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Skill Overview

Prayer is a free-to-play skill that is leveled up by bury bones (more methods in members). As you level up Prayer, more prayers are unlocked, which can help during combat. Prayer points can be recharged at an altar.


Useful Items

The only items required to train prayer in free-to-play are bones.

Skill Locations

- Grand Exchange
- Bone Yard
- Lumbridge Goblins (near Al Kharid Gate)

Low Level Methods

Starting out (Levels 1-9)

It is highly recommended that you complete The Restless Ghost quest, which grants 1,125 prayer experience and will instantly level your prayer from 1 to 9. This quest has no requirements and is fairly simple.



Fast Training Methods

Powerburying Big Bones (9-99)

Big bones are the fastest prayer experience in free-to-play. You can buy them in bulk from the Grand Exchange (buy limit 3,000) and bury them at any bank. However, this is still considerably slower compared to members methods, and also very expensive. You would need to bury 868,962 big bones for 1-99 prayer.


Profitable Methods


Alternative Methods

Bone Yard Burying

In the Wilderness, there is an area called the Bone Yard. This area has many bones all over the place. If you want free bones for training prayer, you can try this spot. However, you may need food and armour (that you don't mind losing) due to the level 25 skeletons there.


Lumbridge Goblins

Another method for free bones is picking up the bones from goblins slain by low level players at Lumbridge, near the Al Kharid gate. This method is better if you prefer not to go into the Wilderness.

The Restless Ghost (1,125 experience)

Quests for XP

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