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Skill Overview

Smithing is a free-to-play skill in which players smelt ores into bars, and smith bars into combat equipment. The higher your smithing level, the better equipment you can smith.


Useful Items

If smelting, you will just need the required ores. If smithing, you will require a hammer and the bars for whatever you want to smith.

Skill Locations

- Al Kharid (Furnace)
- Varrock West bank (Anvil)

Low Level Methods

Starting out (Levels 1-29)

Before you start smithing, it is highly recommended that you complete The Knight's Sword quest, which grants 12,725 smithing experience upon completion. This will get you from 1-29 smithing instantly.



Fast Training Methods

Smithing Platebodies (29-99)

Smithing platebodies is the fastest way to level up smithing in free-to-play. To make a platebody, you will need 5 bars and a hammer. You can use the anvils below Varrock west bank. From 29-33, you will make bronze platebodies. From 33-48, you will make iron platebodies. From 48-68, steel platebodies. From 68-88, mithril platebodies. And from 88-99, you will make adamant platebodies.


Profitable Methods


Alternative Methods

Superheating Ores While Mining

If you have 43 magic, you can mine ores and cast superheat item on them. This is a cheaper alternative to train smithing, but it is also slower.


The Knight's Sword (12,725 experience)

Quests for XP

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