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7 Tricks for OldSchool RuneScape Players

So the first tip for todays article, let’s say you’ve crafted or fletched a full inventory of something and you’re doing a skill at a bank. Once you open the bank, the fastest way to deposit everything without depositing the knife, or the chisel, or whatever tool you are using, if you go to the bottom right, and right click the exact bottom right of the item, you can right-click and left-click, deposit all, instantly. And you don’t have to move your mouse at all. You don’t have to right click and go to deposit all. So this also works with gems. If you right click the bottom area, you can right-click, left-click, deposit all.


Now one of the best food items that you can have in your inventory, are strawberries. Well baskets of strawberries. And the reason for that is a basket in taking up one inventory slot, can heal you for 30 health because one strawberry heals six. Now that actually comes in very handy with things like slayer, or even bossing. Obviously not on bosses that can hit a lot. Because baskets of strawberries are only about 700 coins for a 30 health heal. So that is way cheaper than sharks, anglerfish, sara brews and restores. The beauty of it, you can right-click and remove-one while you’re in combat as well and you can just eat them as you go. And if you have a full inventory of strawberries, think of how many times you can just keep removing one.


If you find that your bank is getting a bit on the full side, you can actually use your house to store a lot of items. And it’s not like your house is really going to go anywhere. Now by building a costume room in your house, you have access to all of these different construction items where you can store different things in. For example, the toy box, you can store a bunch of different holiday items. The wardrobe stores different armor sets and skilling equipment and things like hunter gear that you don’t really wear a lot, put them in your house and come back here whenever you need them.


The next tip of this video, is you can actually talk to these tutors here, the magic and the ranged one. “Can you toggle my ammo to equip when I pick it up.” So what that means, if I attack someone and I pick up the ammo, it goes straight into my ammo slot. So that is so useful for pures that don’t have ava’s accumulator while they’re pking. Or even for anyone while they’re training. The magic tutor isn’t as handy for lower level players. But if you pick up runes while you have a rune pouch in your inventory, the runes will go straight to that rune pouch if that same type of rune, is in the rune pouch. I’d imagine that to be very very handy for things like nechryael tasks which drop a lot of death runes and blood runes, which you use to use blood burst and blood barrage.


So I have two more tips to show you guys in this video, but these last two are more directed towards ironman. Of course they will still on regular accounts, but this is obviously going to help an ironman a lot more. If you’re on an ironman and if you ever need to get Edgeville, it can be hard because you need a high crafting level to make an amulet of glory, or you need to complete Desert Treasure and then teleport there. But a cheap and very easy way to get there which only requires level 42 woodcutting for the stable dugout canoe. You can really simply just teleport to lumbridge, run to the canoe station, make that canoe. But yeah that’s just a simple way to get to Edgeville.


Now my final tip, if your ever in need of a magic boost, especially on an ironman, wizard mind bombs give a +3 magic boost. Now in Falador, you can talk to Emily here and she will server you one of each drink. But if you go to the bar in Burthorpe and you trade Tostig at the “The Toad and Chicken”... who the hell would go to that pub. You can buy 12 at a time per world instead of the one where you have to go through the chatbox to get. So you can buy a heap of these and proceed to cast your alchemy or whatever spell you’re trying to do.

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