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What's going on guys, my names Theoatrix and today is Wednesday which means we got a new OSRS game update.


Jagex released shooting stars, the nostalgic group mining activity from 2008. It gives surprisingly fast mining xp with some long afk intervals. There's a range of new rewards that come with shooting stars, and ill talk about that towards the end of this article.



Today we also saw a lot of smaller updates from Jagex, some that don't really affect much, but some fairly game changing ones. We got a new interface for the bolt pouch, demonic creature changes, the  corporeal beast got a lot harder for ironmen, there were some changes to player death mechanics,  you can get new footwear called dark flippers, there was some integrity changes to castle wars, and there was a range of smaller updates. But let me slow down and get into the smaller changes in some detail.



The bolt pouch is an item that isn't all that popular, mostly due to its strange interface, but there's also an obscure process to obtain one.

It got a range of changes in today's update. You can now add a mithril grapple as well as bolt racks to the pouch, and the grapple is particularly useful for Armadyl Godwars, where you can bring good bolts along with your grapple all in one inventory slot.

You can now drag and drop the bolts into your ammo slot to wear them, which is a 1 step process rather than the previous 3 to 4 steps.

There's also a new slot called "extra ammo" which allows you to swap between bolts without actually opening the pouch. You can go to your equipment menu and you'll see a wear option for the bolts in the top right. During high level boss fights, you could be using ruby bolts, then swap to dragon or diamond bolts at any time. It can be used with slayer too, to swap between broad and more powerful bolts.

The bolt pouch now also has similar death mechanics to the rune pouch where the bolts will come out of the pouch and you won't lose the pouch. In the wilderness it works the same as the rune pouch though, so above level 20 wilderness, if you die to a player, you'll lose it all.



A range of monsters that have existed in Oldschool for a while are now categorized as demons. Being a demon it means that Demonbane items have an increased effect, which is items like the Darklight, Arclight and holy water.

The monsters that Jagex added includes bloodvelds, waterfiends, pyrefiends, icefiends and hellhounds, which means for all of these you can use an Arclight, which is a cheap powerful weapon to use.


You can now make footgear called Dark Flippers, which open up some new options for fashionscape. You'll need to bring flippers and a dark claw from Skotizo to Patchy, located in Mos'le Harmless.


There were a few high level boss changes this week, with some pretty game changing ones.

The thermonuclear smoke devil had its drop rate of trash drops reduced, so this is items like kebabs, tinderboxes and pure essence. The devil also can now drop a Jar of Smoke, which is a new item, trading at 600k market value on the GE. This means you can now put a smoke devil display in your player owned house


The biggest bossing change was to the corporeal beast.

For those that don’t know, the corporeal beast  previously would heal faster and faster depending on your team size, and this was to prevent players from killing it too quickly. That fast health regeneration effect would kick in if over 8 players were attacking Corp at once, and if you’ve experienced it, you'll know that it scales up very fast making him pretty difficult to kill. Well after this update,  it now scales more evenly so it won't be as challenging.

The biggest gamechanger is that Corp now won't give loot to ironman players if it has been attacked by another player at  all. Ironmen previously could easily kill the corporeal beast by having ironmen unload Dragon Warhammer special attacks to lower the corps defense. Basically, now ironmen can't help each other out, and obtaining a spirit shield will be a fair bit harder but it does enforce the solo only game mode.

Also, Corp will now reset its health and stats if it hasn't attacked anyone for 10 minutes, so this makes it easier for ironmen to find one that will give them loot.


With today's update there's a new rare jar drop for the corporeal beast called the jar of spirits, so you can put the corporeal beast in your house now as well. These 2 new jars definitely have hidden easter eggs like all of the other jars as well.


So they're the bossing changes, there's now a chance for you to get a god eggs bird nest when you're emptying a birdhouse. These are the bird nests with Zamorak, Saradomin or Guthix eggs, and you can take those eggs to the shrine in the woodcutting guild to try your luck at the black evil chicken outfit.


In the gameplay tab of the settings menu, there's now a setting to opt out of dropping food and potions on death. So this stops the mechanic where when you die, all of your food and potions will be underneath your gravestone but not actually inside of it.


The castle wars minigame has been getting a lot of love lately, with fairly consistent updates and changes. There was a small update today where the potion supply tables that were in the downstairs area of each castle have now been moved upstairs into the starting spawn rooms. There was also a few changes to world hopping within the minigame.


So the biggest in-game content update for today was shooting stars.

Shooting stars were from the 2nd of September 2008, and they provide a safe and rewarding way to train your mining. Players with at least level 10 mining can partake, and the mining experience scales through to level 90, where on the outermost layer of the star, you get 168 mining xp per fragment mined.

While you're mining a layer, you won't stop, which makes it an efficient way to train your mining afk. Its probably the best afk mining method now, surpassing the motherlode mine. I do plan to go more in depth soon, but ill need to do a fair bit of xp rate testing first.

There's a wide range of new rewards too, which you can buy with the stardust that you obtain. There's a new shop located outside of the mining guild in Falador where you can buy a celestial ring, gold fragments, gem bags and soft clay packs.



I actually created a video in partnership with Jagex which is now live on their official YouTube channel explaining and completely breaking down the update, so, if you want an in depth summary, there'll be a link to it on the screen right now.




 I highly recommend checking it out, it covers everything you need to know.


In other news, I recently overhauled my merch store and it has a new look and new features, so if you want to check it out, head over to


Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

18 MARCH 2021

Jagex Released A Game-Changing Update Today (OSRS)

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