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Tangleroot Efficiency Guide

Updated: Aug 7

Tangleroot is one of the many pets found in Old School Runescape, it's categorised as a Skilling pet which means it can only be acquired through a Skill, in this case Farming. Due to it's incredibly rare drop rate it is one of the hardest pets to acquire. I felt this guide would help drastically minimise the time players spent looking for Tangleroot.

This guide will focus specifically on acquiring Tangleroot, meaning best XP/GP methods won't be a factor. However due to some organisation of statistics you can still make a decent amount of XP/GP from farming for Tangleroot.

This guide will be broken down into sections, and detail a fastest Tangleroot method. Assuming the player is starting at level 1 farming Tangleroot has a high chance to drop in your first 20M Farming experience. When considering Tangleroot XP isn't a factor, so we will focus solely on highest drop rate crops, resulting in Tangleroot at a much lower total XP than most people believe. If this guide is followed you have a roughly 45-55% drop chance of Tangleroot before reaching 99

Tangleroot Drop Statistics

A complete list of statistics for Tangleroot can be found through the OSRS Wiki, this guide will focus purely on the fastest methods of acquiring Tangleroot, hence only showing the drop statistics of an optimal farm run. Crops highlighted at the end with an x detail a higher drop rate but are still worth considering on a farm run unless a complete minimal time is desired. For the purposes of a fastest farm run purely focus on the crops without a yellow x


Hardwood Tree - Teak (1/5,000) All Hardwood Trees have the same Drop Rate for Tangleroot, meaning that planting the quickest growth time tree (Teak) is the fastest and most efficient

Redwood Tree - (1/5,000) Plantable once every 4 days, 10 hours. For Tree such as this and Hardwood it's greatly reccomended to have a Kronos seed planted due to the ability to skip a large chunk of time out of the Growth Cycle.

Spirit Tree - (1/5,000) If you hit 99 and have all Spirit Trees planted and have remaining Spirit Saplings it's reccomended to clear the Spirit Tree planted at the Farming Guild (Due to Cape Teleport) and continue replanting and "Checking Health". Clearing the tree requires selecting "Use" on the spade and then clicking the tree patch, it cannot be cut down by an NPC

Calquat Tree - (1/6,000) Once planted simply harvest it's fruit every 40 minutes, this gives the same drop rate as "Checking Health" upon the succesful growth of a new plant

Celastrus Tree - (1/9,000) This tree offers a harvest period for Celastrus Bark however it is not reharvestable every 40 minutes, you'll need to cut it down and replant every growth cycle

Yew Tree - (1/11,242) Preferable over Magic Trees due to cost and the small margin between drop chances

Fruit Trees

Any - (1/9,000) All fruit trees yeild the same drop rate for Tangleroot, so focusing on the quickest growth time tree (Apple) will overall save you time. Once the Tree has grown to it's full size harvest the fruit every 40 minutes, harvesting gives the same drop chance as "Checking Health" so it's advised against clearing the Tree. You'll get a much higher chance at Tangleroot if you harvest the tree every 40 minutes, giving 6 Fruit per 40 minutes.


Strawberry - X (1/187,360) If farmed from the earliest possible level (31) up to 99, you will acquire roughly 50,000 Strawberries. Giving you a roughly 1/4 chance for Tangleroot. This method however can be very time consuming


White Berries - X (1/28,104) Considering the drop rate of higher level Berries it's best to farm White Berries due to the same drop rate and a higher profit, however if you'd rather XP over profit then Poison Ivy gives the highest xp rates from this type of patch. If starting from the earliest possible level (59) you can gather around 10,000 White Berries giving you a 1/3 chance of obtaining Tangleroot


Any Herbs - X (1/98,364) Starting at the lowest possible herb, Guam (Lvl 9) you'll harvest around 10,000 herbs by level 99, for herbs it doesn't matter which you do as they all have the same drop rate for Tangleroot. However in regards to money making it is worthwhile to do the highest level herb you can in order to make profit and pay your way to 99 farming.


Cactus - (1/7,000) Two Cactus plots exist in OSRS, one found in the Farming Guild and the other located just south of the mining pit in Al Kharid. Planting Cactus requires a level of 55, once you've planted your first Cactus, similar to Fruit Trees it is highly reccomended to simply harvest it's Spines every 40 minutes and never clear away the Cactus Plant.

Hespori - (1/7,000) This one can be skipped depending on your Account Focus, if you're a skill pure you'll want to skip this or if you have a low combat level, below 80. Hespori is a Farming Mini Boss found inside the Farming Guild, it drops a mixture of seeds including 3 special type seeds, Kronos, Attas and Iasor. As soon as possible it is reccomended take on Hespori and plant it's Kronos seed as this gives a 5% chance for crops to skip a growth cycle.

This can cut out a huge amount of time from Tangleroot farming. Hespori takes 22-32 hours to grow, this time can be greatly reduced if you've already acquired a Kronos seed from a previous Hespori fight

Mushrooms - (1/7,500) Located next to the fairy ring CKS in Morytania Mushrooms are a relatively quick plant to grow, especially if you have a Kronos seed planted. Recquiring level 53 to grow, it's possible to plant and harvest 5+ Mushroom seeds a day with a yeild of 6 per seed.

Belladonna - X (1/8,000) Located just west of Draynor Manor this is a special untradeable plant, it takes around 5 hours to grow, quicker if you get a succesful skip from a Kronos seed. It's reccomended to plant due to its relatively low drop rate and quantity possible by level 99.

Seaweed - X (1/7,500) Due to the quest restraints, time requirements, time take to acquire Seaweed spores and location of Seaweed patches it is reccomended to skip this completely. Most people would have you farm Seaweed for Tangleroot but due to the overall length of the process it's reccomended to focus on the methods above.

Side Notes

For a detailed list of all Farm patches it is reccomended to check the following links, this guide will not include them as to not touch on a general 1-99 farming guide.

Farm Patches

Complete Tangleroot Statistic List

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