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Fastest Ranged XP in OSRS

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

The fastest ranged xp is using black chinchompas in the Monkey Madness 2 caves - at 99 ranged you can get over 1 million xp per hour.

This assumes that youre using the dragonbone necklace with the bone crusher, which keeps your prayer points high, so you don’t waste any time banking or drinking prayer potions. It also assumes that youre using rigour and full armadyl for the 1 mil per hour xp rate.

This method is also the fastest hitpoints experience per hour in the game, earning you around 250k xp per hour in hitpoints. Its also one of the fastest defence methods if you select the long fuse attack style. Since you attack slower on the long fuse style, your xp rate ends up maxing out at 400k ranged xp plus 400k defence xp per hour, but in a moment I will show a faster maylay combat method.



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