bird off to catch kebbits for you, and then you retrieve the bird to claim the Hunter experience.  If you focus and play actively, you can get decent XP rates here for such a low Hunter level. So you'll start with targeting the spotted kebbits at level 43, and this is the best area to stand in for the fastest experience. It's handy to use Runelite at the falconry so that you can tag the right kebbits. Falconry dark kebbits 57-60 At level 57, you'll continue at the falconry, but you'll switch to dark kebbits for the fastest experience.  The process is the same as spotted kebbits, except now this is the best area to stand in, since there's 2 kebbit spawns. Red Salamanders 60-67 At level 60 Hunter you should move onto Red salamanders. These are actually unlocked at level 59, but since you can only use 3 traps at 59, the falconry is faster, so you should wait until level 60 Hunter. To catch salamanders, you need small fishing nets and ropes, and again you should bring a few extra with you incase you lose some. I would recommend wearing Graceful because you'll be doing a fair bit of running around.  Red salamanders are located near the Ourania Altar.  An easy way there is to teleport to Castle Wars and run north. Or you can also use an Ourania teleport from the lunar spellbook, or there is a spirit tree close by. This is the best spot to catch them and at level 60 Hunter, you can use all 4 traps in this area. You should turn on Shift Drop to release the salamanders more easily after you catch them, and you should follow the same process as I mentioned for swamp lizards. You can also catch these with 4 traps at 57 Hunter, with a Hunter potion boost. Black Salamanders 67-73 At level 67, the fastest experience is with black salamanders. These are located in the Wilderness, so you should never bring any valuables with you while doing black salamanders, and hardcore ironmen should try an alternative method or birdhouse runs, which I’ll show soon. So, to get there, you can teleport with a Burning amulet, or a ring of dueling to Ferox. Alternatively a Carrallanger Teleport or the Wilderness Obelisks can take you close by. It's not a super popular PK area, mostly because PKers don’t usually get any loot here, but you will still need to keep an eye out for people just to save you from having to come back here and waste time.  The process is the same as other salamanders. You firstly set up all of the traps, then wait until one catches one or gets dismantled. Then you check the trap or pick up the rope and net, then you click to reset the trap.  Overall you can get up to 125k Hunter XP per hour here which is quite fast. 73-99 Black Chinchompas At level 73 Hunter, you unlock the fastest training method in the game, black chinchompas. You need the Eagle's Peak quest to be able to catch these since they're caught with box traps.  These are located in the Wilderness and its pretty common for PKers to come here. The fastest way to them is with a Revenant Cave teleport scroll, which is under 300 coins on the Grand Exchange. Ironmen can get there from the Burning amulet, Lava Maze teleport, or the ring of dueling Ferox teleport. Black chinchompas are the fastest experience in the game normally but can be an even faster experience if you tick trap placement and kill stray chinchompas, you can get up to and over 250k Hunter XP per hour. You can set up your traps in most of the Hunter areas between the trees, but I prefer setting up traps in this area here. You can hunt these without 3 ticking, and it’s the same as Embertailed Jerboa where you can either check or reset the box traps. For the fastest experience, you should 3 tick trap placements. To 3 tick, you need items that can start a 3 tick cycle, and those options are all on the screen now. I recommend using herb and tar since you can bring grimy herbs with you incase you accidentally finish the action. So, to 3 tick, you should use menu entry swapper to set the left click option for box traps to "reset". Then you wait until a trap has caught a chinchompa and you go to reset it, and as soon as it disappears, so as soon as you’ve collected the chinchompas, you start the 3 tick action. Then your character will set up the trap faster than you normally would. So then you can click on the next box trap, and repeat the process. This also works when the box trap gets dismantled, so when you reset it, you can 3 tick to speed it up. Bringing a bow and arrows with you is useful for killing the stray chinchompas. If you have an alt account with membership, you can speed up your training even further so that you can kill while hunting. As soon as a chinchompa spawns, there's a chance that it will target one of your box traps. But if it doesn’t, you should kill the stray chinchompa so that it respawns nearby and has another chance of going into your box trap. A recap of the fastest pathway (taking 75 hours total) is above. Now on to the alternative methods which have their own benefits. Alternative Methods Tecu Salamander - 79-99 With Varlamore, came a great alternative Hunter method, Tecu Salamanders. These give around 150k Hunter XP per hour at 99 Hunter, and are unlocked at level 79. These are the XP rates you can expect from Tecu Salamanders. You get about 95k XP per hour with 4 traps, but as soon as you reach level 80 with 5 traps, it jumps to 110k XP per hour.   To catch these, you only need the Children of the Sun  quest to enter Varlamore.  These require small fishing nets and ropes to catch since they’re salamanders.  The fastest way there is to take the Quetzal transportation to Cam Torum, which requires the built landing site. Alternatively, you can take the Quetzal to the north, or you can just run west from the main city.  These are the trap locations you should use.  While hunting here, you mostly get immature Salamanders, but at a rare rate, you can get a Tecu Salamander, which you can use for combat or sell for a profit. They're a decent money maker at the moment since they're selling for over 200K each. Red Chinchompas - 80-99 At level 80 Hunter, once you can place 5 traps, Red Chinchompas become a fairly efficient Hunter training method, all the way to 99. Your XP rates with red chinchompas really depend on whether you use tick manipulation to reset your traps. You can get up to 195k XP per hour with tick manipulation or 140k XP per hour without. Red chinchompas are best hunted in Feldip hills. You can hunt in this region in the outer world, or you can use the private Hunting grounds with the Hard Western Provinces Diary. The entrance to this is located to the south in the Feldip hills. The fastest way to the Feldip hills is to use a Feldip hills teleport scroll off the Grand Exchange. Alternatively, you can use the AKS fairy ring, or there's a spirit tree in Feldip hills as well. Overall, Red Chinchompas are particularly useful for Ironmen, but still provide a fast way to train Hunter for regular accounts. Herbiboar 80-99 An excellent alternative method, which is far less click intensive, is hunting Herbiboar. This is done on Fossil Island so this requires the  bone voyage  quest, along with 80 Hunter. The XP rates at herbiboar are higher than red chinchompas but lower than black chinchompas. You can get up to 170k Hunter XP per hour here, at 99.  To hunt Herbiboar, you don’t actually need any items, but magic secateurs  will yield you an extra herb for every herbiboar you catch. A herb sack  is very useful here, allowing you to store the herbs you get. By default on Runelite, there's a plugin called Herbiboar. This shows the starter objects and the trail, which makes this a lot easier. So to catch a herbiboar, you need to find a starter object and just click on it. Your player will search it and start a trail, which you can follow to search the next object. You continue searching objects until you reach the end of the trail, where a herbiboar will spawn. You can then click on the herbiboar to harvest herbs off its back.  Overall, this is a less click-intensive, but it’ll be a fast way to train Hunter, and I would strongly recommend at least trying it on your journey to 99 Hunter. Aerial fishing - 35-99 If you're looking to train fishing as well as Hunter, aerial fishing is a decent option. This is done on Molch Island on Zeah, which has no requirements to access, except you do need 35 Hunter and 43 fishing to partake. Your XP rates reach up to 80k Hunter while getting 60k fishing at the same time. At lower levels, its still decent, giving 28k Hunter XP per hour when you unlock it.  To get started with aerial fishing, talk to Alry the Angler On Molch Island. They give you a cormorant, a bird. You then need bait, and you can pick up king worms on Molch Island, then you can use a knife on the fish you catch to get more bait. You make your way to the edges of the island, and click on the fishing spots to send your bird out to catch fish. You repeatedly do this for consistent fishing and Hunter experience.  Overall, aerial fishing is not the most efficient training method for Hunter, but it can be worth doing if you need to train fishing as well. Its also great for the rewards, or to switch up your training.  Drift Net fishing - 44-99 Another alternative method is drift net fishing, and drift netting is a very efficient training method in terms of XP rates. You get up to 115k Hunter and 87k fishing XP per hour at 99. If you consider that you’re getting both of those at the same time, its actually the most efficient Hunter and fishing training method in the game.  You need level 44 Hunter and 47 fishing to do drift net fishing, and its located underwater on Fossil Island, so you need Bone Voyage.  You should also get the fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus from the Freeing Pirate Pete  subquest of Recipe for Disaster . It's strongly recommended to bring flippers as well as any type of trident. You can also pay numulites to send your catches to the bank, so bring some numulite.  For this method, you do need drift nets which you can buy off the Grand Exchange, or ironmen can make them with jute fibres. You use about 100 drift nets per hour here. There's an NPC in the area called Anette which you can store drift nets with. So if you’re just getting started, bring noted drift nets to give to her, then you can withdraw them for free while you train.  So from the diving spot on Fossil Island, make your way north Into the drift net fishing area. Once inside, you can set up the two drift nets. Then, you click on the fish around the area to chase them into the drift nets. Once the net is full, you click it and can send the fish straight to the bank with numulite.                 This is the most efficient Hunter and fishing training method in the game, and you can see that from the huge amounts of XP that I’m getting. Overall, I recommend drift net fishing if you’re looking to efficiently max, but if you’re going for 99 Hunter the fastest, this is not your best option. AFK Methods There's only 2 viable Hunter training methods that can be considered AFK, and they are maniacal monkeys or pyre foxes. Pyre Fox - 51 - 99 Pyre foxes are unlocked at level 51 and are found on Varlamore, so you need the Children of the sun  quest to access them. The AFK intervals at pyre foxes last around 20 to 40 seconds. The XP rates for these reaches only 40k XP per hour at 99 so I would only recommend foxes if you can't complete Monkey Madness 2 , because maniacal monkeys are a fair bit faster.  Foxes are caught with deadfall traps, so you need logs and a knife to set one up. You should bring along an axe because there's trees nearby to get an infinite supply of logs.  Pyre foxes are located near the Hunter guild. So the best way there is with a Quetzal whistle from Hunter rumours… alternatively you can take the Quetzal transport system there, or you can use the AJP fairy ring and run west..  So catching these is simple. You click to set up the trap, and you can only set up 1 trap at a time at all levels, then you wait until you catch a fox, and click it to get XP and then again to reset your trap. Maniacal Monkeys - 60 - 99 So at level 60 Hunter, you unlock the best AFK Hunter method in the game, maniacal monkeys. As mentioned, these require Monkey Madness 2  to catch.  Maniacal monkeys provide 50k XP per hour when you unlock them, and it scales to over 100k XP per hour at higher levels.  To catch maniacal monkeys, you need bananas and there's a few ways to obtain them. As a main account, you can buy baskets of bananas off the Grand Exchange, and you can bring an inventory of those for the most AFK training. You can also bring along bones to bananas, the spell, or the tablets, and since there are bones scattered around the area, you can pick these up for an unlimited banana source. As an Ironman, I would recommend just doing bones to bananas .  Also for maniacal monkeys, you need a Kruk monkey greegree, which you get during Money Madness 2,  although if you’ve lost it, you can easily get one back from the quest NPC. So to get to maniacal monkeys, you make your way to a gnome glider, and the easiest way to one is using a royal seed pod teleport and going to the top of the Grand Tree. Take the glider to ape a toll. Then run to the hidden trapdoor in the trees.  From the ladder, run north To the monkey bars, and here, you'll need to equip the Kruk monkey greegree to go across. Then run further north And go into the crevice In the wall. Now you're at the maniacal monkey Hunter area. If there's another player here, I would recommend hopping worlds since you get the maximum XP if you're training here alone. Then run to the loading bays and mount a gorilla, and you need to be on a gorilla to be able to hunt here. Next, you click on a boulder to set up a trap with a banana. Then, you can go AFK for 30 seconds to a minute, and then you click the trap to check it, and click it again to reset it, then you can go AFK again. Take note, if you’re using bones to bananas, you do have to run outside of the arena to cast the spell since your spellbook is hidden when you're wearing a greegree.  Birdhouse Runs Birdhouse runs are a time-based Hunter training method, where every 50 minutes you can set up bird houses to collect birds nests and Hunter experience. Birdhouse runs are great for people that enjoy routine based methods, and these give fairly competitive XP rates if you convert it to an hourly rate.  BUT that’s only if you do really fast birdhouse runs, and quickly return to what you were doing previously. You can see that if you do 1 minute 30 runs, your XP rates are quite high when they’re hourly.  This is how you do a birdhouse run: You'll need 4 birdhouses which you can buy off the Grand Exchange, or you can make one with clockwork and logs. You'll also need some seeds, and I recommend hops, flower or allotment seeds, you'll need 10 Per birdhouse. So then you make your way to Fossil Island, and I would suggest teleporting to Fossil Island With a Digsite pendant. Then take the Mushroom Teleport System to the verdant valley, and click on the birdhouse Hunter spot. Then you Use seeds on it to set it up fully. Then you click on the second spot in verdant Valley and do the same thing.  Then using the Mushtree teleport system, teleport to mushroom meadow And go to the birdhouse spot to the north. Then once you’ve done that you run down south towards the swamp to the final birdhouse. Then you can teleport out and get back to whatever you were doing.  Hunter Rumours With the release of Varlamore, Jagex introduced Hunter rumours. These are sort of like contracts, where you're assigned a monster to hunt. To do rumours, you need access to the Hunter guild which requires 46 Hunter and the " At first light " Quest acts as an introduction to the Hunters guild.. There are 4 tiers of rumours ranging from level 46 To 91, each giving a different amount of experience and reward value at the end. From rumours, the rewards include the new guild Hunter outfit, which increases your chances of catching a Hunter monster, effectively increasing your Hunter XP rates. You can get the Quetzal whistles from rumours, which are teleports players to the Hunter guild. There's also the Quetzal pet, which is a very rare reward from rumours.  Overall, Hunter rumours provide very competitive XP rates if you do them efficiently, and they’re a great way to train if you don’t like doing the same Hunter method over and over again. Rumours allow you to experience a range of different Hunter techniques and monsters around the game.   So this is a run through of completing a rumour: You start off by going downstairs in the Hunter's guild and speaking to a guild Hunter for a rumour. I then head to the bank upstairs to get the required teleport and items for hunting. Then I make my way to Tecu Salamanders which are my Hunter task, and then I catch these until I received the salamander claw , which is the unique item needed to complete the Hunter rumour. Then I head back to the Hunter's Guild and return to the Guild Hunter Wolf (Master) to complete it, and I’m rewarded with a Hunters loot sack reward. You can block certain rumours by getting the monster assigned by a lower level guild master which is key to getting the best XP rates.  Ironman Hunter As an Ironman, training Hunter is similar to training it on a main account. You can follow the fastest pathway that I showed in this video, except there are a few key differences. Chinchompas are great to have on an Ironman for both bossing and training, so consider prioritizing training at red or black chinchompas. Herbiboar is also excellent on an Ironman, for the source of herbs and decent Hunter experience. Hardcore Ironmen should avoid doing Black Salamanders and Black Chinchompas obviously because of the Wilderness, so Red Chinchompas or Tecu Salamanders are an inviting option for Hardcores.   Anyway, that’s my updated level 1 to 99 Hunter guide for Old School. If you missed something, use the content guide at the top of the page to navigate through every step of 1-99 Hunting.

Complete 1-99 Hunter Guide for OSRS



What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix , and welcome to my level 1–99 Construction Guide for OSRS . Guide Contents Why Train Construction? Your Path to 99 Low Level Training Oak Larders (Lvl 33+) Mounted Mythical (Lvl 50+) Mahogany Table (Lvl 52+) Teak Benches (Lvl 66+) Oak Doors (Lvl 74+) Gnome Benches (Lvl 77+) Mahogany Homes Maxing Your House Ironman Tips If you'd prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide. Why Train Construction? With the Construction Skill, you build and upgrade your player-owned house As you level up, you implement teleport facilities, regeneration pools, spellbook altars, and more… All extremely useful features for your account. With 83 construction, you can boost to create a maxed house. Recently, Jagex improved player-owned house loading times, so you can now benefit from all of these rooms without impacting the loading time Construction is one of the fastest 99s in the game, taking as little as 16 hours for level 99 with mahogany planks. However, Construction is an expensive and click-intensive skill.  With the release of Mahogany Homes, Jagex has lowered the cost and intensity of Construction  You can now get 99 Construction for as little as 30 mil using Novice Contracts. The Construction Skillcape has one of the best perks in the game, providing unlimited teleports to your player-owned house. Your Path to 99 With leveling your Construction, there are 2 methods at your disposal, Traditional Training or Mahogany Homes. Traditional training involves building and removing furniture inside your player-owned house repeatedly. With Mahogany Homes, you repair furniture in various houses across the Runescape map. In short, traditional training is faster XP per hour, more expensive, and more click intensive, whereas Mahogany Homes are slower but less expensive and click intensive. You can see from the XP rates on the screen, that traditional methods are considerably faster than Mahogany Homes, but also cost quite a lot more. In this guide, I'll show you each of the traditional training methods, and I'll explain mahogany homes afterward. This is how much it currently costs to reach level 83 construction and max hour house. Getting to level 83 allows you to boost with spices and a crystal saw to create everything you need except for the fully upgraded Portal Nexus.. if you want the Nexus, you should go for 84. It's going to cost anywhere from 6 mil to 41 mil to get from level 1 to 83, and on top of that, you'll need 15 mil to buy the materials needed to upgrade your house. With the release of this article, I made a Construction Calculator   on  which shows the gp per XP of every method, along with the cost of 83 and 99. Low Level Training At a low construction level, your options are still either traditional training or mahogany homes. From level 1, you can complete the Daddy's Home mini-quest to reach level 8 construction, and it also acts as an introduction to Mahogany Homes and gives you a player-owned house. For Daddy's home, the items you need are on the screen now, plus the recommended teleports. For Daddy's home, the items you need are on the screen now, plus the recommended teleports. If you want to do mahogany homes for your low-level training, you should skip to the mahogany homes section of this guide. Although, I would suggest traditional training at a low level since it's much faster. For traditional training, your first goal is to reach level 33 construction for oak larders. On the screen is all of the furniture you'll need to build and remove in your player-owned house to reach level 33. In total, it takes around 20 minutes to reach the goal, and costs around 180k including the cost to build rooms in your house. To reach level 33, you'll need a teleport to Falador, a teleport to house, 94 Planks, 270 Oak planks,  200 steel nails, and 30K coins. Have all of those planks noted in your inventory, and use the Falador teleport. From the Falador teleport spot, run east to the estate agent and ask how can I get a house then purchase a starter house in Rimmington for 1k. Then right-click your teleport to house, and teleport outside the portal. Head over to the nearby general store and use your noted regular planks on Phials, then select "All". Then, right-click the purple house portal and select building mode to enter your own house in building mode. To build furniture, you right-click the white furniture spots, and then you can select what you want to build. Once you’ve built it, you right-click it and remove it so you can build another for more XP. You start by building crude wooden chairs. Followed by wooden bookcases. Next, you need to get more planks, you exit your house, run to the nearby general store, and un-note at Phials. At level 9, you need to build a kitchen room. To do this, you right-click a door hotspot to create a room. From there, you can follow the rest of the pathway shown to reach level 33. You'll need to build a workshop room and a dining room when you get to the level and continue unnoting at Phials. Oak Larders So now that you're level 33, oak larders become the best traditional training method. Oak larders are done until you unlock your main method, so this could be anywhere from level 50 to level 74. On the screen right now is how many oak planks you need to reach each method. While you are training, I suggest playing on resizable mode. This way,  you can right-click and left-click in the same spot by putting the construction object in the bottom part of your screen. On Runelite, you can set up guides with the screen marker plugin. You press the plus in the top right, then draw boxes where you'll be clicking. You should also be using your keyboard to go through the menus, by pressing the numbers., this greatly speeds up your XP rates, and you can use your keyboard in the construction building menu, talk to your butler, and with removing furniture. From levels 33 to 40, you'll be unnoting planks at Phials but at level 40, you can hire a butler to bring items from the bank. You can get a servant from level 20 construction, but the servants below the human butler are too slow and you're better off unnoting your planks at the exchange merchant. So once you reach level 40 construction, to get a servant, you first need to create 2 bedrooms in your house, and you need to build a bed in each of the rooms. Once you’ve done that, head over to Ardougne and go to the servants guild which is in the northeast corner. Then speak to the human butler to hire him. At level 50, you can get the demon butler, which is even faster, and you should fire the human butler and go and hire the demon butler once you unlock it. To use a servant, you talk to them and ask them to bring items from the bank. You then ask for as many as possible, and the servant will disappear off to the bank. It then returns with your planks, and for maximum efficiency, you should train while the servant is away. Every 8 trips to the bank, the servant asks for payment which requires coins in your inventory. At level 58 construction, you can build a servant's moneybag in your player-owned house. This holds cash and automatically deducts when your servant requires payment. This speeds up your training since you don’t need to go through any dialog to pay the servant. At level 47 construction, you can build mounted mythical capes in a quest hall room in your house. Mounted Mythical Capes This requires Dragon Slayer 2, which has a level 50 construction requirement, so the level needed to do mounted mythical capes is 50. These are the cheapest traditional construction methods since you get more XP per plank than regular training. The method is similar to oak larders. You first need to build a quest hall room in your house for 25k. Then, you find your servant and send them off to the bank to retrieve teak planks. Then select Build on the guild trophy Construction space, and select to build a mounted mythical cape. It uses 3 planks plus a mythical cape, and then once you remove it, you get the mythical cape back. Since mythical capes use fewer planks than the other methods, you can get away with using a human butler, which saves you money in the long run. Overall, getting to 99 is going to cost 86 mil The fastest viable construction experience in the game is done by constructing mahogany furniture. Mahogany Tables (Lvl 52+) At level 52 you can start making mahogany dining tables where you can get up to 900k XP per hour. To build these, you need a kitchen room in your house. With mahogany tables, you should use a demon butler for the best XP rates since they use 8 planks per table. With this method, you can once again set it up so that you are right and left-clicking in the same spot, with the construction object at the bottom of your screen. At level 77, you unlock gnome benches, which are a faster experience with mahogany planks, and I'll talk about benches shortly. Overall, getting to 99 with mahogany planks is going to cost around 200 mil. Teak Benches (Lvl 66+) A slightly cheaper but slower option compared to mahogany is using teak planks. The fastest teak method is building teak garden benches in a superior garden room,  and these are unlocked at level 66. With these, you need a superior garden room in your house, which costs 75k. Since there are 2 benches right next to each other, as you're removing one of the benches, you can open up the build menu for the other bench at the same time. This gives a slightly faster experience overall. You can also set it up so that both benches are in the bottom region of your screen, allowing you to easily right-click left-click to build and remove. Overall, 99 is going to cost around 118 mil. Oak Dungeon Doors (Lvl 74+) At 74 construction, you can build oak dungeon doors in a dungeon room, which are slower than teak benches, but less expensive. Oak dungeon doors use 10 planks instead of 8, so they're slightly faster than oak larders. The method is much the same as the others First need to build a dungeon room in your house, so to do that, you can build a dungeon entrance in a regular garden room.  Then at the door space in the dungeon, you can build oak doors, and since they use 10 planks, you'll want to use a demon butler and ask him to bring 20 planks from the bank. Currently, it costs around 98 mil to get to 99 with oak dungeon doors. Gnome Benches (Lvl 77+) At level 77, you can build gnome benches in a superior garden, and these use the same amount of mahogany planks as dining tables, but there are 2 benches right next to each other as I mentioned in the teak benches section. For these, you'll need a superior garden room and a demon butler. You start by building one of the benches, then as you go to remove it, you hold 1 and select build on the other bench so that your character removes a bench while the next menu is open. Doing this nets you up to 1.1 mil XP per hour, and is the fastest viable construction method in the game. That's all of the traditional methods you should do for 99 Construction, Here is a recap of them on the screen with their cost and time to 99. On your journey to 99 construction, you may consider Mahogany Homes as your training method. This involves repairing objects in houses across the Runescape map. Mahogany Homes As a whole, Mahogany Homes has slower XP per hour when compared to traditional methods, although they are cheaper and less click-intensive. There are 4 levels to Mahogany Homes with varying XP rates and costs. The most viable is Adept contracts which give over 100k XP per hour and cost 37 mil for 99. Aside from construction XP, you can get the construction outfit from Mahogany Homes which gives a 2.5% XP boost with the full set. To do Mahogany Homes, you need to be a homeowner and you can get a home from the Daddy's Home mini-quest or you can buy one for 1k from any estate agent. These are the items you need. You'll want teleports to Falador, Varrock, Ardougne, and Hosidius, as well as a saw and a hammer. You'll need planks and steel bars, approximately 1 steel bar for every 10 planks.  You should wear graceful while doing this activity, and the plank sack which is rewarded from mahogany homes will increase your XP rates. To get started, you speak to Amy in Falador, next to the estate agent, to get a contract. You can choose the difficulty, and then you travel to the house you’ve been assigned. You go into the house and repair each piece of furniture with planks and steel bars, then speak to the homeowner to get additional construction XP and a cup of tea, which restores your run energy to full. After your first contract from Amy, you can then speak to one of 4 NPCs to get a new contract, located in Falador, Varrock, Ardougne, and Hosidius. Amy in Falador is the most easily accessed at a low level. Although Higher-level players can use the NPC Contact spell in the Lunar Spellbook to get new contracts. Overall, mahogany homes are a more relaxed way to train Construction but as a main account, I would recommend doing the traditional construction training methods since they are so much faster. For many players, the main goal with construction is to max their house. It currently costs about 15 mil to max your house although you'll spend quite a bit getting your construction high enough for all of the upgrades. Maxing Your House To max your house, you need to reach level 83 construction, or you can go for level 84 if you want the fully upgraded portal nexus. This is how much it costs right now to get to 83 construction, and you can see that it's a lot less costly when compared to getting to 99. The traditional methods are quite expensive when compared to mahogany homes, but the XP rates are considerably faster. For a maxed house, there are some quest requirements. You need access to all spellbooks, fairy rings, the crystal saw, spicy stews, and the Digsite pendant. You also need to complete the quests for each teleport if you want to add them to your portal room. If you want to max your house, you should check out my complete  Max House Guide .  It covers all of the furniture you need and shows an efficient house layout. As an ironman, getting planks is where you'll spend most of your time rather than training Construction. Because planks take a while to get, mahogany homes are an inviting option since they give more XP per plank. Ironman Tips The best method to obtain planks is by getting teak and mahogany logs from Miscellania, and then turning them into planks at a sawmill or with a butler. There are a few different methods to convert logs into planks, the fastest way to do it is by teleporting to your house with an inventory of logs, then asking the butler to take them to the sawmill, and then teleporting to a bank, and repeat. The butler automatically banks the planks Recently, Jagex added sawmill vouchers as a reward from forestry, which halves the cost of using a sawmill. Overall, if you want to save money, and need to train Woodcutting, sawmill vouchers aren't a bad option. At a low construction level, you can get regular planks from behind Barbarian Assault. Also, Tempoross is a decent way to get noted planks. At a high combat level, you can get a lot of plank drops from places like Zulrah, Raids, and Callisto. Thanks for reading my  1 – 99 Construction Guide . Anyways guys, I hope you learned something helpful and enjoyed. If you have any questions or just want to chat with me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in g ame. Be sure to check out Creator Crafted and use the coupon "Theoatrix" to get 10% off your purchase!  As always, thanks for reading this guide, and have a nice day!

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What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix , and today I am bringing to you guys a full level 1 – 99 Woodcutting Guide  for Old School Runescape . As with most skills, there is always going to be a faster method , which requires more attention and clicking, and then a slower method which is usually more profitable. That is the case with Woodcutting , with the fast method bringing over 100 000 XP per hour, and the slower method making you up to and over 100 000 GP per hour. Anyways, I hope you enjoy… Axes for the Best XP Before I get into the main portion of this guide, I need to say that  you should always use the best possible Axe you can . The Infernal Axe is the best Axe in the game, and can get you 2 000 000 Firemaking XP  getting to level 99 Woodcutting . So, it is really, really worth getting at level 61 when you unlock it. But, you need to take note that it  requires 85 Firemaking to use. So, for players that are super-efficient, this is a very, very good option to save some Firemaking XP. Level 1 – 15 (Regular Trees) Starting off at  level 1 – 15 , the only thing you can cut is normal trees , and they are scattered all over Runescape. At level 1, you can already use the Iron Axe , as with most Combat items. However, the Bronze and Iron Axe have barely any difference in chopping time. Level 15 – 30 (Oak Trees) At level 15 – 30 , you can start cutting Oak Trees , which are actually surprisingly good for profit. Lower levels can make about 40 000 – 50 000 per hour  cutting these. They are found in many locations across Runescape. But, the two locations I would recommend are Draynor or Varrock , as they are very close to a bank. At level 11 you unlock the Black Hatchet, and you should be using this to cut the Oak Trees . It will take about 500 Oak logs  to get from level 15 to level 30, and that will only take you about half an hour . So, from now on in this guide, I am going to go through the fastest XP methods  – not necessarily the ones that are going to make you profit. I will go through those profitable methods after I go through the fastest ones.  Fastest XP Methods Level 30 – 60 (Willow Trees) So, from levels 30 – 60 Woodcutting , the fastest XP you can get is cutting Willow Trees . For Free to Play  Players, I would recommend cutting these at Draynor Village , and for Pay to Play players I would recommend going to Catherby to cut these. You should drop the logs with the Shift Drop option, since they are only about 6 coins each, and it is really not worth doing for profits. Cutting Willows is the fastest Free to Play Woodcutting XP in the game . So, if you are looking for fast XP, you should go from level 30 – 99 cutting Willows as a Free to Play player. You unlock the Rune Axe  at level 41 Woodcutting , which is the best ace for Free to Play, and seriously does speed up your XP rates per hour – up to 45 000 XP per hour. Level 60 – 99 (Teak Trees) P2P Now, for members, from  level 60 – 99 , the fastest possible XP in the game, getting you 60 000 – 70 000 XP per hour , is  Teak Logs . They can be cut at Ape Atoll  or Castle Wars . You can actually get up to and over 100 000 XP per hour  cutting Teaks if you are 3 tick Woodcutting. But, that is not necessarily very AFK. I am going to leave a link to a 3 ticking guide at the end of this article, since I really am not very good at it, and I don’t really recommend doing it, unless you are a hard-core player. At  level 61 , you unlock the Dragon Axe  and the Infernal Axe , and as I have said, you should always be using the best possible Hatchet that you can. It is going to require you to cut around 150 000 Teak Logs  to get to  level 99 Woodcutting from level 60 , and it is going to take you almost 200 hours . Level 90 – 99 (Redwood Trees) At level 90 Woodcutting , you unlock Redwood , which are found in the Woodcutting Guild . These are  super AFK , and decent money and XP per hour, getting you about 70 000 XP per hour, and 8 000 000 profit from  level 90 – 99 Woodcutting . You  require 75% Hosidus Favour in the Zeah area in order to cut these. Profitable Methods Moving on to the profitable portion of this guide… Level 60  (Yew Trees)  P2P and F2P At level 60  you unlock  Yew Logs as a  Free to Play and Pay to Play player . Free to Play players can cut Yew Trees at the Varrock Castle , which is where I recommend, and at the South of Falador , which is another alright Woodcutting area. Members can cut Yew Trees at Catherby or at Tree Gnome Village . Both of these are very close to a bank. Take note that the GP and the XP per hour is really, really crap for Yew Logs, and you only be making about 60 000 GP per hour, and 30 000 XP per hour . Getting to level 99 from level 60 Woodcutting with Yew Logs, you are going to make yourself 67 000 Logs or 23 000 000 coins. Level 75  (Magic Trees) P2P At level 75, Pay to Play  players unlock Magic Trees , and this is where you start really making profit. You make about 120 000 GP per hour . But, the XP rates are even slower than Yew Trees, averaging around only 25 000 XP per hour . You should only cut these if you really, really want to make some  AFK money . You will make 47 000 Magic Logs getting to level 99 Woodcutting, and that is 46 000 000 profit getting to level 99 . That is pretty good. So, in conclusion,  I would recommend doing the profit methods at only 90+ Woodcutting  for a faster chop rate. Doing these methods at level 60 and 75, you are going to get logs very, very slowly, and it is going to be so tedious to train since your levels will be going really, really gradually. Anyways guys, thank you so much for reading this article. If you learned something, or you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like, and also subscribe for more Old School Runescape content. If you have any comments or suggestions, be sure to leave them down below and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day! 3 ticking guide:

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What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and welcome to my updated level 1-99 mining guide. Guide Contents Why Train Mining Mining XP Boosts Pathways To 99 Regular Pathway 3Tick Pathway Alternative Methods Ironman Methods If you'd prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide. Why Train Mining? So why should you train mining? A number of essential quests have a mining requirement, and you'll need 72 mining to get your quest cape. You'll also need 85 mining to complete every achievement diary. Both the Chambers of Xeric and the Tombs of Amascut have mining components. Having at least level 85 mining lets you deal full damage in the Tombs of Amascut, and the higher your mining level is, the higher you're able to hit on guardians within the Chambers of Xeric. Mining is also a profitable skill. You'll make a substantial amount of GP on your journey to 99, depending on the pathway that you choose. Mining XP Boosts In this next section, I'll show the useful items and unlocks that boost your mining XP rates. With Shooting Stars in Old School, you gather Stardust, which you can spend at Dusuri's Reward Shop. With 2000 Stardust, you can get the Celestial Ring, and this gives an invisible plus 4 mining level boost, which translates to faster mining. The ring can be charged with Stardust, and gives a 10% chance of mining double the amount of ore up to Adamant, and it gives the full amount of experience. This is very useful with power mining, equating to 10% more XP per hour. Varrock Armor, rewarded from the Varrock Achievement Diary, also grants you a 10% chance to mine double, and gives the full amount of experience. Each tier of Varrock Armor works up to a certain type of ore, and is almost essential for power mining Iron and Granite. Paired with the Celestial Ring, you can effectively get 20% more XP per hour, and in the long run, you'll save a lot of hours getting to 99. At 60 mining, you can access the Mining Guild, and in the Guild, the rocks have a faster regeneration rate, and on top of that, you're given an invisible plus 7 mining boost, to speed up your mining training. Also in the Mining Guild, you can find unidentified minerals while mining. These can be traded for 3 types of Mining Gloves, which when equipped, have a chance of not depleting the rock that you mine, which is useful for slow regenerating rocks, like Rune or Amethyst. In the Motherlode Mine, you'll find Golden Nuggets, and with 180, you can purchase the Full Prospector's Outfit. To earn 180 Nuggets, it takes up to 20 hours to get, with a low mining level, or 10 hours at higher mining levels. The full set gives a 2.5% mining XP boost, and also the set is required for the Falador Hard Diary, so it is worthwhile to get. With Golden Nuggets, you can also purchase a Gem Bag, which is useful for gem mining, which I'll show in the Alternative Methods section of this guide. With level 50 Agility, and completion of the Medium Falador Diary, you can access a shortcut in the Motherlode Mine, which gives easy access to Pay Dirt and Easy Banking. At level 72 Mining, and with 100 Golden Nuggets, you can access the upper level of the Motherlode Mine, which provides better XP rates and is more AFK. Completion of Song of the Elves, and singing together a Crystal Pickaxe, is ideal for high level mining training. The Crystal Pickaxe gives approximately a 3% mining speed boost when compared with the Dragon Pickaxe. For those without the stats for Song of the Elves, you should always be using the best possible Pickaxe you can, even if you can't equip it. While you're mining, you can use the Dragon or Crystal Pickaxe Special Attack to get a plus 3 mining level boost, which increases your mining success rate. Even if you don't have the mining level for a Dragon Pickaxe, you can still benefit from the Special Attack, as long as you have level 60 Attack. Pathways To 99 So there's a lot of different mining training methods in Old School, and a number of pathways to 99. In this guide, I'll show the efficient pathway without Tick Manipulation, which takes around 200 hours to get to 99. I'll then show the fastest Tick Manipulation pathway, which takes 120 hours for 99, and I'll also show some alternative training methods, as well as Iron Man specific methods. Regular Pathway The regular pathway involves questing or mining Copper and Tin until 15, then power mining Iron to 30, then training at the Motherlode and with Iron until 70, then 70-99 can be done alternating between the Volcanic Mine for fast XP, and at the Motherlode Mine for more AFK training. Completing quests is an efficient way to level up your mining. These quests give substantial mining XP rewards and have low requirements. They also should be done on your account at some point anyway. Completing these will get you from 1 to 37 mining, skipping a lot of the early training methods and pickaxes. If you choose not to start with questing, you should begin with power mining Copper or Tin. Copper or Tin can be mined in various places around RuneScape. The Lumbridge Swamp Mine, and both the South East and South West Varrock Mines are easily accessible and available in free to play. You should be using every new tier of pickaxe as you unlock it, so it's a good idea to have them all banked or in your inventory. To go from level 1 to 15 mining, it's only going to take around 15 minutes, and you'll mine 138 ores. At level 15 mining, power mining Iron is the next method, giving around 25k XP per hour at level 15. You should mine in locations where there's 3 Iron Rocks accessible from 1 tile, and there's 10 places with this 3 rock formation. 2 easily accessible locations are in the Alkarid Mine or there's the mine to the South West of the Legends Guild. When mining Iron, you should mine the 3 around you in quick succession, and then drop the 3 ores that you mined and repeat the process. Getting from 15 to 30 mining should take around 40 minutes, provided you're using the best pickaxes you can. At level 30 mining, you can access the Motherlode Mine, which is an AFK training method. You should alternate the Motherlode Mine with power mining Iron, depending on the click intensity that you feel like doing. If you just did the Motherlode from 30 to 70 mining, it takes up to 30 hours. Adding Iron power mining to it will lower the time down to around 20 hours. Despite Iron being faster, it's still recommended to train at least some of your mining at the Motherlode to unlock the Prospector's Outfit and the upper level, which comes in handy at the later levels. The Motherlode Mine is found underneath Falador, and the fastest way there is with a skills necklace to the Mining Guild. Or you can go to the easternmost house in Falador, and go down the stairs and enter the nearby cave. In the Motherlode, you gather pay dirt from the outer areas, and then deposit them into the hopper in the center. The pay dirt is cleansed in the water, and you retrieve your ores from the sack on the opposite end. There's a bank and a deposit box nearby for you to unload your inventory. Sometimes the water wheels that power the water flow break, and you'll need to use a hammer to repair the struts of the water wheels. You can choose from a variety of places to mine pay dirt, all around the cave. It's recommended to do the medium Falador diary, and have 50 agility to use the shortcut near the bank. Once you reach level 60 mining, you can access the Mining Guild, where the rocks respawn faster, and you get the invisible plus 7 mining level boost. This makes the guild the best place to power mine, and all of your iron mining should be done here from 60. At level 70, the Volcanic Mine becomes an efficient way to train, and should be paired with the Motherlode Mine all the way until level 99. From level 70, if you only did the Motherlode Mine, it would take roughly 260 hours to get to 99. So at level 70, the Volcanic Mine becomes the fastest training method in the game without tick manipulation. The mine is an enjoyable and rewarding way to train your mining. To partake, you need the Bone Voyage quest and 150 kudos. The actual requirement for the Volcanic Mine is 50 mining, but I suggest starting at 70 to make it worthwhile. So the Volcanic Mine can be soloed or done in groups, although teams of 3-5 are the most effective. To find a team, you can join the Volcanic Mine friend chat, which you can join by going into the mini-game grouping options. After some time, the volcano starts to erupt. This means players have 10 minutes to go down and mine resources, then escape. Throughout the game, your team manages 3 gas chambers. While the mine is stable, players mine fragments out of a large boulder. The boulder gets smaller as the resources are mined out of it, and it moves down the channel. After the 10 minutes is up, the volcano erupts and players die if they're still inside. For those that got out, they're rewarded with points that can be spent on ores and other useful unlocks. The strategy for the Volcanic Mine varies depending on your team size, and soon I'll release a full Volcanic Mine walkthrough. For now, I've linked some good Volcanic Mine guides in the description below. At level 72 mining, Percy allows players to access the upstairs area of the Motherlode Mine for 100 golden nuggets. Upstairs, the ore veins are on a timer, unlike the lower level where the veins deplete randomly after every dirt that you mine. Since they're on a timer upstairs, it's far more AFK and provides better XP rates. 3-Tick Pathway For the tick manipulation pathway to 99, you'll start with questing to 37, or mining copper, tin and iron to 45. Then you'll mine granite all the way to level 99. Questing is the most efficient way to level up your mining if you plan to go for the max cape or for the quest cape one day. So for this 3 tick pathway, you do the same 6 quests that I mentioned in the regular pathway section to get from 1 to 37. If you don't choose the questing pathway, you should once again power mine copper or tin. This should be done at any mine with 2 copper or tin rocks close to each other. The Lumbridge Swamp Mine and the 2 Varrock Mines are good options for all players. You should always be using the best pickaxe you can, and it should take around 15 minutes to get to level 15. Depending on if you quested, you'll begin 3 ticking iron from level 15 or level 37, and this can be done wherever there's 4 iron rocks in close proximity. For example, it can be done at the Isle of Souls Mine, south of Sol Wars. Being a 3 tick method, you need an action that takes 3 ticks. This could be creating herb tars, fletching teak or mahogany stalks, or using kebbit claws on vambraces. The process involves starting a 3 tick action whenever your character has to move to mine a rock. You don't need to do the 3 tick action if your player doesn't move. So, if rocks are accessible from 1 tile, you don't need to 3 tick them. Getting this down, you'll get up to 60k XP per hour at lower levels, and reach up to 70k at higher levels. You should be using your best pickaxe, varrock armour, a celestial ring and mining gloves are all very helpful. Reaching 45 from 15 takes 1 and a half hours, and for 37 to 45, it takes 30 minutes. At level 45, you unlock the fastest training method in the game, 3 ticking granite. This is done in the quarry, deep in the Kharindian Desert. A great way to get there is to travel to Tempoross, and then exit the camp and venture north. For this method, you'll need protection from the desert heat, which could be any of the items on the screen. Taking at least varrock armour 2 is highly recommended for this method, providing a 10% XP boost. There are 4 rocks that you'll be mining, and they're located on the western side of the quarry. 
 With granite, you'll be doing a 3 tick action on every rock, since your character has to move every time. Whether you mine the rock, or fail to mine the rock, you move onto the next cycle every 3 game ticks, repeating the 3 tick action and clicking on the rock. Staying in rhythm is vital for this method, and it will take time to get used to, especially with dropping the granite. At 45 mining, you'll get up to 70k XP per hour with this method, and at higher levels, you'll get over 110k XP per hour. This method is overall the fastest way to 99 mining, although it's very click intensive. Alternative Methods So now I'd like to show some alternative training methods that you can use on your journey to 99. These methods are still viable and worth doing if you want to change up your mining training. Every few hours, a shooting star crashes somewhere in the RuneScape world. Mining the star gives you stardust and experience. To find a star, you can look through a telescope in a player-owned house. This gives a broad destination an estimate of a crashing star. I recommend joining the Shooting Stars group in the minigame grouping tab, and here, star locations are shared. There's also a Discord for this minigame group, called Star Miners, and they post active stars 24x7 in the friends chat and in the Discord. Adding star mining to your 99 pathway is a good idea, since the Celestial Ring is very useful. If you choose to solely train your mining at Shooting Stars, you can expect low to mid XP rates, but it's extremely AFK. If you're the only one mining the star, you can mine for up to half an hour at a time. Shooting Stars is free-to-play as well, so anyone can take part, although it is slower and more difficult to navigate in free-to-play. For members, if you plan to get 99 runecrafting, it's a good idea to do that before 99 mining. While you're mining Dense Essence with Xeah runecrafting, you'll get 1.3 million mining XP going from 77 to 99 runecrafting. 
 At level 40 mining, Gem Rocks provide quick XP rates along with profit. To mine Gem Rocks, you need to have completed the Shiloh Village quest, and completing the Karamja Diary gives access to the bottom section, which is vital for faster training. You can also bring a Gem Bag from the Motherlode Mine, which is also very useful. You should always be wearing a Charged Amulet of Glory, because this triples the mining success rate of Gem Rocks, which is a huge boost. So Gem Rocks can be tick manipulated to get better XP, and you can get 90k mining XP per hour, which is about in between the Volcanic Mine and Three Ticking Granite. The tick manipulation method is the same as the others that I've shown in this guide, but Gem Rocks work on 4 tick cycles, so the method is really called 4 Ticking Gem Rocks instead of 3. Without tick manipulation, going from 40 to 99 mining at Gem Rocks will take around 230 hours. With tick manipulation, 40 to 99 will take around 170. Blast Mining is a viable training option, located in the northern region of the Lovakengj House on Xayah. Partaking requires 100 Lovakengj House Faber, and it's highly recommended to have the Full Graceful Outfit and the Prospector's Outfit is handy for when you're looting. Players can start using the Blast Mine at 43 mining, but I suggest starting at 75 mining for more efficient XP and profit. The XP rates are decent at Blast Mining, and you'll also profit 120 to 130 mil on your journey to 99. 
 So at Blast Mining, you'll need a tinderbox, chisel and some dynamite, and the idea is to excavate and blow up sections in an efficient manner. Overall, 75 to 99 mining at the Blast Mine will take approximately 185 hours. At 85 mining, Runite Rocks become one of the best money makers in the game for free-to-play players. At higher mining levels, you can expect to make over 1 mil GP per hour, although the XP rates are very low and there is a lot of competition. At level 92 mining, members can mine Amethyst in the southern end of the Mining Guild. Mining here gives 20 to 25k XP per hour, along with 450k GP per hour. With Varrock Armor 4 and Expert Mining Gloves, you'll gain more XP per hour, leading to more profit per hour as well. The XP rates aren't overly inviting, and it's going to take around 300 hours to go from 92 to 99 mining at Amethyst. Ironman Methods As an Ironman, the training methods are much the same as the ones I've just shown. However, there are some methods that are more viable. Sandstone is a common method for Ironmen. It's trained in the Desert Quarry and can be turned into buckets of sand by depositing the sandstone in the grinder to the west. It nets decent mining XP an hour, as well as potential crafting XP from the sand. Zalcano  provides a wide range of useful rewards for Ironmen. It's a decent source of crystal shards, gems, runes and smithing supplies. Gemrocks provide tons of gems for Ironmen, allowing them to bank a lot of crafting XP. If you mine from 40 to 99 here, you can expect to get 4 to 5 million crafting XP worth of gems. Once again, a gem bag and the Hard Karamja diary makes this method considerably more efficient, and bringing along a Charged Glory makes mining a lot faster. Shooting stars are also a good option for Ironmen, because stardust can be redeemed for soft clay which is vital for making teleport tablets. Amethyst is another important resource for Ironmen, giving access to a consistent source of ammunition. In terms of training efficiently to 99, any of the pathways I've shown in this guide can be used on an Ironman. There's no resource restrictions, except for maybe blast mining. 
 Thanks for reading my 1-99 mining guide :)

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What’s going on guys! My name’s Theoatrix , and today I am presenting an up to date level 1 – 99 Smithing guide . I will be covering the fastest way, as well as the most profitable methods. Towards the end, I will be showing some useful ironman Smithing methods, as well as free to play  training methods. How Smithing Works Smithing is a skill used to create weaponry, armour, ammunition and some utility items.  You can gain Smithing XP in two main ways – creating a metal bar  at a furnace, or by using a hammer with those bars and turning them into weapons and armour. Important Quests The Knight’s Sword One of the best things to do as a low level Smither is to complete quests, and on a brand new account, you can complete the Knight’s Sword  quest, which boosts you from level 1 to 29 Smithing . The quest is pretty fast for  all types of accounts , including Ironman, making it the best way to train your smithing level to 29. Elemental Workshop 1 There is also the  Elemental Workshop 1 quest for members, which takes around 5 minutes for another 5000 Smithing XP reward. Giant Dwarf At least starting the Giant Dwarf  quest is required to enter Keldagrim , which contains the Blast Furnace. On your journey from 1 – 99, the  majority of your time will be spent at the Blast Furnace , a Minigame in Keldagrim , which can provide the  fastest or the most profitable smithing methods in the game.  This guide will give a full run down on how to use the Blast Furnace further in. Important Items There are also a few items that are vital for smithing, and you will see which methods they work with further on. Ice Gloves  Ice Gloves  are important for  speeding up your XP in the Blast Furnace , and there is no quest requirement to get them, but you will need 50 Mining to access the Ice Queen, who drops them.  If you are a skiller, it is almost impossible to get Ice Gloves. So, you will have to use buckets of water, which I will show further in. Goldsmithing Gauntlets Next is Goldsmithing Gauntlets , and wearing them while smelting gold bars doubles the amount of XP you get . You get these from the Family Crest quest. Coal Bag The Coal Bag  is very useful for the profitable smithing method, since it holds 27 pieces of coal in one inventory space . That costs 100 gold nuggets from the Motherlode Mine.  Fastest Way to 99 Moving into the fastest way to 99 Smithing, and these methods do cost money. Although, they are not overly expensive compared to other buy-ables. There are also some fast profitable methods that I will show in the profitable section. Level 1 – 29 So, from level 1 – 29 , as I mentioned, the Knight’s Sword  quest is the fastest for all types of accounts. Level 1 – 15 If you do not feel like questing, the fastest way to level up is by 193 bronze bars and level up to 15 Smithing. Level 29/15 – 40 From level 29 or 15, most players would make the best iron items until they are level 40 , which is not a bad idea. But, the  fastest way and a profitable way, is by making iron bars at the Blast Furnace , which will also help you get a hang of the Minigame. To get to the Blast Furnace, as I said, you need to start the Giant Dwarf quest, and when starting the quest, after the first cut scene, you will be able to board the boat to Keldagrim. From the moment you enter Keldagrim for the first time, you unlock the Blast Furnace Minigame teleport, which gives you a teleport there every 20 minutes. You should be using the official Blast Furnace worlds when you are training Smithing so that the Blast Furnace is always active. These worlds do have a fee though, since there are workers around the place helping you out. To pay the fee, you should place coins into the coffer, and every 1 minute, 1.2k comes out of the coffer, equating to 72k coins per hour. Additionally,  if you are under level 60 Smithing, you are required to pay a fee to use the Blast Furnace, and that fee is an extra 2.5k every 10 minutes or 15k an hour to use it. This money does not come from the coffer, though. So, if you are under level 60, every 10 minutes, you have to speak to the Blast Furnace foreman, and pay him 2.5k to use it for 10 minutes. So, there are three main points of interest when you are using the Blast Furnace – the conveyor belt, the bar dispenser, and the bank chest.  The process starts with removing ores from your bank, running and placing them on the conveyor belt, then run to the bar dispenser and  by wearing ice gloves, you can take the bars straight away. However, without ice gloves, you need to refill a bucket of water from the nearby tap , and use it on the bars dispenser to cool down the bars. With your bars, you run back to the bank, and repeat. So,  smelting iron ore at the Blast Furnace requires only 15 Smithing, and gets over 70k Smithing XP per hour, while profiting 160k coins , even after the cost of using the furnace and using stamina potions. Training from level 15 – 40 will take approximately 40 minutes with this method, and from 29 – 40, so if you done the Knight’s Sword, it only takes about 25 minutes. Level 40 – 99 From level 40, you unlock the fastest viable training method for Smithing in the game, and that is making Gold Bars at the Blast Furnace . The process is slightly different to iron, since you will be wearing Goldsmithing Gauntlets and having Ice Gloves or the Bucket in your inventory.  After placing the gold ores on the conveyor belt, you need to wait until you see the XP drop so that your Goldsmithing Gauntlets give their double XP effect. Once you see the XP drop, you can switch to the Ice Gloves and take your bars and repeat the process. Smithing gold here gives over 300k per hour, and over 350k if you are efficient. From level 40 – 99, you need 231,000 gold ores, and after selling them back, including the cost of stamina potions and paying the Blast Furnace,  you will be set back around 58 million.  Level 68 – 99 There is a cheaper alternative, though, and it is still very fast, and that is smelting Mithril and adamant Platebodies. At level 68, you unlock Mithril , which can give over 180,000 Smithing XP per hour.  Then, 88 with adamant bodies are cheaper and fast, giving 250,000 per hour. So, training from 40 – 68 doing gold bars, then Mithril, then adamant plates, costs a total of 26 million for 99, over half the price of simply just doing gold. The best place to make Platebodies is at the Varrock anvil. You can set up your camera in one place, so that the anvil and the bank is clickable on both ends. It is slightly less click intensive compared to the Blast Furnace. Fastest to 99 Summary However, at the fastest XP rates, 40 – 99 with gold bars only will take 35 hours , whereas doing the Platebody method takes over 50 hours. So, the trade-off here is time for money. Doing only gold will save you around 15 hours, but you will spend an extra 28 million. Profitable Methods So, the next topic of this article is profitable smithing.  Dart Tips After completing the Tourist Trap , your account can smith dart tips , which is profitable for almost every type of metal bar. They are also decently AFK with each smithing interval taking around 1 minutes and 20 seconds.  The XP rates are not overly fast, though. So, I am more recommending this method to people training Smithing on Alt accounts. Cannonballs Unlocked at level 35, you unlock another very AFK method , which is smithing cannonballs . Each AFK interval is 3 minutes. However, I really do not recommend doing cannonballs  because the XP rate is ridiculously slow, and you can get eight times the profit per hour with the Blast Furnace method. Blast Furnace At the Blast Furnace, there are 5 different bars that are profitable , with the highest level bars being the most profitable, making Mithril bars provides the highest XP rate. Although, Rune is not that far behind. And, yes, that is not a miscalculation or a mi-type. Runite bars make almost 2 million GP per hour while using a coal bag. With pretty much all of these, you will need coal, which makes the coal bag extremely useful and greatly speeds up your profit . The Blast Furnace actually takes half the amount of coal to make a bar . So, that means that the ratios are half of the regular. They can take a bit of getting used to. So, I am going to show a quick run for each type. Steel Firstly, steel instead of 1:2, it is 1:1. So, this means that you can start by filling your coal bag, and then filling your inventory with iron ore. Run to the conveyor belt, place your iron, withdraw and then place the coal. Mithril Mithril has a ratio of 1:2 in the Blast Furnace. So, again, it is a bit different. You should start filling out your coal bag with a full inventory of coal. Run and place it on the belt, and then head back to the bank and fill your coal bag and then your inventory with Mithril. Deposit that, take your bars, then fill again with coal in your coal bag, and Mithril ores, and grab the second set of bars. Adamant Adamant bars take 3 coal and 1 adamant ore in the Blast Furnace. So, you should start with a full coal bag and full inventory of coal, run and place it and repeat this once. Then,  fill up your coal bag once again, and your inventory with adamant ore. Then, place them on the conveyor belt and place your bars. Then, again, fill your coal bag and inventory with adamant ore and get your second inventory of bars, and this is faster than doing 1 inventory at a time. Runite Runite is at a 1:4 ratio, so this time you will need to do 3 runs of a full bag of coal and full inventory of coal, then you have to do 2 runs of Runite ore and a coal bag full, retrieving your bars on each one. Because of the massive amount of coal required to make rune, a coal bag is almost necessary. Just going from 85 – 99 Smithing, you profit 200 million while getting great XP rates. The final profitable method is for players going for 200 million XP, and that is making rune Platelegs, Plateskirts or 2h swords, which requires 99 smithing. They all give around 180,000 XP per hour, and over 400k in profit, and they are so much more AFK than making rune at the Blast Furnace . Going from 99 – 200 million making any of these makes you around 500 million in profit. Ironman training Methods Moving into the next section of this guide, ironman training methods. Questing is definitely the fastest way again to level up at a low level. The Knight’s Sword  and Elemental Workshop 1 quests have easy item requirements for ironmen. Once you are leveled from questing, a popular low level smithing training method is fixing struts at the Motherlode Mine . With the recent  world hopping update , there is  no longer a cap on how often you can hop . So, you can constantly change worlds and fix the water struts . You get smithing XP equal to 1.5 times your smithing level. So, at level 1, it is really slow. But, at around level 30, it is good and free XP. For higher level ironmen, the main time consumer with smithing is getting the ores. Ironmen can acquire ores in lots of different ways. There is a range of Slayer monsters that drop ores, Wyverns commonly drop 200 iron, and Gargoyles commonly drop gold ore. Rex and Zulrah have some common ore drops as well, and there is also the Blast Furnace ore shop  that sells lots of every type, but does require some money. Mining at the Motherlode Mine is another great way to get all types of ores, and getting through to 99 Mining will get you at least 5 million smithing XP. Free to Play Methods Now for the Free to Play methods, and again the Knight’s Sword  quest is the best way to level up, and then from 29, the fastest way to level up is making the  best iron items until Platebodies . Then, do that until 48, and steel plates to 68, Mithril to 88, and adamant to 99 . In total, that is going to cost you around 40 million. Smithing Sliver bars  at a furnace is a profitable way to train, and getting to 99 from when you unlock them would make you almost 30 million in profit. The closest furnace for free to play players is Edgeville , which used to only be available to members. Post level 99, rune skirts, legs and 2h swords are also available to free to play, and provide the same XP and profit as I mentioned before. If you would like to check the current GP/XP, or the cost and profit of all the method I have shown in this article, you can go to, and it uses the current GE prices at any given time. It is also linked down at the end of this article. So, that is my  up to date 1 – 99 Smithing guide for 2019.  I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more content if you are new around here. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game, or the Theoatrix discord. As always, thanks so much for reading this article, and I’ll see you next time! Calculator:

OSRS 1-99 Smithing Guide (Fastest & Profitable Methods)



What’s going on guys! My name's Theoatrix , and welcome to my updated level 1–99 Melee Combat Training Guide. GUIDE CONTENTS Why Train Melee? How Melee Works Weapon Progression Armour Progression Pathways to 99 Low Level Training Questing (Low Level) Regular Training (Low Level) Fastest Pathway Nightmare Zone Guide Fastest Methods in OSRS AFK Pathway Slayer Pathway Bossing With Melee F2P Methods If you'd prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide. Why Train Melee? High combat stats give access to a wide variety of content for your account. Training your melee lets you defeat a number of bosses..  Also, all 3 raids in Old School require melee. In PvP, there's a range of powerful melee weapons with strong special attacks, like the Dragon Claws, the Armadyl Godsword or the Voidwaker. With the highest strength bonus setup in the game, the max hit in PvP is now 87 with an Armadyl Godsword. 12 quests in Old School have a melee requirement. I've broken these down into attack, strength and defence. Lunar Diplomacy  is an essential one for mains, along with King's Ransom  for piety. For the Quest cape, you need 50 attack, 50 strength and 65 defence, although, you will need higher combat stats to defeat the bosses in the quests. For the Achievement Diary cape, you need 50 attack, 76 strength and 70 defence, as well as level 100 combat. How Melee Works Now I'm going to go over how melee melee works. Increasing your attack level increases your accuracy, and also allows you to wear better weaponry. For example, at level 1 attack, using a Bronze Sword, your accuracy is 48%. Whereas at level 99 attack, your accuracy becomes 96%. Your attack bonus, which can be found in the equipment stats interface, mainly comes from your weapon, but can also come from your armour, jewellery and defenders. Increasing your attack bonus increases your accuracy. With 50 attack and an attack bonus of 10, your accuracy is 92%. But if your attack bonus is 100, your accuracy is 97%. Increasing your strength level increases your max hit, and can also unlock some weaponry. With a Bronze Sword, at level 1 strength, your max hit is 1. At level 99 strength, your max hit becomes 12. Your strength bonus mostly comes from your weapon, but can also come from other equipment. Having a higher strength bonus increases your max hit. With 50 strength and a strength bonus of 10, your max hit is 7. If your strength bonus is 100, your max hit becomes 15. Increasing your defence level decreases the accuracy of the enemy. Your defence level does not affect the max hit of the enemy, only the accuracy. For example, if you had level 1 defence, and General Graardor used a melee attack on you, his accuracy would be 99%. With 99 defence and the same gear, Graardor's accuracy becomes 91%. Your defence level is somewhat amplified by your defence bonus. Having a high defence level won't do much unless you have a high defence bonus as well. Your defence bonus mostly comes from armour and jewellery, and having a higher defence bonus also decreases the accuracy of the enemy. Using General Graardor as an example again, if you have level 99 defence, wearing no armour, Graardor's accuracy is 91% with melee. Although, if you wear full Torva, Graardor's accuracy goes down to 53%. Weapon Progression Now let's get into weaponry. I've broken these down into 3 categories, level 1 to 60 attack and strength weapons, level 60 to 99 attack training weapons, then level 60 to 99 strength training weapons. For training defence, you should use the best attack training weapon you can. The weapons go from best on the left, to worst on the right, within each box. In the low-level bracket, the Dragon Warhammer is the best weapon to use at 1 attack, although it does have a 60 strength requirement to wear. So, the best in slot at level 1 is the Swift Blade or the Ham Joint. At levels 5 to 30, the highest level scimitar you can use will be your best option. At level 40, the Brine Sabre is better than the Rune Scimitar, and then at level 50, you unlock the Granite Hammer and Leaf Bladed Weaponry. For training attack, these are the best weapons to use. At level 60, you can use Obsidian weapons, and when paired with the Obsidian Armour set, it gives the highest DPS at level 60. At 65, you unlock the Sarachnis Cudgel which is not as good as the Obsidian set, but is an upgrade from the Dragon Scimitar. At level 70, The Abyssal Whip is best for attack xp followed by the Bludgeon and Dagger.  At 75 attack, you can wear the Abyssal Tentacle, which gives the highest DPS but does degrade. At 80, the Ghrazi Rapier, Inquisitors Mace and Blade of Saeldor are equally your best option, although each have different attack styles. At 82 you unlock the the Osmumten's Fang, although is only the best option when the monster has a high defence level. If the monster has low defence, you should use the Rapier, Mace, or Blade. But, the Fang is a lot cheaper than the Rapier, Mace or Blade, so you should get the Fang if you don’t have those other weapons. For training strength, these are the best weapons. At levels 60 and 65, the weapons are the same as the attack training weapons. However, at level 70, the Abyssal Bludgeon is the best to use for strength training, followed by the Zamorakian Hasta. At level 75, the Blessed Saradomin sword is about as good as the Abyssal Bludgeon, although it degrades. At 80, the Rapier, Mace and Blade are all the best options, then at level 82 you unlock the Osmumten's Fang, which is only good against high defence monsters. Armour Progression Now let’s go through armour progression. With melee, you should prioritize strength bonus when choosing armour and jewellery. Attack bonus is useful, but strength bonus is priority. I'll also be talking about prayer bonus and magic defence gear later on. From levels 1 to 30 defence, you should just use the best metal armour set you can, ranging from iron through to adamant. From there, here are the best armour pieces to wear…. Going from left to right, these are the best to worst in slot items for the head slot. The  Fremennik Trials and Isles quests  for the Berzerker helm and helm of Neitiznot, are both vital steps in upgrading your gear. With 30 defence and 70 strength, you can wear Inquisitors, which gives a decent strength bonus, but should only be worn if you're using a crush weapon. On a main account, you don’t need to complete the  Fremennik Exiles  to make and wear the faceguard, that’s only for ironmen. In the body slot, these are the best items. At level 40, you can wear the Fighter Torso from Barbarian Assault. It gives the same strength bonus as a Bandos Chestplate but its free, so its highly recommended to get one. Alternatively, you can just get an Obsidian Body if you cannot be bothered getting a Fighter Torso or do not have enough money for a Bandos Chestplate.  In the leg slot, you can wear the Fremennik Kilt at any defence level for a +1 strength bonus, but that’s currently over 2 mil on the Grand Exchange, so you can just wear Rune Platelegs or Granite Platelegs when you unlock them. At level 60, you can wear Obsidian Platelegs, which are cheaper than a Fremennik Kilt and give better defensive bonuses. The best in slot is Torva, giving a +4 Strength bonus. With a combined attack and strength level of 130, you can enter The Warrior’s Guild to get defenders. You should do this as soon as you reach 130 since defenders give high attack and strength bonuses. Alternatively, you can wear a Dragonfire Shield or an Obsidian Shield for a small strength bonus, or you can wear the Book of War from horror from the deep also for a small strength bonus. In the ring slot, the new Desert Treasure 2 rings are the best in slot, but they’re very expensive so the best for a lower price is an imbued Berzerker Ring, which you can imbue at Soul Wars, the PVP arena or the Nightmare Zone. Alternatively, a Warrior Ring is a decent option if you’re using slash. In your cape slot, the Infernal Cape is the best in slot, followed by the Fire Cape, Mythical Cape, a Skillcape and then the Obsidian Cape. In the boot slot, at a lower level you can just wear the best metal boots you can, but I would recommend wearing Climbing boots for the +2 strength bonus. Guardian boots give prayer bonus and have high defence bonuses, and Granite boots are fairly cheap for a +3 strength bonus. Spiked Manacles are best in slot for pures as they have no defence requirement, but are expensive. In the necklace slot, the best in slot is an Amulet of Torture, which currently costs about 10 mil. The next best amulets are the Fury, Glory and Amulet of Strength. In some cases with melee, you're going to want to wear armour that gives a high prayer bonus. Proselyte is the best in slot, requiring Slug Menace , followed by Zealots Robes from The Shades of Mort’ton minigame. Vestment robes are decent low-priced option, but if you don’t have the requirements for any of those, you can just wear Monk's robes. Particularly while you’re slaying or bossing, you'll sometimes need to wear magical defence armour. The best in slot for magical defence is Fortified Masori, but that’s pretty expensive, so your next best option is Karil's. Below Karil's you can wear Void for magical defence, but alternatively you should just use the best Dragonhide Armour you can wear. You should avoid using Armadyl for magic defence while using melee, because Armadyl gives negative melee attack bonuses. Pathways to 99 Now lets move onto your pathways to 99. I’m going to start off by showing 2 low level routes, questing and regular training. I’ll then show 3 pathways to 99, and I'm showing the time it takes to get max melee for each pathway, so all three 99s, attack, strength and defence. I’ll start by showing the Fastest Pathway to 99 in the melee stats, where you can get up to 400k xp per hour with alt accounts, or 200k xp per hour solo. On the AFK Pathway that I’m showing, you can get 99 attack, strength and defence in 350 hours at the Nightmare Zone, or 500 hours at Bandits. After the AFK pathway, I’ll talk about slayer which is going to get you 99 in all 3 combat stats in approximately 600 hours. Then I’ll talk about bossing with melee, and I’ll finish off by talking about Free to Play methods. Low Level Training Questing (Low Level) So, as a low level player, your best option for combat training is questing. You can complete the Waterfall quest  with no requirements to get from level 1 to 30 attack and strength. The quest takes 10 to 20 minutes, whereas training from 1 to 30 attack and strength normally is going to take a couple of hours. After the Waterfall quest , there's some additional quests you can do that have low requirements. Doing the quests on the screen, plus the Waterfall quest , will get you to level 45 attack, 36 strength and 31 defence.  If you don't feel like questing, then you can train melee the regular way. Regular Training (Low Level) At level 1 attack and strength, you have 40% higher DPS against cows over sand crabs. So, you should train your low levels at cows with an Iron Scimitar. Above level 10, you can train AFK at any type of crab. Crabs have low defence, and high hitpoints, making them a great target for low level training. There's 4 types of crabs in old school, Rock, Sand, Swamp And Ammonite. They all have similar stats, but the most common ones for training at a low level are sand crabs. There's a number of locations to find sand crabs in old school, mostly along the south eastern coast of Zeah. To train, you just need to find a location with 2 or 3 sand rocks on the ground, and you stand near them to spawn the crabs. After 10 minutes, the crabs stop being aggressive. So, to reset, you run out of view, about 30 tiles away, and then run back. If you find that those standard sand crab locations are too busy, you can complete the Depths of Despair Quest to access the crabs in the Crabclaw Caves. Or, you could pay 10K to go to Crabclaw Isle, which is usually less populated. Now lets move onto the fastest pathway to 99. Fastest Pathway This is what the entire pathway looks like. You start off questing and then training at Sand crabs until level 50. Then the Nightmare Zone  becomes the fastest experience with overloads and powerups. You can train at the Nightmare Zone all the way to 99 with either Obsidian or Dharok's, but the fastest XP in the game comes from using alt accounts to transfer special attack energy, while using the Dinh's Bulwark special attack. Without alt accounts, your fastest method is Pest Control  with Combat Achievements completed for the extra points. Another method I’ll talk about is chinning on defensive mode,  which is the fastest defence experience in the game without alts. So, from level 1, the fastest way to gain experience is Questing , by at least doing the Waterfall quest .  I just talked about questing in the low-level section, so if you want to learn more, skip back to that section. From level 30 to 50, the fastest experience you'll get is attacking monsters constantly, and crabs are perfect for that because of their high hit points, low defence and AFK time. I also talked about crabs in the low-level section, so skip back to that to hear more. If you’re going for the fastest experience though, you should be using stat boosting prayers with prayer potions, as well as divine super combat potions. Nightmare Zone Guide At level 50 attack and strength, you should head to the Nightmare Zone  for the best experience. The Nightmare Zone is the fastest because…                 You can use Overloads for a higher boost than Super potions,                 And you can use powerups, particularly Power Surge, which constantly regenerates your special attack. To take part in the Nightmare Zone, you need to have completed at least 5 quests with applicable bosses. These are the quests and subsequent bosses that you should aim to complete to train melee in the Nightmare Zone. If it’s your first time at the Nightmare Zone, you'll need to earn some points to use Absorptions and Overloads. To start off with, you should select bosses that use melee and use protect from melee with Prayer Potions until you have enough points. You should also activate the recurrent Damage, Zapper and Power Surge powerups when they appear. To get the most out of your Nightmare Zone trips, you should also unlock the Dwarven rock cake or the Locator Orb. The rock cake is far easier to get, only requiring the freeing the Mountain Dwarf part of  Recipe for Disaster. These items are useful in the Nightmare Zone because they prolong your Absorption potions. Every dose of an Absorption potion absorbs 50 incoming damage from enemies. If you lower your health down to 1 with a rock cake or locator orb, you'll only be hit a maximum of 1 by enemies, so your absorption will only go down by 1. At level 50 in the combat stats, you should set your dream to a Customized Normal Rumble. This is because Hard Mode monsters have a high defence level, and should only be fought above level 70 in attack and strength. To enter the Nightmare Zone, you firstly need to start a dream by talking to Dominic, and select the type of rumble you want. Before you can enter, you need to have coins in the coffer nearby. To deposit, click on the coffer and select deposit. You’ll also want to withdraw some overloads and absorption potions from the barrels. Then, to select the bosses on your customized dream, click on the potion.  Then select the relevant melee training bosses, and when you're ready select accept. Once you’re inside, if you’re overloading, you should sip that first.  Then, you can use your rock cake or locator orb to lower yourself down to 1 hitpoints, but don’t do it too quickly because you can die from the overload damage.  Once you’re at 1, you can drink a bunch of absorption potions. Now you are ready to fight, so you can make your way to the center of the arena or if you have the Ice Troll or Dad Boss activated, you should stand in a corner. You attack the bosses while keeping an eye out for a yellow powerup, which is called Power Surge, and it’s the one that constantly regenerates your special attack With 50 in the combat stats, you should use a Granite Maul as your special attack weapon, paired with a Granite Hammer as your main weapon, if you can afford it. With 60 defence, you can wear Obsidian Armour, and wearing the helmet, body and legs together gives a 10% accuracy and damage boost with obsidian weapons. You can also wear a Berzerker Necklace for a 20% damage boost with obsidian weapons. With the full set plus the Berzerker Necklace, you can use an obsidian sword to get up to 100k xp per hour in the nightmare zone, provided you’re still using the Power Surge powerups. At 60 attack you can wear the Dragon Claws, which become your best special attack weapon. Paired with an Ornate Granite Maul, you can use your whole special attack bar in one tick, and it fully regenerates by your next attack. With 70 attack, strength and defence, you can wear the full Dharok's set, which provides the fastest experience within the nightmare zone. But, Dharok's is only viable if you have above level 90 hitpoints, because the extra damage is higher with a higher hitpoints. With Dharok's you can hit high damage, and paired with the Power Surge powerup with Dragon Claws, you can get up to 170k xp per hour at high levels. In the Nightmare Zone, you can also boost your xp rates by using Piety. So, bring some prayer potions if you’re going for the fastest experience. It costs money to use the Nightmare Zone - but you can easily recoup that money by purchasing herb boxes from the rewards chest. Each day, you can buy 15 herb boxes which have an average value of 190k in herbs. Fastest Methods in OSRS At level 75 attack and defence, you unlock the fastest melee method in the game. This is done using the Dinh's Bulwark. It has a special attack that hits up to 10 enemies in an 11 by 11 area, with 20% increased accuracy. Pairing this with the energy transfer lunar spell, you can use alt accounts or have your friends constantly regenerate your special attack. The best place to do this is at Nechryaels in the catacombs of Kourend since there’s a lot of monsters, and its easily accessible. So, the alt accounts will be using energy transfer, then teleporting to house, regenerating their special attack, and then teleporting back to the catacombs to use energy transfer again. With 3 alt accounts, you can get up to 420k xp per hour with high combat stats. At level 100 combat, Pest Control becomes the fastest solo melee training method. A couple of years ago, Jagex added Combat Achievements… and one of the rewards for completing Combat Achievements is increased points from Pest Control. You now get 8 points per game with the Hard Combat Achievements in the high-level boat. With that, you can get up to 240 points per hour, and you can convert points into combat experience at the Rewards shop. 240 points is going to give you 145k combat experience at level 99, which means in total, you can get up to 200k xp per hour. At lower levels though, you’re going to see slower xp rates. At level 75, 240 points will get you 82k xp, totaling around 120 to 130k xp per hour, which is still the fastest solo xp in the game at that level. The final method in the Fastest Pathway is chinning on defensive mode. With Black Chinchompas and 99 Ranged, you can get up to 350k defence xp per hour. At the same time, you will be getting 350k Ranged xp and 250k Hitpoints xp. This makes chinning on defensive mode the fastest  defence xp in the game without alt accounts. AFK Pathway Now it’s time for the AFK pathway… On this pathway, you will start off training at crabs for your early experience. And then at level 50, the Nightmare Zone becomes a viable AFK training spot. Bandits are another decent AFK option at around 70 in the combat stats, and Slayer can be an AFK method as well. So, from level 1 to 50, your best AFK xp is going to come from crabs, where you can AFK for up to 10 minutes at a time. I talked about crabs in the low-level section of this guide, so if you want to learn more about crabs, skip back to the low-level section. At level 50 attack and strength, the Nightmare Zone becomes one of your best AFK options. In the Nightmare Zone, you can AFK for up to 20 minutes at a time depending on what setup you’re using. If you’re using overloads and absorption potions, you can AFK for 5 minutes at a time before you need to re-overload. If you only use absorption potions, you could AFK for about 10 minutes before you should drop your health with the rock cake or locator orb, and drink more absorptions. If you’re using protection prayers in the Nightmare Zone, you can AFK for about 5 minutes at a time depending on your prayer bonus and level. But, to get the most AFK time in the Nightmare Zone, you can use the full Guthans setup to automatically heal yourself, allowing you to AFK for 20 minutes at a time. Within the Nightmare Zone, you should do  Normal Rumbles  at level 50 until around level 75, where you should swap to Hard Rumbles . To learn more about the Nightmare Zone, skip back to the  Fastest Pathway . There I talk about what quests you should do and some more useful tips. At level 70 in the combat stats, bandits become a viable AFK training method. At bandits, you can AFK for up to 20 minutes if you have a Saradomin or Zamorak item equipped. With 70 defence and full Torag's, you can AFK at bandits for up to 10 minutes before you should eat food to heal up. In the general store nearby, you can find tiles who un-notes items, so you can bring along noted food to stay here forever. Using Protect from Melee  is another popular option at bandits. With 80 Prayer and full Proselyte, Protect from Melee is going to last 6 minutes and 24 seconds. You can also bring noted prayer potions and un-note them at tiles. Although, Guthans gives the longest AFK times at bandits, allowing you to AFK for 20 minutes at a time. Bandits are located at bandit camp in the desert. You're immune from the desert heat while you’re inside bandit camp so you don’t need waterskins. To get there, you can take a magic carpet ride to Bedabin Camp  from the Shantay Pass  and then run south. These are the best locations to stand to be constantly attacking bandits. Bandits are popular so you might need to hop a bit to find an empty world. Also, at 70 in the combat stats, slayer becomes a viable AFK melee training method. There's 3 ways to AFK slayer tasks. If the monster is aggressive, then you can AFK for 10 minutes before you need to reset. If the monster is in multicombat, then you can attack each one, and then AFK while you finish them off. Or, you can use a cannon on some slayer tasks to attack monsters for you, and if you stand underneath your cannon, you can prolong the duration of your cannonballs, letting you AFK for longer. Slayer Pathway Slayer isn't just an AFK combat training method, it’s also efficient combat experience because you’re training your slayer at the same time. Also, on Slayer tasks, you can use the Black Mask  or the  Slayer Helmet  for the damage and accuracy boost, which further increases the efficiency. While training from 1 to 99 slayer, it’s possible to get 99 in most of the combat stats. If you plan on getting 99 slayer one day, you should train your slayer instead of following the Fast or AFK pathway that I’ve shown, otherwise you'll be gaining a lot of xp past level 99. Bossing With Melee Next up I’m going to cover bossing with melee. Training up your melee stats is a great way to get a taste of bossing. Arguably the easiest boss in the game, the Giant Mole, can be defeated with just 43 prayer and level 40s in the combat stats. Using Protect from Melee, you can mitigate all damage. One of the easiest pets in the game can be obtained by defeating the Chaos Elemental, which you can flinch with melee to also take no damage. 2 more fairly easy bosses are Obor and Sarachnis which are both weak to melee. 2 of the 4 God Wars bosses are best killed with melee, and particularly Bandos is a great introduction to team bossing at a low level. Venenatis and Vet’ion are both highly profitable wilderness bosses that should be killed with melee. 4 slayer bosses are melee weak, all of which can be killed for high profit, and ironmen can obtain a number of important uniques from these bosses. The recently added Desert Treasure 2  brought 2 new melee bosses to the game, Duke Sucellus and Vardorvis. Vorkath is a highly profitable boss that’s weak to stab, accessible after Dragon Slayer 2. The Nightmare is weak to crush attacks, and the Corporeal Beast is weak to stab, and both are difficult bosses with valuable drops. All 3 raids in old school require melee, and before going on any of the raids, I’d suggest having at least 85 attack strength and defence, plus high ranged, magic and prayer. F2P Methods Now to finish off the guide, I'm going to talk about Free to Play melee training. In 2015, Jagex added frogs to the Lumbridge Swamp. They have decent hitpoints and minimal defence, making them a great target for low level training. In the area, you can find Regular frogs, Big frogs and Giant frogs. You should attack the Regular frogs at a low level, then move onto Big frogs and Giant frogs above level 20 combat. At a higher level in free to play, you unlock an AFK and decently fast training method within the Stronghold of Security . You can train at the giant spiders on level 3 of the Stronghold for an AFK time of 10 minutes, although at lower levels you will need to eat food. After 10 minutes, the giant spiders stop attacking you, and to reset, you need to run out of view and come back, or you can go to another room on the other side of the Stronghold. If you want to make some money in free to play, you can go to the Ogress Warriors near Corsair Cove. They drop a few alchables and runes. Thanks for reading my 1 – 99 Melee Guide. Anyways guys, I hope you learned something helpful today or enjoyed. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix  friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this guide, and have a nice day!

Complete 1-99 Combat Training Guide for OSRS



What's going on guys! My name's Theoatrix,  and welcome to my level 1-99 Ranged Guide for OSRS . This guide is ironman friendly, and its suitable for pures as well. GUIDE OUTLINE Why Train Ranged How Ranged Works Useful Unlocks Ranged Weapons Ranged Armour Pathways to 99 Low Level Training Fastest Pathway AFK Pathway Ranged Slayer Bossing With Ranged F2P Methods If you would prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide. Why Train Ranged? So why should you train your ranged level? Ranged is one of the Fastest 99's in the game - At high levels you can get XP rates of up to 1M per hour … On the Fastest Pathway that I’m showing in this article, you can get 99 Ranged in only 22 Hours . Ranged is also an AFKable 99. On the AFK Pathway that I’m showing, you can get 99 Ranged in 105 hours , with AFK intervals of up to 20 minutes . A big reason to train Ranged is because of its excellent use in PvM  and  PvP . A number of Bosses are weak to Ranged, like Zulrah and Muspah, and all 3 Raids require Ranged. 
 It's recommended to level up to 80 Ranged  before you consider Bossing or Raiding. Some day, you might consider making a Pure account. Well, Ranged is commonly the main attack style for pures due to its fast attack speed and high accuracy . 8 quests in Old School have a Ranged level requirement. Most of these quests are essential in progressing your account, unlocking new areas and more quests. You need level 60 Ranged to get the Quest Cape, and you need level 70 Ranged for the Achievement Diary Cape. How Ranged Works Now I’m going to go over how Ranged works, starting with your ranged level. Increasing your Ranged Level increases both your Ranged Accuracy and Max Hit . With a regular Shortbow and  Bronze arrows , at level 1, your max hit is 1 , and your accuracy is 50.5% . At 99 Ranged, with the same gear, your max hit is 12 , with an accuracy of 95.8% . Your Ranged Attack Bonus  comes from weapons and armour, and increasing your ranged attack bonus increases your Ranged Accuracy . The Bowfa (Bow of faerdhinen) gives the highest ranged attack bonus  out of any weapon, giving +128 . Every piece of  Ranged Armour  gives a ranged attack bonus, with Masori armour giving the highest in the game. Your Ranged Strength Bonus  mostly comes from ammunition, and some weapons and armour give ranged strength bonus too. Increasing your ranged strength bonus only increases your ranged max hit. The highest ranged strength bonus you can get comes from using a Heavy Ballista  with  Dragon Javelins . The Necklace of Anguish  is a notable item that gives ranged strength bonus, and the Masori armour set  gives a small strength bonus as well. Most ranged weapons in Old School have 3 Combat Styles. There's Accurate , which gives a +3 invisible ranged level boost. There's Rapid , which attacks 1 tick faster. And there is Longrange , which has an increased attack distance. For the best XP and DPS, its recommended to always use Rapid . Chinchompas work a little differently. They have  Short, Medium, and Long fuse , which have similar attributes to Accurate Rapid, and Longrange , except they have different accuracy rolls. Their accuracy is based on how many tiles away the monster is.  So, this means you should use Short fuse  if you want to save money and get the most out of your Chinchompas. Although Medium fuse is the best XP  per hour due to the increased attack speed. Now I’m going to go over the useful unlocks that will help with your ranged training. Useful Unlocks Completing Animal Magnetism  rewards the Ava's devices, a cape slot item that automatically picks up ammunition as you shoot it. This is a must for ranged training - its going to save you millions on your journey to 99. You can then complete Dragon Slayer 2 to upgrade to the Ava's assembler,  which gives extra ranged bonuses. Starting Monkey Madness 1 and Monkey Madness 2 , both unlock chinning training locations. If you're after the fastest experience, you'll need at least one of these to be able to chin effectively. Overall Maniacal Monkeys  are better XP per hour, so aim for Monkey Madness 2 . Completing the Dwarf Cannon  quest allows you to use the Dwarf Multicannon , which provides the fastest XP rates at a low level. The cannon is also used with Slayer training, another big source of ranged experience. From the Horror from the Deep  quest, you can get the Book of Law , which gives a plus 10 ranged attack bonus. This use useful for pures since it doesn’t have any requirements to wear. Its highly recommended to use an imbued Archer's ring . You can now imbue items at Soul Wars, the Nightmare Zone, and the PvP arena. I recommend imbuing at the Nightmare Zone (NMZ)  since its really AFK, although Soul Wars  is a quick way to imbue. The last useful unlock is Rigour , a prayer unlocked at 77 prayer. To unlock Rigour, you need to read a Dexterous Prayer Scroll , and these currently cost 30 Mil  on the Grand Exchange. Now I’m going to go over the Ranged weapons you should be using. I've picked 5 of the best weapons for each combat bracket. Ranged Weapons These are the weapons for the low ranged bracket. At level 1, using a Cannon is the fastest, followed by Iron knives and short bows. At level 20, Mithril Darts  are very affordable and effective. At the mid-level, Chinchompas are going to give you the best XP rates. A Rune crossbow with Broad Bolts is about on par with a Magic short bow with Rune arrows, although Rune arrows are far more expensive than Broad Bolts. In the higher-level bracket, Black Chinchompas  give the highest XP rates. The Corrupted Bowfa (Bow of faerdhinen (c))  is the best to use for regular training, followed by the Toxic Blowpipe. The Venator Bow is another decent option in multicombat areas. Ranged Armour From levels 1 to 50, these are the best armour sets that you should be using. Take note that the Green d’hide body requires Dragon Slayer 1  to wear. Pure accounts can only wear the leg slot item, and pures can't wear Snakeskin. Above level 50, these are the best armour sets to wear. Black d’hide is a cost effective armour option, and Masori is the best in slot. Blessed d’hide  gives the same ranged bonuses as black d’hide, but gives a prayer bonus  as well. There are 2 more armour sets you should be aware of. Void is a great armour set to have; however, its only effective against monsters with a high defence level, so Void is good against bosses. You should aim for Elite Void for the extra ranged damage boost. The Crystal Armour  set, which you can wear after Song of the Elves , is a very effective armour set if you’re using Crystal weaponry. The Crystal Set is better than Masori when using the Bowfa. As well as your ranged armour, there's some extra items you should aim to have. In the Head Slot, these are the best items to use. Masori is best, followed by Armadyl, Blessed Coifs and Karils. The Robin Hood hat is best in slot for pures. Boot Slot items for ranged are pretty expensive. If you have the defence level, you can wear D’hide  boots which are much cheaper than Rangers or Pegasians . Otherwise you can just wear Snakeskin boots. In the Gloves Slot, at a low level, you should use the best vambraces you can. If you have the Barrows Gloves unlocked, they are better than Black D’hide vambraces. The best in slot are Zaryte Vambraces . In terms of necklaces, if you have the money you should get a Necklace of Anguish  for the extra Ranged Strength  bonus. Otherwise, you can use a Fury or Glory , which both give a +10 Ranged Attack bonus. In the shield slot, the  Twisted Buckler  is the best in slot, although an Odium Ward or a Book of Law  are decent low-priced options.   Pathways to 99 Now lets move into the Pathways to 99. I'm going to start off by showing some low-level training methods, then I'll show 2 Pathways to 99, the  Fastest Experience  and an AFK Pathway. The Fastest XP pathway takes as little as  22 Hours for 99. It costs 112 mil  if you use Black Chinchompas, and it costs less than half if you use Grey or Red Chinchompas. The AFK Pathway takes 105 Hours  and costs  4 Mil . I recommend following both pathways and switch depending on whether you want to AFK or not. Low Level Training At a low ranged level, levelling up is incredibly slow if you attack monsters normally. So, its strongly recommended  to complete quests for your early levels. The Temple of Ikov quest can get you from level 1 straight to 27 ranged. In the Quest menu, it says you need 40 Ranged to complete Temple of Ikov , but you can bypass this requirement by using Darts or Knives, while having Ice Arrows equipped. Another quest you can complete from a low level is Horror from the Deep , and this grants 4.6k Ranged XP . It requires 35 Agility , and you'll need a decent magic level to kill the Dagannoth Mother . If you completed the Temple of Ikov  first, you'd get to 31 Ranged  after Horror from the Deep . Death to the Dorgeshuun  is another quest that gives Ranged XP with low requirements. You need 23 Thieving and Agility , plus the Lost Tribe  quest. If you did the previous 2 quests, you'd be at level 32. If you would prefer to train normally instead of questing at a low level, there's 2 methods, Crabs and Cannoning . There's 4 Types of Crabs  in Old School, and they all have similar bonuses, except Swamp Crabs  have a negative ranged defence bonus. This makes them the best for low level ranged training. Swamp Crabs  are found in Morytania . There are a few locations, but on the screen I've marked out the spots with at least 2 crabs. Alternatively, Sand Crabs are a good option for fresh accounts, and there's many locations to find these. On the screen are some of them. So the other low level method is Cannoning, and even at level 1 Ranged, you can get over 100k XP per hour , which is very fast. There's a few places you can cannon. You could go to Ogres near Castle Wars , or there’s Caged Ogres  available after the Biohazard quest. Or you could go to Rock Crabs  with your cannon, or Dagannoths in the Lighthouse  which are one of the fastest cannon spots in the game. If you want to save some money while you cannon, there are a few cost effective  cannon locations. You can cannon  Ice Trolls  for various Rune items and Granite Shields, overall making you break-even. Or you can cannon Scabarites  after the Contact  quest, and these drop alchables, herbs and seeds.  Fastest Pathway Now lets get into the fastest pathway to 99. As mentioned, this pathway takes 22 Hours and costs around 112 Mil.  So, you start off cannoning from a low level, then you'll be chinning all the way to 99 at high XP rates. You can choose to use Grey or Red Chinchompas all the way to 99 for slower XP rates, but at a far lower cost. So, at level 1, you'll want to complete the Dwarf Cannon  quest, which has no requirements . Then get your hands on a cannon from the Grand Exchange, and some cannonballs. To get from level 1 to 45 , you'll need around 2000 Cannonballs. You should cannon at one of the locations I mentioned in the low-level training section Something to keep in mind while using a cannon , is that your cannons accuracy is based off the attack bonus  of your current attack style. So, it’s best to wear your best gear and weapon  when using a cannon. At 45 ranged , you can wear Grey Chinchompas , which are the fastest method  until Red Chinchompas and Black Chinchompas. There are 2 places I suggest chinning at. The first is the  Monkey Madness 1  tunnels, where there are Skeletal Monkeys . And the other is the monkey madness 2 tunnels, where you can find Maniacal Monkeys . Both caves require you to almost complete the Monkey Madness  quests to access them. These are the XP rates you can expect. At a low level with Grey Chins, you’re going to see XP rates of around 250k per hour , which is really fast. At high ranged levels and with Black Chinchompas , you can reach over 1 mil XP per hour . It’s important to keep in mind that the  Monkey Madness 2  tunnels are faster XP per hour since there’s a lot more monkeys there. So, if you’re chinning in the Monkey Madness 1  tunnels, you might need more chins than the amounts shown on the screen. Grey Chinchompas  are the most cost effective  but give the slowest XP rates. although if you want to train at a lower cost , you’ll still level up really fast with Grey Chins. Overall, if you went from Grey Chins to Red, to Black, its going to cost  112 Mil,  but will only take 21 Hours from 45 to 99. In terms of armour, these are the best setups to use. It's important to prioritize ranged strength bonus as well as prayer bonus , although having a high ranged attack bonus does help. This makes Elite Void  the best setup to use, followed by Masori and Armadyl. At low levels, just use the best Dragonhide you can, as well as Monk Robes or God Vestment Robes  for prayer bonus. This is what you should bring in your inventory. It varies depending on whether you go to the Monkey Madness 1 tunnels or  Monkey Madness 2 . In the Monkey Madness 2 tunnels, you don’t need to bring many Prayer Potions  with you since the monkeys drop Prayer Potions, and you can use the Bonecrusher . You shouldn’t use the Bonecrusher in the  Monkey Madness 1 tunnels because the Skeletal Monkeys  spawn from bones that are left on the ground. You should also bring Divine Ranging  potions for the best XP rates, and you'll also need a light source  for the Monkey Madness 2  tunnels. This is how you navigate the Monkey Madness 1  tunnels. You start by using the Ape Atoll Teleport Spell,  or you can use the tablet available off the Grand Exchange. It teleports you right inside the tunnels, close to where you’ll be chinning. So, from the teleport location, you follow the tunnels for about 1 minute, until you reach an opening with Skeletal Monkeys . Walk around to get the monkeys aggressive to you, but avoid the spike traps  on the floor. Then, once they’re aggressive, stand on this tile. Here, you’ll avoid damage from the falling rocks in the cave. To stack up the monkeys, you can run between these two tiles. After some time, the monkeys lose aggression. To reset, you can run back the way you came and then return. For the Monkey Madness 2 tunnels, you should start by teleporting with your Royal Seed Pod , then head up to the gnome glider  on the top floor. From here, take the glider to Ape Atoll (Ookookolly Undri) . Then you head South into the trapdoor in the grass. head South , then East , and here you follow the path you took during Monkey Madness 2 , until you reach the green circle. Here, you enter another cave, then you run East , all the way to the open area with a lot of monkeys. Then, you run to a corner of the room, and to stack up the monkeys you run back and forth around a corner. Once they're stacked, you can start chinning. After some time, the monkeys will stop being aggressive. To reset, just run back towards where you entered the cave, then run back. AFK Pathway Now let’s get into the AFK pathway. On this pathway, you’ll start off training at crabs , then at a higher level you’ll move to the Nightmare Zone . At level 80, the Venator Bow becomes the fastest AFK training method. So, from level 1 to 70, or from level 1 to 99 if you’re a pure, the best way to AFK is at crabs. You can AFK for 10 minutes  at all types of crabs. If you want to learn more, skip back to the low-level training section of this guide. If you find that those standard crab locations are too busy, you can complete the Depths of Despair  Quest to access the crabs in the Crabclaw Caves . Or, you could pay 10K to go to Crabclaw Isle , which is usually less populated. It’s going to take approximately 25 Hours  to get from 1 to 70.. I strongly suggest having Ava’s Device  if you’re planning to AFK at crabs since it allows you to use better ammo without losing much money. At level 70 Ranged, you should head to the Nightmare Zone. Here you'll get better XP rates, and if you start at  1 Hitpoint , and drink a lot of Absorption Potions,  you’re able to AFK for 20 minutes  before you stop attacking. When training ranged in the Nightmare Zone, you should set the monsters to Normal Mode , not hard, since the hard monsters have a high ranged defence. On the screen I’m showing the recommended quests and subsequent bosses for training ranged in the Nightmare Zone . You need at least 5 of these to be able to start a dream. For the most AFK experience, you’ll need a Rock Cake or a Locator Orb , which are obtained from freeing the  Mountain Dwarf  and  Dragon Slayer 2 . Additionally, you’ll need Absorption Potions and Super Ranging Potions , which are rewards from the Nightmare Zone. So if its your first time in the Nightmare Zone  and you don’t have any reward points, you should select bosses that use melee and use Protect from Melee  until you have enough points for Absorption Potions . At level 80 Ranged, you can wear the  Venator Bow . This currently costs 44 mil on the Grand Exchange, and its charged with Ancient Essence  which are only 66 coins  each. When charged, the bow attacks up to 3 monsters at once. In dense multicombat areas, this lets you AFK for up to 20 minutes at a time. There's a few notable places to use the Venator Bow. The Catacombs of Kourend  contains a lot of monsters in a multi-combat area. Monsters like Bloodvelds , Abyssal Demons  and Dust Devils  and all be AFKed. However, the Nightmare Zone  provides the highest XP rates with the Venator Bow since you can use Super Ranging Potions . Next I’m going to briefly cover Ranged training with Slayer. Ranged Slayer As I just mentioned, the Venator Bow can be used on monsters within the Catacombs of Kourend  for AFK experience. And a lot of those monsters are assigned as Slayer Tasks. But with slayer, I suggest using Melee as your main attack style. If you trained from level 1 to 99 Slayer , cannoning as many tasks as possible, while using melee as your main attack style, you'd reach around level 90 Ranged. So if you plan on going for 99 Slayer one day, you should do Slayer before Ranged, otherwise you'll end up with a lot of excess ranged XP.  Bossing With Ranged  Now lets talk about bossing Ranged is commonly used with bossing due to its high accuracy and damage. With at least level 61 Ranged for the Rune Crossbow, you might consider defeating Jad for the Fire Cape. Also with the Rune Crossbow, you can defeat the King Black Dragon , which can drop a Dragon pickaxe, a Visage or a Pet. With a recommended Ranged level of 85, you can defeat Zulrah, Vorkath, and Muspah, all highly profitable bosses with pet drops. At an even high ranged level, you can start raiding , which brings in the most profit in the game. F2P Methods Now to finish off the guide, I’m going to go over some free to play training tips. As you level up, you should use the best bow you can until the Maple Shortbow . In free to play, the best weapon you can use is a Maple Shortbow  with Adamant arrows .  Although Adamant arrows  are expensive, so Iron arrows are a cheap option for free to play where you can't get the Ava’s devices. At a low level, cows and chickens around Lumbridge are low defence targets for ranged training. At mid to high levels, players can start safe spotting monsters. You can safe-spot Ogress Warriors  for profit in the Corsair Cove Dungeon , and to get there, you need to start the Corsair Curse  quest. Moss Giants  can be safe spotted in Varrock sewers  as well, and these aren't really that profitable in free to play but you’ll be able to fight Bryophyta. For AFK training in free to play, I suggest going to the spiders on the 3rd floor of the Stronghold of Security . Here you can AFK for 10 minutes  before you need to reset, but keep in mind, they do hit quite a bit, so you’ll need some defence levels to train here. I also recommend wearing  Full Rune  with your Maple Shortbow  when training here so that you can AFK the longest without dying.   OSRS Ranged Guide Thanks for reading my  1 – 99 Ranged Guide . I hope you learned something helpful today and enjoyed. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

Complete 1-99 Ranged Guide for OSRS



What's going on guys, my name's Theoatrix and welcome to my updated level 1-99 fishing guide. I'm revisiting my old guides and improving them, so over the next few months you can expect up-to-date versions. Guide Contents Fishing Basics  Why Train Fishing  Pathways To 99  Barbarian Pathway  Tick Pathway  Tempoross  Fishing XP Boosts  In this guide I'll take you through three pathways to level 99, and I'll also talk about fishing XP boosting equipment. If you'd prefer to watch a video version of this guide, you can watch that below. Otherwise you can continue down the page to read the written guide. Fishing Basics Fishing is a skill that's primarily trained by interacting with fishing spots around Runescape. With the correct bait and equipment, your player starts catching fish and gaining experience. Why Train Fishing So why should you train fishing? Leveling your fishing unlocks essentials for your account. You need level 53 fishing to complete the quests for Barrow's Gloves. You'll need 62 fishing to get the Quest Cape, and you'll need 96 for the Achievement Diary Cape. The skill is also an essential source of food for Ironmen, and the rewards from Temporos are great for early game accounts and Ironmen. Fishing also unlocks a range of money makers, and overall is a relaxed skill to train to 99. Pathways To 99 So there's three pathways to 99 for this guide, and each of them have their own benefits. The first pathway is Barbarian Fishing, which can be done afk or 3 ticked for faster experience. It takes roughly 210 hours afking, and 120 hours 3 ticking. There's the Tick Manipulation Pathway, which is the fastest way to get to 99 fishing, and that takes around 105 hours. 
 And lastly, I'll talk about training at Temporos, and getting to 99 there takes roughly 190 hours, and gives considerably more profit. Barbarian Pathway The Barbarian Fishing Pathway starts off with either questing or catching shrimp, then baiting sardines and herring to 20, then fly fishing to 58, and then barbarian fishing to 99. As with most skills, questing is the most efficient way to level up at a low level. Completing the highlighted three quests will get you from 1 to 27 fishing in an efficient manner. These quests have little to no requirements as well. You can also complete Taibwo One-Eye Trio and the Fremenik Trials quest to get yourself to 33, although those quests have higher requirements, but they are still essential quests for your account. If you decide not to do quests, from level 1, you begin your fishing journey catching shrimps. This can be done at a variety of locations around RuneScape. Two easily accessible spots are at the southeastern end of Lumbridge Swamp, and there's spots south of Alkarid Bank. To catch shrimp, you'll need a small fishing net, and it's going to take roughly 10 minutes to get from 1 to 5 fishing. From level 5, you should catch sardines at the same fishing spots. For these, you'll need a regular fishing rod and some fishing bait, so if you're going from level 1 to 20, you can bring the small fishing net plus the rod and bait to save you from going to the bank. 
 After reaching level 10, you'll begin catching herring as well as sardines, which increases your XP rate. Going from 5 to 20 fishing will take around 30 minutes. From level 20 fishing, you can start catching trout. Trout is caught by fly fishing, which requires a fly fishing rod and feathers. There's a multitude of fly fishing spots around RuneScape. There's a spot near the goblins in Lumbridge near the canoe, and Shiloh Village is the best place if you want to bank the fish, because there's one close by. After reaching level 30, you begin catching salmon as well as trout, which increases your XP rate. At level 20 fishing, you can expect around 20k XP an hour, and at the higher fishing levels, you can get around 40k. This means that going from 20 to 58 will take roughly 5 to 6 hours, although you can 3 tick fly fish, which greatly increases your XP rates, and I'll show how to do that in the tick manipulation pathway next. From level 58, Barbarian Fishing becomes an efficient way to train. Barbarian Fishing is done at Otto's Grotto, which you can get to with a Games Necklace to Barbarian Assault. 
 For Barbarian Fishing, you'll also need 30 agility and 30 strength, and you actually unlock Barbarian Fishing at 48 fishing, but fly fishing is still faster until level 58 since you unlock Leaping Salmon at 58. To do Barbarian Fishing, you also need to partially complete Barbarian Training. This means you'll need to speak to Otto about Barbarian Fishing and search for the rod under his bed. So you fish here using the Barbarian Rod along with feathers, and you can train here AFK, or you can use the 3 tick method. By 3 ticking, you increase your catch rate by 66%, so you essentially get 66% more XP per hour. That means at 58 fishing, you'll get over 60k XP per hour 3 ticking. So with these XP rates, it's going to take 120 hours to get to 99 3 ticking, and around 210 hours if you're AFKing at Barbarian Fishing. 
 I highly suggest learning how to 3 tick for at least some of your training to 99. So this is how 3 ticking works. You firstly need items that enable you to start a 3 tick action. This could be creating herb tars, fletching teak or mahogany stalks, or using kebbit claws on vambraces. When fishing, on the first tick, you start your 3 tick action, and on the second tick, you do nothing or drop fish, and on the third tick, you click on the fishing spot and then repeat the cycle. The fish catching rolls on the third tick of the cycle. For beginners, it can take some time to get the timing right, but RuneLite has a metronome plugin built in, which I suggest trying. Overall, if you choose the Barbarian training pathway, I highly recommend learning to 3 tick. Tick Pathway This tick manipulation pathway is the fastest way to 99 fishing. On the pathway, you'll begin with Shrimp, then 3 tick Sardines, then 3 tick Fly Fishing until 58, and then 3 tick Barbarian Fishing till 71, then 2 tick Harpooning to 99. To train the fastest from level 1, you should begin with a net, regular rod, bait and 3 tick equipment. Then, you'll need to go to any net bait fishing spot across RuneScape, and you start off fishing for Shrimp until level 5, and this takes 5 to 10 minutes to get to level 5. Then, you can begin 3 ticking Sardines, and going from 5 to 20 will take around 15 minutes. Since net fishing is the top option at a bait fishing spot, you need to use the Menu Entry Swapper plugin on RuneLite to change it. 
 With the plugin active, you hold Shift and right-click the fishing spot, then select Swap Left-Click Bait. So, 3 tick Sardines is the fastest training method from 5 to 20, although it is more efficient in the long run to do quests, since quests are essential for most account builds. 
 After reaching level 20, 3 tick Fly Fishing is the next fastest method. For Fly Fishing, you'll need a Fly Fishing Rod and Feathers, along with the items to start a 3 tick action. The strategy is the same as Barbarian 3 Ticking, and 3 tick Fly Fishing nets you 30 to 60k XP per hour, which is a big jump from regular training. From 58 to 71, 3 tick Barbarian Fishing is the fastest. When you start out, you'll be getting almost 70k XP per hour, and as you level, it scales up to 90. To get to 71, it's going to take around 7 hours depending on how well you can 3 tick. If you'd like a full rundown of 3 tick Barbarian Fishing, check out the Barbarian Fishing Pathway of this guide. At level 71 fishing, 2 tick Harpooning with a Crystal Harpoon is the fastest method in the game. 2 tick Harpooning is done by having 2 monsters attack you so that they hit you every 2 game ticks. Then, by wearing a shortbow with no ammunition, your character tries to retaliate every 2 game ticks, and that starts a 2 tick cycle. This means if you start fishing just after you get hit, your player fishes every 2 game ticks. So 2 tick Harpooning is best done at the Piscorilius house. One very important thing to note is that this method is only worth doing if you have the Crystal Harpoon. Otherwise, you're better off doing 3 tick Barbarian Fishing. So the Crystal Harpoon is viable from 71, and the Dragon Harpoon becomes viable above 90 fishing, so at 90 the Dragon Harpoon surpasses 3 tick Barbarian Fishing. You get massive XP rates with 2 tick Harpooning, reaching close to 90k an hour at 71, and peaking at 135k per hour. So overall, getting from 1 to 99 using the tick manipulation pathway is going to take 105 hours on average. Tempoross At level 35 fishing, players can face Tempoross for relatively fast XP rates and minimal effort. The XP rates range from 30 to 80k XP per hour and vary depending on whether you choose to cook. Cooking gives more rewards, but less overall fishing experience. Temporos is slightly faster than AFKing at Barbarian Fishing, but not as fast as 3 ticking. If you'd like to learn all about Temporos, I suggest checking out my complete Temporos guide:  Overall, Temporos provides decent rewards for low-level Ironmen, and on regular accounts the rewards are a great source of profit. I would suggest training at least some of your fishing at Temporos to change up your training journey to 99. Fishing XP Boosts So now I'd like to talk about Fishing XP Boosting Equipment. Upgrading your Harpoon greatly speeds up your fishing XP rates at Temporos, and with 2 tick harpooning. You should use the Dragon Harpoon at 61 fishing, even if you can't equip it, and at 70 fishing and with Song of the Elves, the Crystal Harpoon becomes the best option in the game. Another alternative is the Infernal Harpoon, unlocked at 75 fishing and 85 cooking, and this one is pricey to use, but is the best to use at Temporos if you're going for points. From Aerial Fishing or Fishing Trawler, you can get the Angler outfit. It's recommended to get the outfit at Fishing Trawler, since it takes longer to get at Aerial Fishing on average. The full Angler set increases the amount of fishing XP that you get by 2.5%, and the set is also needed to catch Minnows. With Spirit Flakes, you can convert the outfit to this Spirit Angler outfit, and with the full set, it acts as a rope, saving an inventory slot in Temporos. Overall, the Angler outfit isn't something that you need to get, it's an optional upgrade, since the time that it saves you is not substantial. While training fishing, you should make use of the Dragon and Crystal Harpoon special attacks, to get the temporary plus 3 fishing boost. Having a boosted fishing level increases your fishing speed and overall XP per hour. You can use Admiral Pies to boost your fishing level as well, and that lets you do methods that you haven't unlocked yet. This can be handy to start catching Sardines from level 1, or if you're near 58 fishing, you can boost to start Barbarian Fishing early. With Temporos in Old School, there's a lot of new fishing equipment to make use of. The Tackle Box allows users to store common fishing equipment in one slot. It stores a wide range of things, and is excellent for saving bank space. The Fish Barrel is another reward from Temporos, and this essentially doubles your inventory space while fishing. It allows you to store 28 Raw Fish inside, and this is excellent for Ironmen, for things like Karambwans. Spirit Flakes are obtained commonly from Temporos, and these give a 50% chance of catching 2 fish instead of 1, but with no extra XP. This is useful to speed up fishing money makers, as well as for Ironmen looking to catch Anglerfish. Another reward that's useful is the Rada's Blessing, which is rewarded from completing the Achievement Diaries. Each tier has a different chance of catching an additional fish, and this effect stacks with Spirit Flakes, and can be used with fishing money makers to get more fish per hour. Guide Conclusion Anyways, that's my complete level 1-99 fishing guide. Thanks for reading.

Complete 1-99 Fishing Guide for OSRS



What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix , and today I am presenting to you guys my Ultimate Level 1 – 99 Fletching Guide  for Old School Runescape . Now, I really believe that this article is going to come by surprise for a lot of you, because the methods that you originally may have thought to be the best might actually differ from what the actual best methods are. With Old School Runescape  turning 5 years old,  there has been a ton of time in there for the prices of certain items to stabilise and reach certain levels . Now, in saying that, I am going to be including some prices in this article, and these prices are only valid for when the original video was uploaded . At all times, whenever you are training Fletching, you should always be using an online calculator . I have linked some really reliable calculators at the end of this article. Now, in this guide, I am starting off with the expensive and fast methods , and then moving down into the slower and the more profitable methods . Then, I am just going to focus on the very, very profitable methods  that you would only really do for profit and not XP. I will also be making a 1 – 99 Fletching Guide for Ironmen sometime down the track. I am going to get right into which methods you should be using. Expensive and Fast Methods Starting with the  fast and expensive methods , and that is darts . Now, fletching darts does not require any requirements whatsoever, except for the Fletching level of course . You can make darts by clicking on the dart tip and then feathers, and that will make 10 of that dart, and there is no limitation to how many times you can do this per game tick .  Now, a lot of players prefer to use Mouse Keys . Now, it is really, really important to keep in mind that you are only allowed to use the default Windows Mouse Keys – no extensions, and no OSBuddy Mouse Keys . I have also thrown a guide at the end of the article on how to set up your default Windows Mouse Keys.  Now, one last tip for while you are training with darts –  if you click on one and then double click on the other one and continue to double click on each one, you will notice that you always get double XP drops . Also, it requires quite a lot less moving of the mouse. But, it may take a bit more focus. So, on the screen right now, I am showing you how much you would spend if you only fletch darts, which are of course the fastest XP in the game .  Now, one alternative that is kind of expensive but is very, very fast, is Dragon Arrows , and you lose about the same amount of money as if you were making Mithril Darts . But, Dragon Arrows can be  a bit quicker, and more AFK .  I have also listed Dragon Darts down there, and  they are not worth it . If you can afford to do Dragon Darts, you should probably go spend your money on something like Construction, because Fletching is not worth putting that much money into.  A lot of players choose to go with  Mithril darts since they are a little bit cheaper than Adamant and Rune Darts. But, yeah, those are all of the fastest methods . But, now, I have a bit of a surprise for you guys. Slower Profitable Methods Level 1 - 35 So, we are moving on to the cheaper methods , and I am going to start off with showing you how to get from  level 1 – 35 . To be honest, cutting and stringing Bows is not worth it at all until you can craft Willow Short and Longbows . Bronze and iron darts are very, very fast to get to level 35 . It takes no time at all, and the GP / XP is actually lower for darts than cutting regular and Oak Logs. It only costs about 127 000 to get from level 1 – 35 , and it will take you literally about 10 minutes . Fletching Shortbows unstrung to Oak Longbows unstrung to level 35 is going to cost you about 100 000 – 130 000. Now, you can completely understand why darts are way better at the lowest Fletching levels . But, if you do want to make some money, but train a little bit slower, Headless Arrows  will make you about 40 000 from level 1 – 35, and you just need feathers and Arrow Shafts to make those. Level 35 - 70 The next milestone is to get to 70 Fletching  for Yew Longbows . If you had continued cutting Willow Shortbows at level 35, and then upgraded to Willow Longbows, Maple Shortbows, Maple Longbows , if you only cut the logs into unfinished Bows , you would profit 600 000 getting from 35 – 70 , which makes it a really, really great AFK method  and a profitable method as well. Now, once you unlock the Maple Longbows , you can also string them for even faster XP and profit . Now, currently, another very, very cheap method , which you unlock at level 30, is Steel Arrows . If you went from  level 35 – 70 fletching with steel arrows, it would only cost you about 200 000 . But, of course, always check the GP / XP calculator . The XP rates are a lot faster with Steel Arrows. But, you do lose a little bit of money. But, it is nothing compared to fletching darts. Now, fletching bolts can actually be kind of profitable at times, and really, really fast XP , since it is similar to fletching darts. At level 39 Fletching, you unlock  Iron Bolts , and you frequently profit from making Iron Bolts. But, of course, prices change, and I am sure it may stabilise a bit. But, it should still be pretty cheap. At level 55, you unlock Broad Bolts , and these  require 300 Slayer Points  to be able to fletch them. You actually profit from making Broad Bolts, and you get about 1 GP / XP, which means that you would make about 12 000 000 – 13 000 000 if you did this to 99 . Level 70 - 99 Now, from  level 70 – 99 , you have a few extra options. If you cut Yew Longbows and Magic Longbows , you would make about 10 500 000 getting to 99  if you cut them and then string them. Or, of course, if you continued to do Broad Bolts , you would profit about the same  as this. But, the XP rates are way quicker for Broad Bolts . So, if you do want to get to 99 Fletching for a cheap or profitable method that is really fast, get those 300 Slayer Points and make some Broad Bolts . That is probably by far the most effective training method out there for its cost. Now, also, at level 92 Fletching , you unlock Dragon Javelins , and that will only cost you about 4 000 000 to 99 . The XP rates are ridiculous. Now, at level 92 , you also unlock Redwood Shields , and these  require 2 Redwood Logs and a Knife . Now, the beauty of Redwood Shields is that 2 Redwood Logs will cost you about 500 coins , and then the Grand Exchange price is 477 , but, the Alchemy value is 768 coins , which means that you profit from fletching and then Alching them. Purely Profitable Methods Now, moving on to the solely profitable methods , and Gem Tipped Bolts  are the most profitable part of Fletching. These can be great, depending on the prices on the Grand Exchange . So, whenever you are trying to find the most profitable, I would recommend checking out the Old School Tools Fletching Calculator.  At the time the original video version of this article, Dragonstone Bolts were looking pretty good.  But, I am warning you guys that prices that this website grabs off the Grand Exchange may not be the exact price that is being traded at. So,  always check on the Grand Exchange as well . But, this website is going to give you a pretty good idea of where to start. Now, one other pretty profitable method , and I believe it will stay profitable – don’t take my word on that – is  creating Rune Crossbows from scratch . Now, this is pretty bad XP . But, in return, you do make quite a bit of money. If you made Rune Crossbows all the way through to level 99 from level 69 when you unlock them, you would profit 52 000 000 . So, yeah, I thought I had to throw that one in there because that is a lot of profit to be made from Fletching. So, basically, now I have shown you guys the most expensive/ fast ways , the mediocre methods  and some of the  most profitable Fletching methods  in the game. At the end of the day,  it is really up to you how you want to treat Fletching . You can use it as a skill to get some extra profit while getting decent XP, or you can go all out and spend 60 000 000 – 70 000 000 or so, and get 99 in a couple of days. Now, with Fletching, you always need to check the prices at the time when you are training, and of course, you can calculate the cost and the prices in game yourself . But, the calculators are there at the end of this article if you ever want to check them out.  Thank you for reading this 1 – 99 Fletching Guide. I hope you learned something today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!   Online Calculators OldschoolTools: RSBuddy: Calcusource: Windows Mouse Keys

[OSRS] Ultimate 1-99 Fletching Guide (Profitable & Fast Methods)



What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix , and welcome to my level 1 – 99 Crafting Guide . Crafting is a skill available to both Free to Play and Members  in Old School Runescape , and it allows players to create jewellery, armour and a range of other materials and objects used in other skills. It is a skill in which you can spend a lot of money and get it done quickly, or you can do it at a slower pace while spending less or making money. Reasons for Crafting As a Free to Play player , you can get your first taste of Crafting by completing the Sheep Shearer Quest . The skill involves gathering or buying the raw materials needed, then using their activator, whether it be a Thread and Needle, a Chisel, a Spinning Wheels, etc. Then, you get the final product with some experience. Training your Crafting is important for a number of reasons.  The highest Crafting requirement Quest in the game is Monkey Madness 2 , which needs 70 Crafting. Also, it is needed to make Slayer Rings,  which are super handy for 99 Slayer, and it requires 75 Crafting. For Ironmen, Crafting unlocks armour, weapons and most importantly, jewellery. It is worth noting that the most reliable Crafting boost in the game now is Mushroom Pies , which was newly added with Fossil Island.  These boost your Crafting by 4 levels, and you can of course use this to boost to things you cannot make. But, you can also boost your level for training if you are 1 or 2 levels off the next unlock. Training Methods Fastest Methods Starting off with the  fastest or most efficient way to train your Crafting level in Old School Runescape… If you find any of these too expensive, there will be alternatives later on. Level 1 – 50: Cutting Gems To get through from level 1 – 54 Crafting, the best way to level up is by cutting Gems. Level 1 – 20: Opals At level 1 – 20 , you should cut Opals . Cut Opals are worth almost double a regular uncut Opal. So, even though you will crush quite a few at a low level, you will still make most of your money back. You will need around 500 Opals  to get to level 20. But, it depends on how many you crush. So, stay around the Grand Exchange in case you need to buy more. As with all Gem cutting, you need a Chisel, and getting through to level 20 will take about 10 minutes with a cost of 10 000 – 15 000 after you sell the Opals back . Level 20 – 27: Sapphires At  level 20 , you unlock Sapphires , which are a lot more expensive than Opals. But, it will get you through to level 27 very fast, since they have a stable XP rate of over 140 000 per hour . You need 106 Sapphires , and once you sell them back, you will lose around 40 000 . Level 27 At  level 27 , you unlock Emeralds , which are considerably cheaper than Sapphires, and I recommend doing these all the way though to level 54 Crafting. Overall, you will need 2091 uncut Emeralds , and after cutting and selling them all back, it will cost about 650 000 while getting an XP rate of around 170 000 per hour . If Sapphires or Emeralds are too expensive, you can continue to cut Opals all the way through to level 54, and you will break-even or if not make a small profit as well. The XP rates are about 1/5 of the speed though. Level 54 – 58: Water Battlestaves At level 54 , the fastest training method is the Battlestaves , which can be created using a regular Battlestaff with an Elemental Orb. With 54, you can make Water Battlestaves , which are slightly more expensive than Emerald. But, your XP rates can go up to 250 000 per hour.   Level 58 – 63: Earth Battlestaves From level 58 to 63 , a cheaper and faster method is unlocked – Earth Battlestaves . Getting to 63 requires 972 Earth Battlestaves . Level 63 – 66: Green Dragonhide Bodies  Even past level 63 , you could continue doing Battlestaves . But, with the price of Green Dragon Leather being really low, Green Dragonhide Bodies are in fact cheaper than Earth Battlestaves , and give  XP rates of over 300 000 per hour . You will need to make 687 Bodies to get to level 66, and that means that you will need 2061 Green Dragon Leathers . Level 66 – 71: Air Battlestaves At level 66 , you unlock a great method – Air Battlestaves , which are, again, faster and cheaper. Currently, they have a GP / XP of only 4 , and the XP rates are over 330 000 per hour . You will need 2315 Battlestaves to get through to level 71, which unlocks the next fastest method. But, the next methods are a lot more expensive than doing Air Battlestaves. So, a great alternative to save money is to make Air Battlestaves all the way to 99 Crafting. With 91 000 Staves, it is going to  cost you 50 000 000 from 66 – 99 . Level 71 – 77: Blue Dragonhide Bodies Going back to  level 71 , you unlock Blue Dragonhide Bodies , which give you about 20 000 more XP per hour than Air Battlestaves . However, they are 2 GP / XP more. It will cost you 4 000 000 to get to level 77 .  Level 77 – 84: Red Dragonhide Bodies  Then, from 77 – 84 , you can make Red Dragonhide Bodies . You will need almost 19 000 Red Dragon Leather , costing 10 000 000.   Level 84 – 99: Black Dragonhide Bodies Then, at level 84 , you unlock one of the fastest Crafting methods in the game – Black Dragonhide Bodies . You can get up to 430 000 XP per hour doing these, making getting 99 very fast. You will need to make 39 000 Black Dragonhide Bodies , and after selling them all, you will lose 90 000 000 in the process. Fastest Methods Summary So, in total for the fastest methods, you can go from 66 – 99 with Air Battlestaves costing 50 000 000 with XP rates of up to 330 000 . Or, you can take the more expensive route with Blue, Red and Black Dragonhide Bodies, reaching up to 430 000 XP per hour. But, it costs 104 000 000 . Alternative Methods So, that is the fastest way to level 99 Crafting. There is a tracker at the end of this article if you want to check the current prices for this method. But, moving on to the alternative methods … Level 5 – 30: Gold Jewellery First up is Gold Jewellery . Some people do this for money. But, I strongly recommend doing this only at a low level or decent XP per hour . You should only really do these below level 30 Crafting, because of how slow they are. But, they are a great way to make a little bit of money while levelling up pretty fast. Level 16+: Silver Jewellery The next alternative is Silver items . Silver Jewellery is good too. But, I will talk about that in the profit section of this guide. From 16 Crafting , you can start making Silver items, and you get double the XP rate compared to Gold Jewellery , and with unstrung Holy Symbols, you almost break even. Level 46+: Glassblowing Another alternative method is Glass Blowing , which has become less and less viable with the price of other methods decreasing. All of the Glass items, before the Unpowered Orb, are not worth doing due to their cost being higher than even the fastest method that I showed.  From 87 – 99 , you can make Empty Light Orbs , which will cost another 27 000 000 , totaling around 37 000 000 from 1 – 99 . The thing is though, the XP rates are way, way lower. So, I really do not recommend doing this method on regular accounts anymore. Level 82: Amethyst The next one is a method that you can profit from. But, the GP / XP can vary into the positives and negatives. Turning Amethyst Rocks into Amethyst Bolt Tips, Arrow Tips or Javelin Heads, is a decent way to AFK your Crafting . All of them give the same XP. So, in saying that, you should aim for the ones with the best GP / XP . I have linked a calculator for Amethyst at the end of this article. But, at this point in time, you make quite a bit of money from Amethyst Bolt Tips. Profitable Methods Now, for the Profitable Methods – and, yes, I have mentioned some profitable methods already. But, these ones that I am about to mention should solely be done for the purpose of making money.  Level 8: Clockworks The first method, which is incredibly profitable at a lower level, is creating Clockworks at a Crafting Table 2  in a Player Owned House . You need 1 Steel Bar per Clockwork , and since they play such a huge part in Birdhouses, each one can be resold for a profit of about 800 coins, which is heaps. Jewellery The next profitable method is Jewellery – both Gold and Silver jewellery. To make the most money at a low level, you should make Opal and Topaz Bracelets.  Both of these are used in Slayer, making them in decently high demand on the Grand Exchange. Sapphire Rings  are also great at a low level, as well as Sapphire Necklaces. A lot of the Dragonstone Jewellery is a lot more profitable than any of the other jewellery, and you even get much better XP rates at the same time. Crush-able Gems The final profitable method is cutting Crush-able Gems  at a high Crafting level – above level 80 . This is because you will have a really low crush rate, and all of the cut versions are worth more than the uncut versions. The XP rates are not all that good, and I do not really recommend doing Opals due to the smaller profit margin. But, Jades and  Red Topaz provide good profits, which rise depending on your level. Ironman Crafting Methods Now, moving into the Ironman Crafting methods … I am not going to go into considerable depth because I want to make a full Ironman Crafting Guide one day. But, I will give a good overview on how to train. Your best when starting out is to make the most of the huge range of Quests that give XP rewards . The Elemental Workshop Quest , specifically 1 in 2, give 12 500 Crafting XP combined. From here, there are a range of ways to get your Crafting up. Charter Ships A particularly popular method is the Charter Ship method , where at a lower level, you can buy  Buckets of Sand  and Seaweed form the Charter Ships and turn them into Molten Glass for XP. From there, you can use a Glassblowing Pipe to get more XP by making objects. After Lunar Diplomacy, and with 77 Magic, you unlock  Super Glassmake , which speeds up this whole process by a lot, with XP rates capping out to up to 85 000 – 90 000 per hour . Other Methods Battlestaves are another method that are decent for Ironmen, since you can easily get them from Zaff, add an Orb, and then Alch them and repeat them daily. Also, through Slayer and particular monsters like Gargoyles, you can stock up on a lot of Gold ore and Bars , and make Jewellery . Also, you get a lot of Gems through Slayer and through things like raids and mining Gem rocks, which will gradually help your Crafting level. So, that is a little nudge in the right direction for Ironmen. Free to Play Overview Free to Play Quests for Crafting XP Now, for a Free to Play overview... As a low level Free to Play player, there are now 3 Quests  which you can complete to give Crafting XP. You can do Sheep Shearer, Goblin Diplomacy and Misthalin Mystery  for a total of 950 Crafting XP , boosting you from level 1 – 8 Crafting. Level 1 – 5: Leather Gloves If you do not want to Quest, you should buy or create regular Leather and make Leather Gloves  to reach 5 Crafting. From here, you can move on to Gold Jewellery for some profit. Level 5 - 20: Jewellery From level 5 – 20 , you can make Rings, Necklaces, and then Unstrung Amulets. You should train at the Edgeville Furnace , which is newly available to Free to Play players, and is very close to a bank. Level 20+: Cutting Gems From level 20 , if you have loads of money , you can cut Gems for the fastest possible XP in Free to Play. Cutting Sapphires through to Diamonds to 99 will cost 115 000 000. Alternatively, you can continue to make money through to 99 by making Sapphire Necklaces , which profits about 30 000 000 to 99. Another way which is fast but costs a bit of money is making Diamond Amulets from 70 – 99 Crafting . It only costs about 5 000 000 – 10 000 000 , and it gives XP rates of up to 120 000 XP per hour. As I mentioned earlier, I put together a tracker for the fastest to 99 portion of this guide so that you can see how much it costs at any time. For any of the other methods I have shown, I have linked some great GP / XP trackers at the end of the articles, and I highly recommend checking them out. Thanks for reading my  1 – 99 Crafting Guide . Anyways guys, I hope you learned something pretty helpful today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day! Tracker: ... GP/XP: ...

Theoatrix's 1-99 Crafting Guide (OSRS)



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