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Fastest 1-99 Crafting Method in OSRS

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Expensive/Fast Crafting Method

So, from level 22-3 Crafting you need to cut 7300 Sapphires, which will cost you around 2.5mil. But, you'll be getting 125 000 XP per hour, and at level 20 that is unbelievably quick.

From level 63-71 you need to make 2500 Green Dragon Hide bodies, costing you about 4mil. But, you'll be getting 300 000 XP per hour.

From 71-84 it's going to cost you 20mil crafting 10 000 Blue Dragon Hide bodies for a total of 350 000 XP per hour.

Next you'll have to craft 39 000 Black Dragon Hide bodies from levels 84-99 costing you 105mil. But, you'll be getting 430 000 XP per hour.

Now, some people are probably thinking that Dragonstone cutting would be faster. Well, no. They're actually only 370 000 XP per hour, in comparison to the 430 000 XP per hour from Black Dragon Hide bodies. It also costs you 150mil from 84-99. So, you're much better off doing Black Dragon Hide bodies. So, in total, from level 1-99, the expensive method is going to cost you about 140mil, which isn't too bad.



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