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OSRS Tips & Tricks - Episode 22

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to Episode 22 of my Old School Tips and Tricks series. In these articles, I go through a variety of tips that you probably have not heard before, and they will hopefully improve your in-game quality of life.

The first trick of this episode is one that I accidentally found while getting the Farmers Outfit on my Ultimate Ironman. I do expect this to get patched, but is not exactly game breaking, so, I am going to show you guys anyway. When you are at the Tithe farm, there is a way to guarantee that you get 100 fruits per game. If you continue to stack up the fruits in your inventory, then drop them beside the door,

exit the Minigame, then grab more seeds, and re-enter,

you can pick up your fruits and you will have 100 seeds plus the fruits from before.

This allows you to make up for any failed fruits that you make during the Minigame. So, this way, you can always get the 26 points that you get from 100 fruits.

You can get more than 100 fruits. But, depositing more than 100 will not give you XP or points for any over that amount.

One thing to keep in mind is that this only works when there is someone else in the same Tithe farm instance. Because, if you leave and enter with no one else in there, it will reset the instance.

You can boost to enter the Farming Guild as well as every other guild. But, you can also boost to get farming contracts.

So, you can eat a garden pie at level 62, and get into the second tier of the farming guild as well as get a level 65 farming contract.

Again on the topic of boosting, it is possible to prolong your boosted stats which can be very handy when you get that +5 Construction boost from spicy stews when you are upgrading your house.

A few years back, your stat timer reset every time you re-logged, making it really easy to prolong. But, Jagex introduced a new system in 2016.

Basically, now you have 5 strikes, and after 12 seconds of being logged in, so, 1/5 of a minute, you will lose a strike.

Once you lose all 5 strikes, your stats will go down by 1. With that, you can still prolong your boost.

But, you have to log out every 10 seconds or so in game. This is still enough time to move around a few times, do a few actions, and then re-log, and you will also have 5 strikes. So, if you accidentally go over the 12 second mark, you still have a few more tries. It is nowhere near as easy as it used to be. But, it is still possible.

With the semi-recent Hosidius House rework, instead of thieving in the central region of Hosidius, you should make your way east of the market stall area to this house, which has 2 fruit stalls completely safe from guard dogs.

Also, when thieving from the bakery stall in Ardougne, standing underneath the baker guarantees that you will not get caught by any of the guards – very useful for level 3s.

Sulliuscep mushrooms are the fastest woodcutting XP per hour without tick manipulating, and also the fastest way to get fossils form Fossil Island.

Well, you can take very little damage and never get poisoned if you understand the mechanics.

There are only 5 active poisonous mushroom spines, and they can be distinguished by the ones that have an animation that happens every 5 seconds.

To avoid the poison attack, wait until the animation happens, then start running when the animation finishes. So, this is the cool-down phase, and you will never get hit.

The tar monsters are the other main damage factor. The hoop snakes can actually be stunned and then picked and rolled at a tar monster, which stuns them for 30 seconds. This is not very practical though, since you will take more damage trying to line up the snake. Instead, you can simply attack the snake and have it aggressive while you are running though the tar swamp. Since another monster is targeting you, the tar monsters will not spawn nor will they attack.

Composting your patches are not only useful for increasing your yield. Compost also reduces the chance of disease. Standard compost reduces the chance by 50% per growth cycle, whereas ultra-compost lowers it by 90%. This makes compost super important for patches that you do not pay the gardener for.

For example, on an ironman with a lot of trees, players choose not to pay the gardener, and sometimes with fruit trees, regular players will not by the protection since fruit tree seeds are so cheap. Using ultra-compost will give a much better chance of that plant surviving.

On the creation of your Runescape account, by default, there is no warning given to you when you use high level alchemy on an untradeable item with a low Alch value.

So, I recommend turning this warning on by going to the high Alch spell, right-clicking, pressing warnings then enable the untradeable item warning.

Another cool tip with the warning setting is in the setting tab, then go to the green guy with the chat bubble and then to the light bulb. Here, you see the loot notifications.

Something handy, especially for mobile since you cannot use third party clients, is if you set the warning to 1 GP. You will get notified on every single drop, meaning that you do not have to right click and check what items you have got everywhere.

During and after the legends quest, you can venture beneath the Kharazi Jungle into the Viyeldi Caves. In the final room, which requires you to cast any charge of orb spell to open the door.

There are barrels which have the smash option on them, well, these barrels have some really interesting drops, and they also spawn a lot of melee monsters.

Occasionally, you will get a pile of raw and cooked fish, which is a great food and cooking XP source for Ultimate Ironmen.

Also, form the barrels, you can get a Paramaya Ticket, which are a very interesting piece of history for Runescape.

The Paramaya Ticket allows you to go upstairs in the Shilo Village apartment, which contains multiple beds. It is pretty pointless now in Old School Runescape.

But, back in Runescape classic, there was a fatigue system, which gradually rose as you trained any skill.

This was used to stop bots, since there was a capture that you had to complete before you finished resting. That was later replaced with random events.

When you start in your account, you are given a sleeping bag and general stores sold them as well. This was a slower way to lower your fatigue, and sleeping in a bed was the fastest way to get it back.

So, this is why you will notice a lot of bars and houses across places like Varrock and Falador have a lot of beds upstairs.

So, that is Episode 22 of Tips and Tricks for Old School. I hope you learned something cool in this article or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. I have read some comments in the past asking how to submit tips and tricks. If you would like to do so, follow the link at the end of the article. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game, or the Theoatrix discord. As always, thanks for reading this article, and I’ll see you next time!




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