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40 RuneLite Plugins You Need To Install

What's going on guys! My name's Theoatrix, and today I'm going to be covering the 40 best external Runelite plugins.

In Runelite if you go to the spanner icon,

then in the top right, click the plug icon, and then you gain access to community made plugins with a far broader range of capabilities compared to the preinstalled ones.

Lets get into it!

One Click Summer Garden

The first plugin I'm highlighting is the One Click Summer Garden, this is powerful for the Sorceress's Garden.

You start next to the flower. Once all of the elementals have a green tile marker under them, it means you can safely do the one click method.

After the count down reaches zero you click on the Sq'irk tree in the center with run on, this takes you all the way to the middle. This can net you over 140k thieving XP per hour at level 65.

Rogues's Den

If you don't have your rogues outfit yet the Rogues' Den plugin, by nightfirecat, makes the mini game a million times easier showing exactly where to click and when to run. ighly recommend.

Last Seen Online

Do you ever wonder how long it's been since one of your friends has last been online? using the Last Seen Online plugin you can hover over their name and see the last time that you saw them online.

Shooting Star

The next plugin is Shooting Star. this plugin saves the location and time of shooting stars when you look through your telescope in the player owned house. it uploads it to a server so that it can be shared among the users of the plugin. so with enough people using this plugin, this panel should be full and there will always be a shooting star to mine.

Four plugins improve the look and feel of your client.

First is the 117HD(beta). This plugin brings high definition graphics to Old School, giving off a 2010 OSRS vibe. The plugin is completely customizable, you can change the shadows, lighting, textures, and Brightness.

Camera smoothing is another plugin that I highly recommend. It smooths your camera rotations to make them less choppy and also smooths camera zooming.

Interface Styles is a plugin that is already pre-installed on Runelite. It allows you to change the look of your UI(user interface) from the default to 2005, 2006, 2010 look. Combined with HD graphics it almost feels like your playing in 2010 again.

Next is Full Screen. Its a pretty self explanatory plugin , its the only way to play in proper full screen on Old School Runescape.

Quest Helper

I spoke about this plugin almost 2 years ago, since then its grown so much with heaps of quests and diaries. For those that don't know quest helper will take you through entire quests telling you where to go and where to click. it's much faster then reading or watching a guide.

When just starting a quest you can go to the bank and click on the quest icon. This will show you all the required items for that quest.

the Quest Helper plugin works for diaries as well. It includes almost every diary on every tier level. So if you have been putting off questing or diaries this plugin makes it a lot easier.

6 Banking plugins

Banked Experience

This plugin checks the quantities of skilling resources in your bank and shows you how much experience you can get from them.

This plugin is best for Ironmen accounts for skills like herblore but is also useful for regular accounts as well.

Bank XP Value

This is similar to Banked Experience but instead of having a side panel, you right-click the bank settings to view your total XP.

From there you can hover over each skill to see the resources needed.

Wasted Bank Space

This plugin is great for cleaning up your bank. It shows a small yellow warning icon on items that shouldn't be in your bank. it then tells you where you should be storing it or if you should drop it.

Inventory Setup

This plugin is a great way to gear up for different bosses or situations. In the right hand panel, press the + (upper right hand corner) to add a new setup.

It will then grab all current worn items and inventory. Then you right-click the equipment viewer to select which setup you want to use. It then auto filters your bank for those items.

Options in the Built-in-Bank

I highly recommend turning the keyboard bank pin option. it allows you to type in you bank pin on your keyboard instead of finding each number on screen.

Decimal Prices

This plugin allows you to use decimals when withdrawing X. Such as 2.3 enter instead of 2300.

Shortest Path

This plugin is great for questing or navigating tricky areas. All you have to do is open your map, right-click where you want to go, then click set target.

Plugins for examining other players

Equipment Inspector

This allows you to see what gear other players are wearing even if its a different color.

Pet Info

This allows you to right-click other peoples pets to see where they got them. This helpful if you're not sure what it is.

Plugins for Fishing Training

Left-Click Dropper (custom left click drop)

Changing this will allow you to select what items in your inventory will automatically drop with left-click without needing to hold shift.

Fishing Notifier

This plugin improves the standard Runelite plugin by notifying you as soon as you stop fishing.

Kitten Tracker

This plugin is useful for those that like to raise kittens while they train fishing. It shows when your kitten needs feed or attention. It also tells you when it will grow up.

Mini Game and Activity helpers

Underwater Agility/ Thieving Activity Under Fossil Island by R438

This plugin provides timers for new chests and direction indicators, as well as highlights for puffer fish.

Gradians of the Rift Helper

This plugin offers a range of useful overlays and highlights like what portals and altars are currently open.


This provides timers and overlays to help with the fishing boss fight.

Tith Farm Improved

Turning this on will show progress of plants, as well as highlights

BA Mini Game

This plugin includes useful overlays and prompts for each roll. I highly recommend using this plugin if your going for your Torso or diary task.

Sulliuscep Run

Having this installed and on will highlight the active tree as well as any obstructions in your oath that you will need to clear.

PvP Helpers

Customizable XP Drops

This plugin has a setting that works out what you will hit. Usually you can tell how big the hit will be based on the size of the XP drop but this gives you a defined answer.

PvP Performance Tracker

Having this plugin is a must for LMs and hybrid or terebrid PK'ers. It keeps track of how many times you and your opponent had the correct prayer protections as well as accuracy and deserved damage.

* This plug is a bit more complicated if your a PK'er I highly recommend you read up about it.

Player Outline

This plugin can be used in conjuncture with : render self to give you an edge on your opponent if your frozen or if you freeze them underneath.

Anti Drag

This is a preinstalled plugin. Every PK'er should have this plugin on. It stops you from accidently dragging items in your inventory instead of equipping them.

Bossing Helpers

Metronome and Visual Metronome

Having these on aids in one tic prayer flicking. The metronome being on audio indicator and visual metronome being a small white box next to your combat tab that flashes on the tic.

DPS Calculator

This plugin is great for bossing and slayer tasks as well. It allows you to choose gear setups and compare them to monsters. you do this by right-clicking them.

Damage Counter

This is useful for group bossing to see how much damage you did on your own per kill.

Slayer Loot Lookup

Players can use this plugin to right-click and lookup the drops of any monster.

Patch Payment

This plugin lets you check saplings or seeds to see what the payment for protection is. this can be useful if you forget.

Flipping Helpers

There are two flipping helpers. Flipper and Flipping Utilities. Both are similar in function but different in layout. You can use these to keep track of flips, save current margin prices, and track profit. These plugins are a must for flippers.



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