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OSRS Wyrms - OldSchool RuneScape Guides

Wyrms are a slayer monster assigned as a task by Krystilia, Chaeldar, Konar, Nieve and Duradel at 62 slayer level. Page Contents

Slayer Information

Key Points

‣ Weak to ranged and melee

‣ Most commonly killed in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon (Players will need protection from the heat of the floor here unless they have completed the Kourend/Kebos Elite Diaries)

‣ Alternative monsters include Wyrmlings in the Earthbound Cavern (lesser variant accessible after the "Perilous Moons" quest) The area near the Wyrmlings provides free food, free combat boosting potions and free prayer as well.

Slayer Information

‣ Wyrms are dragonkin, so they are weak to dragonbane weapons

‣ Even though they are considered dragons, they do not attack with dragonfire ‣ Wyrms attack with both mage and melee so it is recommended to range them as this takes away their ability to melee ‣ Even though they are weak to dragonbane weapons, due to their low ranged defence, blowpipe is still the optimal weapon to kill them with

- Fastest Slayer XP

‣ Recommended locations: Earthbound Cavern in the Neypotzli Dungeon for Wyrmlings ‣ Wyrms are not the fastest slayer xp, so players can opt to kill Wyrmlings which have far less hp to get through the task faster. Unlike normal Wyrms, Wyrmlings are cannonable making the task even faster

- AFK Slayer XP

‣ Players can afk the Wyrms in Karuulm dungeon whilst praying mage and ranging them. This way players don't take damage from melee attacks. Players can also safespot wyrms with a crossbow or magic shortbow in order to take 0 damage from them.

- Profitable Slayer XP

‣ Regular wyrms have a bunch of alchables on their loot table. They also have rare drops of various Dragon Items, such as the Dragon Harpoon and Dragon knives.




Karuulm Dungeon - Boots of stone/Brimstone boots required without Kourend/Kebos Elite - Slayer only area directly south

Neypotzli Dungeon (Wyrmlings) - Easily accessible free supplies nearby - Easier to kill, makes for faster tasks - Less profitable than normal wyrms - Drops wyrmling bones instead of wyrm bones

Notable Drops

Item Name

Drop Rate

Wyrm Bones


Clue Scroll (Hard)


Dragon Sword

1/2000 (On Task) 1/10000 (Off task)

Dragon Harpoon

1/2000 (On Task) 1/10000 (Off task)

Dragon Thrownaxes

1/2000 (On Task) 1/10000 (Off task)

Dragon Knives

1/2000 (On Task) 1/10000 (Off task)

Alternative Monsters

Monster Name

Monster Image




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