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Fastest Fishing XP in OSRS (ft. Thurco)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to the Fastest Fishing XP methods.

For those that are new to the concept, these types of articles show the fastest possible methods in Old School Runescape with the fastest non-tick manipulation methods, then the fastest tick manipulation methods as well.

Thanks to Thurco, a player with billions of XP in the game, I am able to show off these methods, and he streams full time on Twitch. So, if you would like to watch him play, head over to the link at the end of this article. With 99 Fishing, your catch rate is much higher than if you had a lower level. So, you can only get the super high XP rates at a higher Fishing level. But, you can still do these methods at a lower level.

1. Non-tick Manipulation Method: AFK Barbarian Fishing

Firstly, the fastest non-tick manipulation methodBarbarian Fishing. At level 99, you can reach 65 000 – 70 000 XP per hour AFKing here. At a lower level, you can bring along Fishing Potions or Admiral Pies, which give a bigger boost. You can also use the Dragon Harpoon Special Attack for a +3 Fishing level boost, which will speed up your catch rate. I am not going to say much more about AFK Barbarian Fishing. It is very self-explanatory. But, over all, you can max out at about 70 000 Fishing XP per hour.

2. Tick manipulation Method: 3 Tick Herb and Tar Method at Barbarian Fishing

The next method – the first tick manipulation method – can reach rates of around 110 000 Fishing XP per hour. AFK Fishing at Barb gives a chance of getting a fish every 5 game ticks. But, by using 3 tick manipulation methods, you can have a chance every 3. There are a couple of ways to 3 tick in Old School Runescape. The most common is by using the Herb and Tar method. For that, you will need Swamp Tar,

a Cleaned Guam, Tarromin, Marrentil or Harralander,

and you will also need a Pestle in your inventory. The animation from the Pestle takes 3 game ticks.

So, by starting the animation, then clicking on the Fishing spot, you get that chance of catching the fish after only 3 ticks. If you do not click the fishing spot fast enough after the animation starts, you might end up turning your Herb into tar. So, it is a good idea to bring an Herb Sack if you have one, or a few Grimy herbs with you. A good way to work out when to start the Pestle animation is by starting the next one as soon as you see the XP drop. With a lower Fishing level, it can be a lot more common that you do not see an XP drop. But, in those cases, you need to click as if you got an XP drop. So, you need to keep in that rhythm of Herb tarring every 3 ticks or 1.8 seconds. Thurco flawlessly shows dropping while 3 tick Fishing and by dropping right after you Herb tar before clicking the fishing spot, you do not lose any game ticks, apart from when the fishing spot moves. As I said earlier, this can get XP rates of around 110 000 XP per hour. With Barbarian Fishing, you also get Strength and Agility XP, and with 110 000 Fishing XP per hour, you can expect 10 000 Strength XP and 10 000 Agility XP per hour as well.

3. Tick Manipulation Method: 3 Tick Eating and Cutting Leaping Fish at Barbarian Fishing

The next method is similar to the previous one, another 3 tick method at Barbarian Fishing, but it works a lot differently. This time, you will be 3 ticking by eating and then cutting open a Leaping Fish with a Knife. It is a good idea to bring the Herb tar as well because that lets you get into the 3 ticking rhythm, and then once you start, you can consistently get the same XP rates as before. But, since you are cutting a Leaping Fish every time you catch it, you get Cooking XP as well. So, you will get 110 000 Fishing XP, 10 000 Agility XP, 10 000 Strength XP and an extra 15 000 Cooking XP per hour as well. As you can tell, this requires a lot more focus, and it is not always going to be the same clicks like if you were Herb tarring. But, for those high tier skillers out there chasing the best XP rates, this method gives a huge spread of XP per hour, and particularly the Agility is handy. Getting from level 70 – 99 Fishing at Barbarian Fishing, you get approximately 1 000 000 Agility XP and Strength XP, and adding Cooking to the method, you will get an extra 1 500 000 Cooking XP to level 99 while getting the same XP rates. Overall, this method does give the same Fishing XP per hour. So, for those solely training Fishing, 3 ticking with Herb tar is a lot simpler and easier.

4. Tick Manipulation Method: 2 Tick Swordfish Method with Alt Account

The final and fastest Fishing training method in Old School Runescape is 2 tick Swordfish Fishing, which can reach XP rates of 125 000 XP per hour. That is 15 000 XP more than 3 ticking, which is more than a 10% jump. The usability of this method is a lot trickier, since it does require an Alt account. Basically, the method involves using the catch boosts of the Dragon Harpoon, which gives a 20% faster catch rate than a regular Harpoon, and also the Fishing Guild boost, which a +7 in visible Fishing level boost, which is a lot. Interestingly enough, you can enter the Fishing Guild with boosts, so you can get in with a lower fishing level on your Alt, and use something like an Admiral Pie to enter. But, this is how the method works. Basically, you need to be on a PvP world, and your Alt account needs to be attacking you while you fish, and they should attack you with a 2 tick weapon only. Your Fishing account needs to be wearing a weapon that also attacks in 2 ticks. Interestingly, Shortbows and the Hunter’s Crossbow, which is what Thurco used, are 3 tick weapons. But, the first attack from them is 2 game ticks. So, you can wear either of those with no arrows, and it will still do the 2 tick animation for you, and it is a 3 tick weapon, which is weird. The Fishing Guild is a single combat area. So, while your Alt is attacking you, there is no worry about PKers. The example used by Thurco is using Bronze Darts, which can be substituted for Bronze Knives as well, because they attack every 2 ticks. By getting hit every 2 game ticks, you have a chance of a Swordfish or a Tuna every 1.2 seconds. On the Alt account, it is recommended to wear something that gives a ridiculously low Ranged Attack bonus. With a low enough Range bonus – negative 66 – your Alt will always hit 0, and it can just sit there attacking as long as you do not run out of Darts. By 2 ticking here, you can get XP rates of 125 000 – 130 000 XP per hour. Of course, you do not get that extra Agility, Strength or Cooking XP from the Barbarian methods. But, overall, it gives the fastest Fishing XP rate in the game.

So, that is the 4 fastest Fishing training methods in Old School Runescape. The first non-tick Barb is up to about 70 000 XP per hour at 99 Fishing, 3 ticking can reach 110 000 XP per hour, 3 ticking with eating and cutting gets 110 000 XP per hour with extra cooking XP, then the final Swordfish method is considerably harder since it does require an Alt account, but gives the absolute best Fishing XP rate of 130 000 XP per hour. I hope you learned something interesting today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

Check out Thurco on Twitch




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