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Life Hacks for OSRS

(Old School RuneScape)


Now the first tip of today's article is for fishing. And let me quickly disclaim that this isn’t going to be helpful for 3-tick fishing, but it is very helpful for AFK fishing. While you’re fishing at a fishing spot that can move, if you start fishing and right-click on the fishing spot to bring the “use-rod” menu up, and leave that up there while you’re fishing it. If that spot changes location, you can just click on that box, and you will actually go to the new location and start fishing there as well.

Now if you’re thinking of starting an ironman and don’t really know what which type of ironman to choose. There’s a few things that you can do to kind of try them out. If you want to try out being an Ultimate Iron Man, but later down the track don’t feel so motivated to be ultimate, you can actually change your iron man status from ultimate to regular ironman. As long as you don’t set your status to permanent. Also if you just want to start a normal ironman, not an ultimate ironman. It’s always a good idea to choose the hardcore ironman option, because it’s no different to normal ironman. Which is always worth the shot to see how long you can actually last as a hardcore ironman before dying. It’s worth noting that it does take 7 days to go from ultimate to ironman or ironman to regular account. But if you get pretty far as an ultimate ironman and you don’t really want to keep going as an ultimate, it really is worth the 7 day wait.


Now on the topic of ironmen. As a new members ironman you can actually use the minigame teleport to castle wars to really easily get to Yanille, Ardougne or the ogre area. Another cool feature of the minigame teleport is teleporting to Port Sarim, which can be really really tricky on lower level accounts. But if you’re level 40 combat, you can use the Pest Control minigame teleport and take the ship straight to Port Sarim.


If you’re planning to train range on a lower level account, you’re far better off using mithril darts over iron knives. Mithril darts are about half the price of iron knives and pretty much give double the stats of iron knives as well. It’s also worth noting that these two items attack with the exact same attack speed.


Next up, I have a pretty high level slayer tip. Most of the time, getting a metal dragons task can be a complete pain, and takes ages. But with the new enchanted slayer staff combined with the occult necklace, the tormented bracelet, and the imbued slayer helmet, actually becomes really really powerful especially on metal dragons. And not only that, the slayer dart spell, only costs about 300-400 coins per cast, compared to the 1-2k of higher level spells and the trident. And also with the release of super antifire potions, you’re able to bring a shield with the slayer staff, and that can give you quite a lot of extra magic bonus over an anti-dragon shield.


Now after completing the Regicide quest, you can get assigned elves as a slayer task. Now this task is actually really really fast and you can use a cannon there as well. I’ve seen a lot of people skip this task and I’m not really sure why because on the Grand Exchange, you can actually buy a teleport scroll called the “Elf camp teleport” and that literally teleports you directly to the elves. Making the task really fast and easy.


Now the last part of episode 4, I’d like to talk about spawn points and why they’re important. Now on the screen right now, I’m showing you the different spawn points that are available in Oldschool Runescape. Now there are certain cases in the game, where your spawn point in particular becomes pretty important to how you play. For example, if you’re suiciding at a boss and dropping food, a spawn closer to a bank can be helpful to speed up trips. Or perhaps if you’re pking, a faster banking time can be a lot handier in a lot of cases, especially if there is a double death and you need to run back to where the fight was to get your items back. So in general, having the closest spawn point to a bank makes it way more convenient and it makes it a lot less stressful in quite a few situations especially when you’re trying to get your items back. And just to point out, Krystillia is the slayer master in the Edgeville jail. And paying her 5m, changes your spawn point to Edgeville. But if you change back from this Edgeville spawn point to another spawn point, that 5m actually stays in place and you don’t have to pay it again.

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