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Skill Overview

Runecrafting is a free-to-play skill that allows players to craft runes which can be used in the Magic skill.


Useful Items

When training runecrafting, you should always wear a tiara (depending on which runes you're crafting) Make sure not to wear anything else in order to conserve your run energy. Apart from that, you'll just need a full inventory of rune essence.

Skill Locations

- South of Falador (Air)
- North-east of Varrock (Earth)
- West of Duel Arena (Fire)
- South of Monastery (Body)
- Lumbridge Swamp (Water)

Low Level Methods

Starting out (Levels 1-20)

From levels 1-9, you will craft air runes. You can find the air altar south of Falador, make sure to wear an air tiara so you can enter it. You will need 194 rune essence to get to 9 runecrafting.

From 9-14 you will craft earth runes. The earth altar is north-east of Varrock, just south of the sawmill. You will need 176 rune essence to get to 14 runecrafting.

From 14-20 you will craft fire runes. The fire altar is west of the Duel Arena, just north of its entrance. You will need 338 rune essence to get to 20 runecrafting.



Fast Training Methods

Body Runes (20-99)

The best runes you can craft for xp in free-to-play are body runes. However, prepare for a long grind, as you will need 1,737,329 rune essence to get to 99 runecrafting.


Profitable Methods

Runecrafting Profit

No matter which runes you make in runecrafting, they will all make you a profit. Check the current prices of runes on the Grand Exchange to see which will make you the most.


Alternative Methods

Crafting Water Tiaras

You can craft water tiaras starting at level 1 runecrafting by taking a tiara and water talisman to the water altar in Lumbridge swamp. Water tiaras grant you 30 experience per tiara made, you will need to craft 434,333 of them to get from 1-99 runecrafting.

Tip: Use the PVP world, it has a bank chest located at the Lumbridge teleport. You can equip a staff of air and take some law and earth runes to teleport to Lumbridge which saves time banking.


Quests for XP

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