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25 Tips & Tricks for PKing (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to 25 Tips and Tricks for PKing in Old School Runescape. This article has a whole heap of new obscure tips that I have not shown in any articles before, as well as a few very important PK tips that I might have mentioned in the past. So, let’s get into the tips…

1. Protect from Magic

Using Protect from Magic in either a PK situation or when you trying to get away from PKers has a few hidden benefits. The main one is that it will halve the amount of time that you are tele blocked for – for 2.5 minutes. Also, it halves the freeze time of any of the standard Spellbook binding spells. It does not work for Ancients. But, it can be handy, especially for tele block.

2. Jossik for God Books

I have recommended before that the God Books are great for PKing.

Well, instead of paying 14 000 per book from Perdu when you die, you should go to Jossik and get them in bulk, completely for free. As long as your book is fully filled with pages, Jossik will give you as many free books as you want.

3. Castle Wars for Pures BIS

Castle Wars offers some of the best in slot rewards for Pures. The Halos provide the best in slot Melee Defence bonuses as well as a 3 Prayer bonus.

The Decorative Mage and Ranged Top both give better bonuses than the Iron Platebody whilst giving no negative Ranged or Magic Attack bonuses.

4. PKing for Emblems in a Bounty Hunter World

If you are PKing on a Bounty Hunter World, you are now required to have an Emblem in your inventory in order to get an Emblem Drop. So, even if your opponent has a Tier 9 and you kill them, and you do not have an Emblem, the Emblem completely disappears from the game. You now also get free skips on people that are not skulled, and for people that do not have an Emblem.

5. Emblem Trader Targets Toggle

While on the topic of Bounty Hunter, by speaking to the Emblem Trader in Edgeville, you can set it so that you only get targets that are under level 10 Wilderness. A lot of the time, you will see that you get targets way deep in the Wilderness. So, this small update that came a few months ago really helps.

6. Restore without Pools

If you have a low Construction level and do not have access to Pools, buy a Starter House in Rimmington and some Teleport Tablets to your house, and on the Bounty Hunter World, you can join the BH and Chill Clan Chat to access other people’s Pools. If no one has a Pool open on the Bounty Hunter World, you can hop to world 330, the official house world, and restore your stats and special attack there.

7. Range Ammo Toggle without Ava’s Device

If you have not unlocked Ava’s Device, particularly on a low Prayer account, then you should speak to the Range Tutor in Lumbridge to toggle picking up arrows going straight into your ammo slot. That helps a lot with PKing.

Bonus Tip: Insta Mauling

When using the Granite Maul – I noticed a lot of people do not use this. Instead of clicking on your enemy then double clicking your special attack bar, a hidden mechanic is that you can double click you special bar first, and then click on your opponent. That is what is called insta mauling, and you can spec from a further distance as well.

8. Magic Defence

The Protect from Magic Prayer does not decrease the accuracy of enemy Magic Attacks. It only decreases the damage that is dealt. You should always be using Magic boosting Prayers when you want Magic Protection because your Magic Defence is 70% of your Magic level, and 30% of your Defence level. Also, getting your Magic level up, even if you are not using Magic, will boost you Magic Defence dramatically.

9. Safe Timers

With a recent update came a safe timer of 6 seconds, where you can attack your opponent back if they run into a safe zone. This 6 second timer though, will only activate if you attack back. So, if you get attacked and do not want to fight, you can run into the safe zone without attacking them, and you will not be able to get attacked. Also, when you use a special attack now, there is about a 4 second timer until you can teleport. So, rushing is slightly more difficult.

10. Cleaning Herbs

Cleaning Herbs is my favourite way to perfect you switches, since you will only ever clean a herb if you clicked on the slot properly. At the same time, you can make quite a bit of money per hour with some herbs because people mostly dump Grimy Herbs.

11. Extended Antifire for PvP

Without Antifire, Enchanted Dragonstone Bolts can hit up to 68 in damage, making them the most powerful PvP Bolts in the game, solely due to their special enchantment. To avoid this, you should always drink an Extended Antifire before going PKing or into the Wilderness. Also, an Antidote ++ will stop you getting poisoned for 12 minutes, which will also really help.

12. Loot Drops PvP

After a few fights, you will sometimes hear someone getting damaged while you are at the bank. This means that someone else is dealing damage to a player that you have done more damage to, and that means that you will get the loot if they die. So, if you hear that, look into you Chat Box in case the player does die, and you can find the drop.

13. Untradeables in PvP World Wilderness

While PKing on a PvP World, a lot of the time you will be PKing with untradeables – whether it be a Defender, a Fire Cape or whatever. Well, be weary, because the Edgeville Lever will take you straight to 50 Wilderness, and while you are still in a PvP World, you will still lose your untradeables if you die there. So, never go above 20 Wilderness with untradeables that you are not willing to lose.

14. Beginners PKing

If you are new to PKing, you should not try PKing with switches. It is so likely that you will get outplayed. So, I recommend starting out with some Melee PKing, like Rune PKing, or, if you a bit of a lower level, F2P PKing is a great way to start.

15. Increasing your KO Potential

Learning to 1 Tick is very worth your time for a much better KO potential. By knowing the attack speed of your main weapon, you can wear and attack with your KO weapon in the same game tick. You just need to time it to be right before you would normally attack with your main weapon. Also, 1 ticking your Vengeance or pairing it with a KO weapon, will really increase your KO potential.

16. Hitpoints Boost before Entering PK Areas

Be sure to boost your Hitpoints before entering a PK area, especially if you are 1 Defence that can easily get 1 hit rushed. You can use Angler fish or Saradomin Brews to easily go above your regular maximum health.

17. Combo Eating and Drinking

Combo eating and drinking is vital for PKing – both F2P and Members. As a F2P player, you can combo eat a Pizza or a Pie, then eat your regular food. As a Member, you can eat your regular food like a shark, then drink a Potion, and then eat a Karambwan. You can of course also just eat shark and drink a potion like a Saradomin Brew, or you can use a potion and Karambwan as well.

Instead of a Karambwan, you can also use Gnome Foods, which you can buy pre-made on the Grand Exchange. The maximum healing Gnome Food is the pre-made Chocolate Bomb, healing 15 Hitpoints.

18. Hiding your Weapon before Attacking

When going in for your KO weapon, wearing something like the Armadyl Godsword makes it so obvious that you are about to spec. A great way to hide it if you are not 1 ticking is by drinking a potion right before attacking with it. This hides you putting it on, and will skip straight to the special attack animation.

19. Potions Dosage Toggle

A great tip to save money while PKing is to lower the dosage of the potions that you are using. So, if you die, you do not lose a mostly full potion. To do this, you can go to the Herbs guy at the Grand Exchange. I recommend doing 1 or 2 doses per potion to save the most.

20. PKing with Sounds On

PKing with sounds on is super important. For example, if you are fighting someone using Dragon Bolts Enchanted, you can hear the Dragonfire spec happening before the damage hits you. That allows you to eat early, and with sounds on, you can also hear spells like tele block or barrage when you are out deep in the Wilderness.

21. Removing your Skull

For rushes or for anyone that accidentally gets skulled, the fastest way to remove your skull is by teleporting to Clan Wars and entering and exiting the White Portal. This restores your stats, health, run energy and removes your skull.

Another very creative way to remove your skull is by having a Steel Dragon in your House. By going into your dungeon and dying to the Steel Dragon, you will lose the skull faster than going to Clan Wars.

22. Using your Spec in Fights

Being the first one to use your special attack or utilise your KO weapon will give you a better chance at winning the fight, simply because your opponent has not used their best KO potential yet. You should not always wait for a really good time to spec, because that might not happen until the end of the fight. This does not mean that you should spec as fast as you can and then get out of there, you still have great KO potential if you know how to stack your hits well.

23. Instant Melee from 2 – 5 Squares Apart

If you are standing 2 squares apart from your opponent, you can switch to a Melee weapon and attack instantly from that tile. With sliding, which you can see easily if you run 2 squares back and forth, can attack from 4 squares away, and sometimes even further away when using animation delaying weapons like Crossbows.

24. Making Money while PKing

If you really want to make money while PKing, you need to replace better items with cheaper alternatives like using a Strength Amulet instead of a Glory, or using Myth Gloves instead of a Combat Bracelet. Another one is using Climbing Boots instead of Rune Boots. All of those small increments will add up if you are chasing money.

You also do not always need to bring a full inventory of sharks. Instead, you can bring a few Sharks and Karambwans for combo eating, and then bring some Monkfish, which really lowers your risk. Drinking the counterparts of the Super Combat Potion is another way to save money.

25. Looting Bag and Rune Pouch Rework

Recently, the looting bag was reworked, and now only 10 000 points in the Emblem Store.

It has a new feature, where you can open the looting bag, and then anything you pick up will go straight into it.

Also, the Rune Pouch has now been added to the Slayer Rewards Shop as well, making it far more accessible for Hardcore and Ultimate Ironmen.

So, that is 25 interesting tips and tricks for PKing in Old School Runescape. I got quite a few questions in the last article, asking where people can submit tips, and you can now submit at, and you can put your username in there as well if you want to be mentioned in the videos and articles.

Anyways guys, I hope you learned something pretty helpful today or enjoyed. If you did, be sure to leave a like, and make sure to subscribe if you are new. If you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments. If you have any questions or just want to chat to me, you can join the Theoatrix friend chat in game. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

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