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OSRS Slayer Basics - How Slayer Works

By speaking to one of the 9 Slayer Masters in Old School, you're assigned a Slayer task. The task consists of a specific monster, and the quantity of that monster that you need to kill.

Each Slayer Master assigns monsters from their own task list, and higher level Slayer Masters give harder and longer tasks. For every monster that you kill on your Slayer task, you're rewarded with Slayer experience equal to the total hit points of the monster.

Some Slayer monsters require items to be able to kill them.

Dust Devils for example require a face mask, otherwise your stats get drained.

These Slayer items can be bought from any Slayer Master.

When you complete your Slayer task, you gain a number of Slayer points depending on the Slayer Master.

Slayer points give access to a wide range of Slayer-related rewards, and I'll talk more about Slayer points soon.

Overall, Slayer is a skill that is significantly faster if you have high combat stats.

It's extremely slow at a low combat level, so I would suggest starting Slayer at a minimum of 70 combat.

However, I will be covering some low-level strategies in this guide.



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