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Puzzle/Demi-Boss Rooms in Raids 1 (OSRS) - Chambers of Xeric Guide

What’s going on guys!

My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to my Chambers of Xeric Guide

on all of the puzzle rooms and Demi Bosses.

This article covers everything from the skill rooms, and easier combat rooms, with all of the tips and tricks you will need to know to raid effectively.

The first two are skilling rooms. There will never be a skilling room that you cannot do. There is going to always be at least one person in the raid that will have the level.

Corrupted Scavenger

The first is the Grubs Thieving Room,

where to pass, you need to thieve Grubs from the chests, and place them into the trough next to the Corrupted Scavenger.

Recently, they made an update so that every single person in your raid can steal from the chests now. Upon stealing from the chests, there is a chance that it will poison and damage you.

If this happens, do not thieve from that chest again. The location of the grubs will stay exactly the same. So, once a chest re-spawns after around 7 seconds, you should thieve the ones that have already given a grub.

In a solo raid, you will need to collect 30 grubs to continue. In a duo, it becomes around 35 grubs, and then in a trio, it jumps to 60, since the raid scales up considerably.

Bigger teams need an average of around 15 grubs per person.

Bringing a lock pick can also speed up the rooms, since you can use the same lock pick on each one without it breaking. All that a lock pick does is it gives a better chance at opening the chest on the first try.

This year, Jagex made a change to this room, where the scavenger will only start lowering its hungriness bar after a certain period of time. Previously, it would go down after he ran out of grubs to eat. But, now, it waits a little bit, so you can grab a few grubs at a time, and deposit them without the bar going down that much.


Next up is the Tightrope Room.

Depending on the number of players you are raiding with, there will be a number of mages and ranges on either side of the rope.

The idea of the room is that you need to cross the rope and grab the Keystone Crystal in order to continue.

Your entire team should focus entirely on one of the mages, one by one, and the person getting attacked or whoever attacks first should always be using Protect from Magic.

The ranges will hit a lot harder, even with Protect from Range. So, a tactic for these is to still focus on one at a time, but the person who it is aggressive to should run behind the nearby plant, which is every single raid instance, and then run back after around 4 seconds or so to minimise the damage taken. You need to make sure that you do keep your aggression though.

Protect from range is mandatory. Avoid getting hit without your prayer on, because these guys can hit well over 40s. A player with the Agility requirement can cross, as long as the last is aggressive to another person. Crossing the rope earlier will make all of the ranges and majors attack you, most likely causing you to die, because you cannot eat while you are on the rope.


The next room is Guardians, and there are always two guardians, and the only way to deal damage to them is by using a Pickaxe.

The pickaxe must be on the Smash attack style.

As normal, how hard you hit depends on your Strength level. But, your Mining level changes your accuracy. So, you will hit a lot more often with a higher Mining level.

The Guardians have two types of attacks. Firstly, the Two-handed Slash,

then the Stomp attack, which deals a 3 x 3 tile area of damage from the tile that you attack from.

Because of this, the method to kill them is to attack from 3 tiles away and instantly run back. This minimises the damage taken, and since the pickaxe is pretty slow, it does not decrease your damage per second that much.

In a group, you will want to do this tactic in formation. So, at the same time as each other. I recommend having a sip of Super Combat Potion and Stamina Potion before you get started, as well as using Piety while you are in the fight.

Ice Demon

The next room is Ice Demon, and the mechanics of this room are that you need to cut the kindling from the trees, and then light them in the torches surrounding the demon. After the torches burn long enough, the demon will be unfrozen and ready for battle.

There are Axes and Tinderboxes that now spawn on the ground surrounding the trees, and the tier of axe does not affect the drop rate. So, there is no point bringing an axe with you into the start of a raid.

When cutting, you now get a random number of kindling, depending on your Woodcutting level – a random amount between 1 and 8 kindling, making this process really fast now.

When cutting, you should drop all of your potions or store all of your items into the Private Chest.

You will need 25 – 30 kindling per person in the raid room. So, each person can get about a full inventory and load it up into the unlit braziers. Once they are full and ready, you can light them, and the demon will start to defrost.

During this time, you need to get ready for the fight. Ice Demon is weak to Magic, but is not overly resistant to Melee and Ranged, making pretty much any attack style good against him. Before starting the fight, you should have a Stat Boosting Potion, a sip of Stamina and all players should use at least one of their Dragon Warhammer specs or BGS specs, unless Tekton or a very important Boss is next.

The Ice Demon attacks you depending on what Prayer you are using. So, if you have Protect from Ranged on, he will actually Range you and throw big snowballs at you, dealing damage in a 3 x 3 tile area.

With Protect from Magic on, he will cast Ice Burst, except, it will not freeze you, but it will still attack in a 3 x 3 area. So, this means that after every one of your attacks, you need to move a 3 tile distance away from your current tile to get out of that 9 square radius.

Since it is easier to tell when the Ice Demon is throwing a snowball, it is recommended that you use Protect from Range at all times.

It is important to avoid other players paths while you are doing that, and players with slower attacking weapons like a Twisted Bow or a Crossbow can take advantage of running behind the wall where the trees are, and safe spot him.

You will notice that your damage is significantly reduced when you are attacking him. You will barely see any hits above a 10. Well, he also has a really low number of Hitpoints – usually under 200, depending on the size of the team. So, it really will not take long at all.

Jewelled Crabs

Next up is Jewelled Crabs.

The concept of this room firstly an Orb of Light comes out of a Shrine in one corner of the room, and this light can be bounced off the Jewelled Crabs in the room.

The idea is to get the Light Orb to move towards the Coloured Crystals to deactivate all 4 of them. The Orb of Light will always bounce to the right. So, from the direction it is coming from, it will always make a right turn.

The crabs do deal damage. So, you should put Protect from Melee on when you walk in there. Walking into the path of the Light Orb will also damage you.

By right-clicking the crabs, they have a smash option, which freezes them in place for around 15 seconds.

You can smash them by using a Dragon Warhammer, a regular hammer, Torag’s Hammer or an Elder Maul.

When attacking a crab, it changes colour, depending on your Combat style. Red with Melee, Green with Ranged and Blue with Magic.

The idea is that you need to colour the Orb of Light into the corresponding coloured Crystal until all 4 Crystals have been hit. The colours you need to correlate are on the screen right now, and once all 4 are down, the door will unlock.


Shamans or Lizardman Shamans are the next room, and depending on the team size, there will be 2 to 4 Shamans that spawn.

They have the exact same mechanics as regular Lizardman Shamans, except that you do not need 100% favour to damage them. They are very poisonous creatures. So, you should have a sip of Antidote Plus + or Sanfew Serum before you start the fight. They use Ranged attacks, and they are also weak to Ranged. So, use Protect from Range and use your Ranging Potion.

Shamans have 3 notable mechanics that you need to watch out for. If you are in an open space, a Shaman might jump into the air, and after a few seconds, it lands where you are standing and damages you.

In order to avoid this attack, you should stick to the walls at all times, because they can only jump if you are in a 3 x 3 open area.

Another mechanic is their big green blob, which deals a huge amount of poison damage. To avoid this, you should be moving 3 tiles at a time every time you attack, because it is very hard to work out and move when the Shamans use this attack.

The final mechanic is the purple minions, and these will explode and deal small amounts of damage to you after a few seconds. To avoid these, simply do your best to run away from them as they spawn.

To minimise the damage taken, you should all start on one side of the Shaman room, and attempt to only aggro one Shaman. If more Shamans are targeted, do your best to target the same Shaman unless it is in the air, because it is better in terms of damage you will take to kill one at a time.


The final room for this article is the Skeletal Mystics Room.

If this room is in your raid, you should always be bringing along a Salve Amulet Imbued, since they are skeletons.

You should be using Ranged in this room to maximise your damage per second, since they are weak to Ranged and also you will want to try attacking them one at a time to minimise the damage you take.

They have 2 different attack styles – Magic and Melee. So, always stay far away from them, and Protect from Magic. They do swap targets every few seconds, unlike some of the other monsters in this article. So, everybody should have their Protection Prayers on.

Sometimes you will be unable to attack only one because they will clump together. In those cases, you will just have to face two of them.

In the case where two or more do become aggressive, the best way to minimise the damage taken is to again, target one at a time.

Just to explain that better, it is a lot better to quickly kill each one,

than gradually lower the health and kill them around the same time.

If you are using a Blowpipe, be very careful because if a skeleton is slightly out of your reach, you will start running through the room, making the ones around you aggressive. So, gradually make your way through the cave, standing as far away as possible from the other ones.

There you have it. That is all of the different puzzle and Demi Boss challenge rooms. I hope you learned something useful in this article or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game, or the Theoatrix discord. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!



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