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Skill Overview

Woodcutting is a free-to-play skill which allows players to cut down trees in order to obtain logs which can then be used in firemaking (or fletching for members).


Useful Items

The only equipment required for woodcutting is the best axe that you can use at your level. At level 1, this would be an iron axe. You can then switch to a steel axe at level 6, mithril axe at level 21, adamant axe at 31, and finally the rune axe at 41. There is no need to switch to the black axe at level 11, because it is no better than a steel axe. While woodcutting, you should have no items equipped to conserve your run energy.

Skill Locations

- Lumbridge (Trees/Oaks)
- Draynor Village (Willows)
- North-east of Grand Exchange (Yews)
- Edgeville (Yews)
- Corsair Cove Resource Area (Maples)

Low Level Methods

Starting out (Levels 1-30)

From levels 1-15 you will start out by chopping trees, which can be found pretty much anywhere. A recommended spot would be south-west of the Varrock west bank, as you can bank your logs quickly there. These levels should go by relatively quickly. At level 15, you will then chop oak trees, this can be done in the same spot as regular trees (near Varrock west bank).



Fast Training Methods

Chopping Willow Trees (30-99)

Chopping willow trees is easily the fastest method to level woodcutting in free-to-play. The best spot to chop willows is south-west of Draynor village bank. If you are low level, be careful of the dark wizards.


Profitable Methods

Chopping Yew Trees (75-99)

At level 60, you can start chopping yew trees. However, they will chop too slowly at this level, so it is recommended that you don't start chopping them until level 75. Yews can make you a decent profit, but are quite slow for experience. The best place to chop yew trees is north-east of the Grand Exchange, as there are three trees and you can bank at the Grand Exchange.


Alternative Methods

Chopping Maple Trees (45-99)

Maple trees don't give as much xp/h as willow trees, and aren't good for money making either. The only reason you might want to chop maple trees is because they are a bit more afk, otherwise they are not recommended. You can cut maple trees at the Corsair Cove Resource Area (must have begun The Corsair Curse and completed Dragon Slayer to enter). You can unlock the bank at Corsair Cove after completion of The Corsair Curse quest.


Quests for XP

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